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How to 'Keep the Peace' for Each Zodiac Sign
Zodiac Sign Arguments

Let's face it. Everybody is human. Everybody is going to "lose it" at one point or another when provoked, tired, or irritable. Sometimes, though, you can prevent someone from "tilting" emotionally or even having a full blown tantrum by saying or doing just the right thing.

It is healthy to express anger. Dissent and conflict can be a good thing. However, sometimes a well-placed word, an offer of help or just even a validation that there is a problem can keep a minor dispute from escalating into World War III. 

In this article, we are going to discuss what types of things you can say or do to each astrological sign to calm them and placate them so that they will not lose their cool.


To placate an Aries, you need to merely tell him or her that you have heard what they have to say and even though you do not agree, you will do your best to please him or her anyway. Assure the Ram that he or she has complete control over what is going to happen, even if it is a bit of a delusion. The Ram will calm down if they feel they have power and are running the show.


The angry Bull can be difficult to calm down. Taurus natives are real warriors who see every offense as a big challenge. The only way to stop them from charging you, once offended is to simply lie down and play dead somehow. Tell the Bull he or she is right and always has been right and will always be right in the future. It feels wrong, but it is the only way to immediately diffuse a fight with a Taurus native.


The best way to placate a Gemini is to say “I respect you and we can agree to disagree.” Geminis also respond very well to the written word. A letter explaining your point of view or a letter of apology will usually calm a Gemini down. This is a diplomatic sign that can usually see both sides of an issue. Taking a Gemini out to dinner to discuss your relationship also helps.


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The reason a Cancer fights is because he or she feels insecure or insulted in some way. You need to tell the Crab that you are going to be there for them no matter what and that you will be on their side even if they do happen to be in the wrong. A compliment can go a long way towards calming a Cancer down immediately.


The roar of the angry Lion can be a hard thing to stifle. You have to be as submissive as possible and not say a word until the reign of terror is over.  The best thing to do is just not say a word and let the whole thing run its course. The good thing about a Leo is that their anger does not last long; when it’s over, it’s over and they do not tend to hold a grudge.


This is one of the hardest signs to placate because they become quiet, uncommunicative, and will actually lie about whether or not a matter is resolved. The Virgo is also apable of carrying out secret vengeful acts while all the time appearing like a Pollyanna. The best thing to do with a Virgo is apologize and tell him or her she is right and then walk away and secretly plan to do what you were going to anyway. This sign is all about social politics and power behind the scenes. All is fair in business to them.


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The Libra native simply needs to be told to take a “time-out” or to “walk it off.” These gentle souls don’t really like to argue that much. They are very diplomatic and after being given a few minutes to calm down, they usually do see both sides of an argument. They respond well to being asked out for a drink so that things can be settled while enjoying a cocktail.


This is a very difficult sign to make peace with as most Scorpios have a sadistic streak that makes them relish hurting others. However, they do respond to two things: sex and money. A Scorpio will also stop abusing you if you can demonstrate in some way that you are more powerful than him or her socially. Acknowledge to the Scorpio that he or she is very powerful and can do no wrong and you will be ahead of the game.


This sign loves to debate and if you are not careful, you can end up in an argument that lasts for several hours with him or her. The logic will seem to go in circles with nobody ever winning. The thing to do is simply escape the room before the Archer can engage you in a verbal battle in the first place.


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This sign becomes very cold and uncommunicative when angry. The only thing that seems to thaw the frost is a bit of humor. If an argument is spinning out of control, try to get a chuckle out of the Capricorn; you can break the tension by observing something funny or reminding them of a hilarious time from the past.


The Aquarian can be placated by music, a time-out, or even by simply mentioning some appropriate philosophy. The Aquarian loves religion and quotes by master philosophers, world leaders, and psychics. They are not war-like creatures and often are easily talked out of causing harm.


The Pisces native is always panicked that the person they are angry at is losing their ability to be civilized. They are very insecure and do not like change. The way to prevent a Fish from getting to angry is to constantly compliment them, stroke their ego, and make he or she feel like they are still loved and in control of the situation.


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By Darlene, Saturday, August 06, 2011 01:19:27 AM
Wow, how insulting. I'm a Virgo and have never done a 'secret vengeful act.' Nor do I lie. The description of Leo does not fit my daughter either...In her 34 years, I have never even seen her get angry.
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