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How Today's New Moon Affects You
New Moon March’s New Moon at 4:01 p.m. EST on March 15th is in the watery sign of Pisces. This is a very emotional moon because the sign of the Crab is very sensitive.

The moon in Cancer is also a very intuitive one and it is good for soul searching, the pursuit of inner knowledge, and also finding a soul mate. If you lose a relationship at this time, another one may be just around the corner.

The vibes associated with the moon in Cancer are very magical because the element of water is associated with transformation, fertility, and the secrets of the night. It can also be a very sensual and sexual moon. Relationships built on this new moon will have a strong start because the sign of Cancer is all about commitment and building firm foundations. Couples that are already together could also find this a good time to buy a house.

Here is an idea of how the New Moon in Pisces on March 15th could affect your sign.


You are likely to experience this moon as being very sexual. You may also feel psychically connected to someone but on an erotic level. Daydreaming about romance could be a distraction on the job. The next two weeks could also be a period of spiritual growth for you. This is an excellent time to seek out therapy or pursue a religious practice.  If addiction is a problem in your life this is also a good time to work your problems out.


This new moon in Cancer helps you search yourself and determine exactly what and who it is in your life that truly gives you inner peace. The key to your success in the near future is to forsake the material and follow your heart. Someone important it waiting for you to make a decision. Someone close is trying to tell you something and it is time you had a heart-to-heart talk where you truly try to understand what he or she is saying.


This new moon could bring you a cash windfall. Someone you have been waiting for comes to your door, steps inside and stays for good. This moon is also very good for your health and you feel sexually and physically renewed. If you are single, others are going to find you magnetic and charismatic. You are also very lucky when it comes to picking lottery numbers for the next two weeks.


This new moon is in your sign which is very fortunate. You will be very lucky for the next two weeks in all areas of your life. This is also a good time to make a fresh start with a relationship, give a friend who has hurt you a second chance or find a new person to share your life with... You will also find yourself to be more psychic than usual for the next two weeks so pay attention to the symbolism in your dreams.


This new moon in Cancer might have you feeling a little moody and emotional especially when it comes to one particular relationship. You should watch out for expressing inappropriate jealousy or territorial behavior. This is also very fertile moon so it is a good time to conceive a baby. Your intuition is heightened, particularly when it comes to communicating with a pet or a child.


This new moon may bring you some revelations about a relationship that is not working in your life. The next two weeks offer you a chance to work through your tears or your emotions regarding a special someone.  If you are dealing with depression or lethargy it is time to go out into the community and do some good.  Your reward over the next two weeks will be the respect and gratitude of others as well as an increased sense of self worth.


This new moon in Cancer may a give you a chance to do some good in the world by freeing up your time in some way. At the same time you might want to watch out for someone who may be trying to take advantage of how kind you can be sometimes. You are a compassionate sign but sometimes it is very necessary to draw healthy boundaries between you and a person that is acting far too emotional and clingy.


This moon is coming along just in time to bring you a brand new friend. This person will likely be very devoted to you and if you are single, it could turn to love over the next few weeks. This is a great time to get more in touch with your powers of intuition or pursue matters to do with the occult. You may feel a little less social during the next two weeks.  It is a good time for reflection and meditation.


Sensuality is symbolized by this new Cancer moon which encourages the expression of feeling and the increase of intimacy. However, if your relationship is in trouble it is possible that this new moon could mean the end of it and bring you a fresh start. As it is so emotional you could see some grievances aired and the relationship could have a second start. The two week influence of this moon can also help you quit your bad habits.


Issues that could surface during this emotional moon include anything to do with partnerships, marriages, family, and committed relationships. You might get a new start with a relative you have been feuding with for the past while. The worst thing you could do in the next two weeks is create drama for the sake of it. If you buy a pet in the next two weeks it is likely that the two of you will develop a very close and enduring bond. This is also a very fertile period if you are planning to get pregnant.


The new moon in Pisces supercharges your psychic abilities. You will really be able to express empathy with others which is because more than one friend or loved one is likely to use your shoulder to cry on this week. People are going to identify with you more than usual and if you are in the arts it is possible that your increased ability to identify with others will also create opportunities for career success. Beware of a loved one whose addiction problem is out of control.


Money and resources have been a bit short lately but there will be a holiday for you in the next two weeks even if it does mean doing business at the same time. This is the perfect time to plan a holiday. On the down side the moon in your sign may mean that you are a little more emotional than usual. On the upside your intuition will be dead on and your dreams might even be prophetic. This is a good period to seek out therapy or the advice of a therapist if you feel you need it as well.

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By Penelope, Monday, March 15, 2010 03:05:24 PM
I'm so confused (but will get solid info elsewhere) the new moon in Pisces or Cancer?! Clarity & proofreading please:
By Penelope, Monday, March 15, 2010 02:06:20 PM
I'm so confused (but will get solid info elsewhere) the new moon in Pisces or Cancer?! Clarity & proofreading please:
By chrystine, Monday, March 15, 2010 11:22:26 AM
The moon in Pisces means the sign of the fish, not the crab. If you're going to write about astrology, please know your signs.
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