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How Venus in Taurus Affects Your Sign
Venus in Taurus, March 31st On March 31st, love planet Venus moves into the domestic, yet very sensual sign of Taurus, bringing lavish experiences to do with finer things in life such as shopping, enjoying fine food, and wine and trips to spas. Many signs of the Zodiac are going to enjoy cash windfalls, thanks to this planetary configuration, as the sign symbolizes wealth, fertility, and happiness in general.

However, Taurus is also a very jealous, possessive, and stubborn sign that likes to fight as much as it does to “make love.” Even though bulls are known as some of the best lovers in the Zodiac they can be very difficult to deal with.

When Venus enters this sign, sometimes territoriality and insecurity enter the picture, especially if the relationship was not that stable in the first place.

Here is how the energies associated with Venus in Taurus can affect your  Zodiac sign in the near future.


Venus in Taurus is likely to bring you some kind of cash windfall or good news about a property. The chance to eat out in a five star restaurant or enjoy some kind of new culinary experience is likely. A long term relationship could be in some trouble because a partner feels that you have been taking them for granted for months. Be sure to take time to nurture this important relationship or lose it.


Venus in your sign has the effect of supercharging your libido. You will find the confidence to be with the person that you want to be. Any addictions or neurotic behaviors that you have been cultivating will be easier to get rid of as well. Love with an air sign, like Gemini or Libra, is definitely favored. If you are thinking of proposing to a special someone, then the next few weeks after Venus moves into your sign is the time to do it.


Venus in Taurus make a cherished wish come true. A creative idea may be supplied with the funding it needs to become a reality. You will be more stable financially and you will find the available cash to renovate or decorate a dwelling. Some Geminis will be proposed to during the next few weeks. Love with an earth sign is likely. Relationships with pets and gardening are also favored during this wonderfully benign and divine celestial influence.


Venus in Taurus is going to bring you some new appliances or furnishing. Your cash flow will improve and if you are in the market for one, this is a good time to buy a house. Try not to be jealous and possessive of a loved one who may be focusing on doing extra work or on a favorite hobby like gardening or renovating the house.


Although you may be extra virile or fertile while love planet Venus shines in the sign of the Bull, there is also a possibility that it is also harder to keep negative emotions like jealousy and resentment under control. It is important to give your near and dear relationships room to breathe and avoid being clingy and insecure. You may hear news about a birth in your family.


You could be extra sensitive and possessive while love planet Venus is in the stubborn sign of Taurus. Attempts to try and control a relationship could only sabotage it further. This influence favors relationships with pets, gardening, and buying property. However, it is not best to invest in property with another person right now.


Venus is your ruling planet and when it enters the secure and swaggering sign of Taurus, your love life soars. Others are going to find you very attractive for the next few weeks, so dress so that you look your best. Venus is also going to bestow you with a little extra cash, so this is also the ideal time to go shopping or get a makeover.


Venus in Taurus supercharges your sexy factor and you will likely find yourself invited to all kinds of social occasions. If you are attached, your love life is likely to soar; if single, you are going to have your pick of the litter. Your money picture is excellent and Venus favors your sign when it comes to borrowing money or searching for real estate to invest in during the next few weeks. This is also a good time for your sign to get a new haircut or some kind of makeover.


Venus in Taurus bestows you with a financial windfall and perhaps a new career opportunity as well. It will be very easy to make higher ups understand your ideas for the next few weeks, so be sure to pitch your proposals and ideas. An old romantic rival make appear on the scene, but the best way to curb any jealous feelings is to simply ignore the presence of this person.


Venus in Taurus could cause a loved one to behave in a very stubborn and upsetting manner for the next few weeks. You may feel as if others are taking you completely for granted. However, if you do end up fighting with a lover, the make-up sex afterwards is likely to be fantastic. This is also a good time for you to shop for real estate or new investments. Getting your hair cut or shopping for new clothes is also favored.


Venus in Taurus has a strong pushy vibe that can make you feel like you are at the mercy of other people’s moods. If you do not want to feel taken advantage of, you might have to stand up for yourself in the next few weeks. This is not a good time for you to consort with people who make you angry or jealous. The good news is that you have a great deal of cash coming your way before Spring ends.


Venus in Taurus is going to bring you some lovely events. You could hear news about the birth of a baby in the family or be inspired to adopt a new pet. Your love life will flourish and your friends will make it known how appreciated you are. If you are single, it is very likely you could meet someone new at this time so make sure you look your very best. Fortunately, this influence also favors makeovers.

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