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How Will Ceres Retrograde Affect Your Sign?
Ceres Retrograde Ceres is an asteroid, named after a hearth goddess, that symbolizes nurturing ability, unconditional love, and family attachments, but when it goes backwards in the sky, this is a time when your nurturing will need to be turned inward. This celestial event takes place on April 28th and it is going to last until August 8th. 

In essence, Ceres Retrograde does not bode well for relationships, especially if they are codependent in the first place. Someone could unexpectedly withdraw their affections or try to break an emotionally unhealthy cycle by behaving dramatically differently. Addictions and abusive patterns of behavior also tend to be more apparent when Ceres goes backwards in the sky. Romantic relationships in general will seem a little colder.

Usually, the message of Ceres Retrograde is to go inward and cultivate your ability to unconditionally love yourself, if you want to be able to love others better. Instead of being a fountain of sympathy and understanding for everyone else, focus on fulfilling your own needs. This is the best way to encourage others to do the same and you'll still be helping them by decreasing their dependent tendencies on you.

Yet another consequence of this can be poor crops as Ceres is an agricultural goddess. Here is a look at how Ceres going backwards on April 28th might affect your sign.


Ceres going direct will have a direct impact on your career and finances.  Cash will be a little tighter. Be prepared to grin and bear it and work hard. You will just find everyone a little more anxious to be with in general. Your partner may experience more stress and, if you are single, you may have a little less money to spend on things like makeovers and dinners out with friends. Still your boundless optimistic spirit will help you get these tough financial times.


Ceres going backwards might put a special relationship on hold for a while. You might need to step back and think about how you may be hurting someone very special to you with your actions. If an older woman has been meddling in your life or causing grief, then it might be time to say goodbye to her. This summer may teach you a lesson about how there is more to life than just money.


When Ceres goes backwards, you might have to tighten your belt a bit to improve your cash flow. Still, you will be grateful for all the hard work you are doing now, as you will soon be rich.  This configuration may signify the departure of an annoying older woman from your life. It could be that you trust this woman and think that you cannot live without her help, but the fact is that you would do much better without her around. Dependencies of all kinds will be eliminated from your life this summer so you can learn to stand on your own two feet.


When Ceres starts moving backwards in the sky, it is time to tighten to your belt. You may find that taxes or insurances go up with regards to a property. If you have been working hard, you are sure to reap a reward for what you are doing, but you probably will not be seeing results for this until the end of the summer. Someone who has been critical of you should be told to back off. Take any gossip that you hear with a grain of salt, especially if it is from another older woman.


When Ceres goes backwards in the sky, you will find that an important project is delayed. A project that you thought was a go ahead could be stalled for a while. You may have to be very patient with female relatives and children over the next few months. You can also expect problems with appliances around the house. This is also not a good time to adopt a pet.


When Ceres go backwards, you may find yourself buying no name brands instead of your usual fancy brands.  A problem you have been blaming on someone else may become exclusively your responsibility to fix. You may receive important news about your property or a divorce settlement.


When Ceres goes backwards in your sky, you may find frustrated by news that you hear from afar. Someone you want to help may not be receptive to your assistance. There is nothing you can do, but wait a few months until this person does what is best for everyone. Be careful this summer of an older woman who may be hurting your reputation with gossip.


Many of you could receive news that a marriage or job promotion is delayed as Ceres goes backwards in the sky. If you are trying to get pregnant, you may not have much luck until after August. This summer is also not a good time for your sign to buy land or try your hand at farming. This influence also does not favor adopting pets.


If you have been creating discord or gossiping, it may come back to haunt you this week. When Ceres is backwards in the sky, you are well advised not to take anything for granted, including your close friendships. You may experience a lot of difficulty with an older female in your life at this time. She is either a boss, sister, or could even be your mother. Expect this person to be needier and possibly more critical of you than usual.


When Ceres goes backwards, you may find yourself a little tight for money. Also, when this asteroid acts up, repairs are often needed around the house. Appliances break down and there could be plumbing problems. You also need to watch out for your own health this summer, as you could experience problems with your bones, hair, or teeth. 


When Ceres goes backwards in the sky, you may find yourself tightening your belt financially. Someone you owe money to may become impatient with you and you might have to pay them back faster than originally agreed. This is not the best time for you to borrow money, buy furniture, or shop for real estate.


The effect of Ceres going backwards will make you feel a little less like socializing or entertaining at home. You could also experience some stress with your pocket book. If you are single, you may feel a little lonelier than usual this summer as your friends may be working too much to socialize. Male Fishes should be wary of becoming involved with a sexy older woman who may not have your best interests at heart.

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