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How Will Chiron Retrograde on June 8th Affect Your Zodiac Sign?
Chiron Retrograde - June 8, 2011 The celestial body Chiron symbolizes what is broken and how we can heal it. However, when it goes backwards in the sky it, means that we may feel that there are certain situations for which there is absolutely no resolution no matter how hard we try. Sometimes we end up concluding that we cannot change the situation, so we have to change ourselves or how we react to it.

Chiron is retrograde in the sign of Pisces, so it means there is going to be a great deal of emotion and drama attached to this retrograde. It does not help that Neptune, the planet of emotions, also is retrograde. There is going to be some kind of emotional theater going on in most people’s lives around the first week of June.

Before that, there is a partial solar eclipse on June 1 in Sagittarius, which is also bound to cause restlessness and dissatisfaction in relationships. The two retrogrades plus the eclipse in one week is bound to create some volatility and unreliability in relationships.

Here is a look at how the Chiron retrograde might be affecting your sign in June and the months ahead.


You could find yourself squabbling with someone over a prized personal object or a piece of property. It may be very hard for you to see that this object or thing does not really belong to you at the moment, but the best thing for you to do is walk completely away from the struggle if you want to preserve the relationship.


You may feel like you are the one who is hurt, so you may feel like lashing out at someone who is accusing you of doing the same to him or her. Your path is fraught with misunderstandings for the next couple of months, so be careful to consider every aspect of an argument before making a judgment and be sure not to jump to conclusions.


You may feel a bit of tension in your living quarters, mainly because you have been so busy making a living and appeasing others lately that you have had no time to please yourself. This is the time to really beautify your home and start putting down roots.


You may feel seized by a passion to complete a pet project or venture into territory where nobody has even been before intellectually. Others may find you hard to relate to during this phase of invention and creativity. Make an effort to connect to others in a way that is less autocratic if you wish to get your way.


Family matters consume your attention this month. The planet Chiron may have you in conflict with someone who has traits that are similar to your own and who is very competitive with you. It may be very difficult to avoid a fight about money or property with a family member.


Communication with someone close is next to impossible at the moment. As Neptune is also involved, it is likely this person has an addiction or an issue to do with mental illness. If you feel like taking a break or isolating yourself for a while, then go ahead. It is difficult for you to make much progress with this relationship now.


You might feel very intensely about a crush or obsession that you have been having for some months now. You might be wondering if now is the time to act and confess your feelings for this person. The answer is no. It will be apparent to you later on this year why destiny planned to separate the two of you from being together and why it was a blessing in disguise.


You are feeling very dissatisfied with your current situation on all levels and you may be finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning. The best cure for the depression you feel looming is to go on a trip to find your spiritual side or to take frequent holidays from a relationship that is currently troubling you.


The last eclipse in your sign probably shook you up somehow and Chiron going backwards in Pisces may be taking you right out of your comfort zone. Many of you could be facing health or addiction problems that have to be dealt with in either yourself or a loved one.


You might find yourself saddled with a stalker or a person who will not stop spreading gossip about you for the next few months. The best thing to do is let this play itself out. Those people who are your friends will not believe any slander about you. However, if you act emotionally, you could make things worse for yourself.


It may be hard for you to face your critics than usual. With two planets retrograde, you might find that you are feeling very sensitive; on the other hand, society is not being as nice as it possibly could be to you either.  One answer might be to spend more time pleasing yourself rather than trying to please others for the next five months.


You have two planets, Neptune and Chiron, going retrograde in your sign at the same time. The effect on your personal life will be quite intense. You may feel completely fed up with a person or situation that you feel has been taking you for granted; some of you may even walk from a long-term relationship for good.

Just as a matter of interest this is quite a long retrograde that is in conjunction with the Neptune retrograde. Neptune goes direct again on November 9, 2011 and Chiron goes direct on November 10th.

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