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How Will Chironís Forward Motion Affect You?
Chiron Retrograde Going Forward On October 30th, 2009, Chiron finally starts progressing forward in the sky after being retrograde since May 30th. This means that many disagreements and long-standing hanging issues in relationships will finally be resolved.

On this day, people may decide to finally leave a relationship that is not working for them anymore. This applies for most of the signs except for the air signs because Chiron has been in the sign of Aquarius, which belongs to the element of air, all year long). Geminis and Libras will benefit from the freedom of being released from the emotional shackles that Chiron being in Aquarius all year has caused them.

Chiron has been causing huge shifts in relationships all year. Chiron in Aquarius has caused a lot of distractions, infidelities, and mid-life crises to thrive in 2009 and when it went backwards, emotional blackmail, guilt, and separations became more the norm. Some people felt justified in indulging in bad behaviors because they felt that they needed to cheer themselves up after a crisis. The sense of shame may have felt exaggerated or the shame may not have been there at all, as Chiron retrograde causes people to indulge in their favorite vices.

We also might be faced with the realizations that expectations of those we love can be too high at some times. That is because Aquarius is a very idealistic sign and we expect others to fulfill our childlike expectations. When Chiron goes forward, we might finally see some of these people in a more realistic light.

When Chiron goes forward, many of us might have a bit of a better handle on our addictions and vices as well. We will be able to readily accept the drawbacks and failures in our life without the assistance of drugs or alcohol. We might also take more responsibility for ourselves instead of looking for a relationship that will emotionally rescue us or take care of us.

Yet, as we think this, we might find that people are more willing in the near future to step forward to comfort us or take care of us simply because we are not acting so needy or because the effect of Chiron going forward is that people just have less personal issues in general.

Here is the forecast for how Chiron going forward in the sign Aquarius is affecting your sign.


On the 30th, you may make a final decision about a relationship that has been troubling you for some time. At the very least, you will be setting boundaries with this individual, so they no longer can take advantage of you emotionally or financially.


Now that Chiron is moving forward you should too. Many of you have been trying to have your cake and eat it too by trying to mix relationships from the past with ones that are newer. If you want to move forward in life you must really make the decision that you want to progress, rather than stagnate in life.


Chiron moving forwards is likely to bring a very important person back into your life. It is likely that this relationship symbolizes some kind of second chance. Whether it has to do with business or romance, this relationship is going to succeed and blossom into a happy and enduring partnership.


When Chiron finally goes forward, you will be able to dump a lot of guilt about a relationship that went sour earlier in the year. You will feel less wounded by the past and more willing to go forward. You will also feel more optimistic and lighter on your feet in general, which makes you attractive to both employers and potential romantic partners.


Chiron going forward is probably going to bring hot button emotional issues that were stuffed under the carpet out into the light. These issues probably have to do with your own or a loved oneís addictions or vices. The good news is that substantial progress can now be made with regards to these issues as people in general will be more open to the idea of change.


You are in for a big reality check when Chiron goes forward. A secret betrayal or big lie is likely to be revealed to you. Thankfully, this revelation will allow you to let go of a relationship that has been very hurtful to you for years. This discovery will seem negative at first, but in the end, you will realize it has freed you from making the same mistakes repeatedly.


When Chiron moves forward at the end of the month, you will finally feel a little more supported, especially by family members. You will also stop making mountains out of molehills and breathe a little easier. You will soon have proof in your life that you can trust human beings again and that ďthere is a GodĒ after all.


Miracles are possible now that Chiron is going forward in the sky, especially when it comes to resolving disagreements with any ex lovers or spouses. You will also feel a little easier going and it will seem that you and others have more of a sense of humor.  You might also meet somebody who will also function like a spiritual mentor to you in the near future.


When Chiron moves forward, you will feel more like you can face some of the bigger issues in your life, especially if they have to do with your own bad behaviors or self-destructive habits. This is a good time for you to start an exercise plan or diet or to see a psychotherapist to work out any emotional issues that may have been provoking drug or alcohol abuse.


You will soon see that a relationship that recently ended was more of a success than a failure. Chiron moving forward gives you the courage to move on as well. This is the optimum time for you to leave any toxic relationships behind and forge new healthy relationships with individuals who appreciate all that you have to give them. If you do decide to stay with a partner, you will be more accepting of his or her flaws.


It may have taken you months for you to get the credit or recognition that you deserve for a job well done. Now that Chiron is moving forward in your sign, people will stop stealing your ideas and treating you like a scapegoat? Instead, you will be viewed as a hero and a genius for the way you have handled some troubling challenges this year. It is also possible that a relationship that you thought ended earlier this year suddenly rebounds into a full-fledged loving partnership.


Chiron moving forward brings you out of your shell and you are more willing to confide in others about your problems. You have found it difficult to trust others this year because multiple situations became too hot to handle in your life and you felt that your only choice was to hide your real feelings in case you were attacked some more. This is the optimum time for you to see a psychotherapist or practice a spiritual program of some kind.

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