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How Will Mars Opposing Neptune Affect You Today?
Mars Opposing Neptune - June 4 On June 4, 2010, Mars in Leo opposes Neptune in Aquarius causing a lot of havoc in our personal lives. Mars in Leo can mean, for better or worse, a tremendous upsurging of energy and emotion. When properly channeled, this energy is all about sexual fertility and prosperity. When it is not properly directed, it can manifest as anger, violence and aggression.

Yet another state of mind that can be created by this configuration is suspicion and depending on what is going on in your life, you may even be suffering from a little bit of paranoia around this date. Some people will feel like they have to be sneaky or lie in order to get their way and others will feel like they are being bullied into tolerating situations that they can barely handle emotionally. Vindictive, jealous, or possessive individuals could also be a problem.

Yet another effect of this astrological configuration is a proliferation of con artists and deception. Women have to be especially careful of men who may be deluding them into financial agreements that are not straight up in some way.

During this time, dubious belief systems, such as a belief in cults, are also rampant. This is going to be especially prevalent because other planets are shaking our faith in reality and making us very emotionally needy. It is important not to be engaged in dubious belief systems at this time.

Here is a look at how Mars in Neptune will affect your sign.


Jupiter, the planet of wealth, is in your sign, which makes you more secure financially, but you may find yourself in a battle of egos that is difficult to tolerate around the 4th of June. Do not make any deals with anyone unless you want to lose your fortune and hold your tongue if you do not want to end a friendship.


It may be difficult to keep your temper in check around the 4th or 5th of June, simply because all of the Mars energy is going to make you feel aggressive and like standing up in the name injustice. Just make sure that you have all your facts in before you pick sides in any type of fight. If you don’t choose your battles wisely, it could affect your reputation professionally.


You need to lie low around the 4th or 5th of June, as these planetary energies will have people looking for someone to blame for their woes and you will seem like a likely candidate. Just because you have had a hard time lately does not mean that people should pick on you. Be sure to stand up for yourself if the way a situation is unfolding does not seem like it is in your best interests.


Thanks to the influence of several planets, including your ruler Neptune going backwards through your sign, you may feel a bit confused by what is going on in your personal life. You may even be further taken aback when you feel you sacrifice so much for you and they decide to lose their temper at you! To avoid conflicts like this, do not make people feel guilty after you give things to them.


You have been feeling very trapped and smothered by one person in your life and Mars in your sign may actually cause you to lose your temper around the 4th or 5th of June. To avoid conflict, stay away from “hot topics.” A new sexual interest is also likely to set your world ablaze around that time, but don’t pursue it if you are attached as secrets are likely to be discovered at this time.


It may be difficult for you not to lose your temper around the 4th or 5th when somebody that you do so much for ignores you or betrays you yet one more time! If someone is exploiting you, this is a good date to throw him or her out of your life for good. Being less critical of someone younger may also serve to bring them closer to you rather than push them away.


You have been feeling quite terrorized by the severity of your own feelings lately and when Mars enters Leo on the 4th of June, you may find yourself actively seeking out the person who is making you feel angry or insecure and confront them. This is a bad idea, as the other person is likely to be feeling as unstable as you – it is best to let this situation play itself out over the course of a summer.


You may feel that a lover is nagging and needling you and pushing you beyond your limits. On the 4th and 5th of June, you must be very careful not to lose your temper in a way that burns the bridge between you and another unless you really do want to get this person out of your life forever. In that case, it is a perfect day to break up.


Thanks to the Neptune Retrograde and Saturn in Virgo, you may already be feeling confused emotionally. When Mars clashes with Neptune, you might finally lose it. You may feel bullied by someone and like you need to stand up for your rights. However, before you accuse anyone of anything, be sure that you have all your facts right as the planets are making people feeling paranoid.


There are plenty of things to be angry or suspicious about in your life right now, but around the 4th or 5th you might feel as if you have encountered the “straw that broke that camel’s back.” It is okay to walk away from someone who you feel might be exploiting you emotionally or financially, but you do not have to create a crisis to do it.


Around the 4th or 5th of June, you could hear painful or unsettling news that helps you distance yourself from a person who may have been upsetting you a great deal lately. Your main challenge will be to walk away with dignity. This is a day to choose your battles wisely or you could end a relationship forever.


Mars is in the aggressive sign of Leo and if someone loses their temper at you, try not to take it personally. It is not about you. Still you might be feeling other pressures, especially from a needy family member who needs your financial help. You should also be very careful around fire and take appropriate safety precautions on that day.

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