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How Will Mercury Moving Direct Affects You Today
Mercury Retrograde Ends - Mercury Goes Direct Then planet Mercury, which has been retrograde in Capricorn since December 10th, has been slowly moving backwards through that sign and into Sagittarius. On the 29th, the planet stations and starts moving forward in Sagittarius.

First off, you may have noticed a lot of trouble around the home front over the past few weeks. Many people, especially the earth signs, were dealing with rocky relationships and annoyances like leaky plumbing or a lack of heat. As the Mercury progressed backwards into Sagittarius, the problems may have seemed to have more to do with communication and travel. You may have noticed that getting to work was even more of a trial thanks to traffic snarls, late trains, or crowded subways. 

A crisis point usually hits at the point at which the planet does start to move forward again and this takes place over the 29th and 30th. As the Archer is a fire sign, we also have to watch out for problems and delays due to aggression, stubbornness, and even violence. Fires can also be a problem.

However, the good news is that on this day, a lot of frustrations we may have had with our home or travel will resolve, even if it seems like we are encountering a great deal of resistance.

Here is how Mercury going direct will likely affect your sign during the last few days of 2010.


You could receive news on the 29th that flusters or embarrasses you. It may have you thinking again about whether or not you want to attend a certain party where a rival may also appear. Be careful around fire and do not travel, if it is not absolutely necessary. Be very careful not to gossip and take any gossip you hear with a grain of salt.


There could be a number of issues keeping you stuck at home at this time. One could simply be that you are snowed in or it could be that a vehicle breaks down. You should also keep your eye on the health of children, pets, and the elderly. However, even though it is a good idea to show concern, do not let an older woman in your life black mail you with guilt. You are not anybodyís slave.


You will not feel much like socializing. The sudden forward movement of the planet may inspire you to the extent that you will prefer staying in and working on a special project. There may be a business opportunity spring out of the chaos that you encounter on the 29th and 30th. Ignore any gossip that comes your way; especially if it happens to be about you.


You will benefit from Mercury moving forward in a financial way. Money that was locked up or held in escrow somehow might suddenly be released. An agreement might also be finalized on these days; be sure to look over any contracts carefully as you tendency right now is to breeze over details.


When Mercury moves forward, you may find yourself experiencing a profound realization of some kind. It will probably be an epiphany about a relationship. Spiritually, you may feel it is not longer right for you or you may feel like a hypocrite for remaining in it. You may decide that you do not want to spend your New Yearís in a way that you originally promised.


Just when you are getting ready to relax and chill out these few days, Mercury moves forward and snaps you out of your reverie. There will be all kinds of little emergencies to attend to both at home and at work. However, at the same time, you might also receive good news about money.


When Mercury moves forward in Sagittarius, you are going to get news that you are going to take a last minute trip somewhere. You may be celebrating New Yearís out of town. Still you should be careful around fire, stoves, and anything electrical on the 29th and 30th as you are accident prone.


When Mercury moves forward in the demanding sign of the Archer, you may feel like life is getting a little hectic. You may have to make a conscious decision to retreat from family and friends in order to get some peace. It is also possible that you could be celebrating New Yearís Eve out of town.


When Mercury moves forward in the sky, your life is going to feel like it is going to lurch forward without warning. Be prepared to get really busy. There is going to be lots of travel in your near future and it is likely that you will spend New Yearís out of town or even in another country.


Donít be surprised if something that you regret comes back to haunt you before the end of the year. When Mercury lurches forward, you are likely to have a secret you have been keeping exposed. If you are deliberately and consciously wronging someone (even if you are in the right), you are about to get that karma back. If you owe someone an apology or have an opportunity to soothe things over, then do it.


When Mercury moves forward, you may suddenly feel dissatisfied with your self-image in some way. Why not go ahead and get a total makeover so that you can start out the New Year as a ďNew Year.Ē Stormy personal relationships are indicated, if you do not curb a tendency to be dramatic. Be careful about gossip or talking too much about your problems to people that you do not know that well.


When Mercury moves forward on the 29th and 30th, you might be feeling like you canít catch a break. People might seem extraordinarily irritating to you and like they donít recognize that you have a need to rest. Do not let others boss you around on this holiday. Be sure to delegate responsibility to others, so you are not stuck doing everything. Playing the martyr and working too hard will only exhaust you.

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