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How Will the Day of No Aspects Affect Your Sign?
Day of No Aspects On April 13th, the world of astrology is going to experience something very rare celestially. On that day, there are absolutely no planetary aspects at all. This means that there are no new relationships made between planets, not even between the sun, moon, or inner planets. This is so rare that nobody is even sure if it has happened before in the history of the skies.

So how are we supposed to interpret this? Obviously, that day will not be a void of activity. Perhaps the thing to do is look at the major influences that are happening in the vicinity of that date and how they will be affecting each Zodiac sign. The idea would be that like a cosmic bit of meditation the planets are suspended just for that time and have a bit of extra influence and meaning.

Here is a look at how the Day of No Aspects on April 13th might affect your sign and a look at some of the goals and issues in your life that you might want to be meditating on that day.


The Sun is in your sign, so the 13th of April is a good day for you to meditate on what it is that you really want to do in life. Think about how you can make money doing what you love and what steps you need to move forward in this regard. As for issues that need to be dealt with, the planet Mars is squaring off against love planets, cautioning you against being impulsive, mean, or too critical of a loved one. Patience with a loved one is going to be key.


You are dealing with Mercury, the planet of communication, retrograde in your sign and this means you will be very exasperated by a relationship that seems to be holding you back. You need to consider whether or not the material cost of maintaining your lifestyle is worth it as there may be a need to scale down. The asteroid Vesta is also direct and this hearth goddess may have you meditating on getting a new lifestyle or home.


Mercury, your ruler, is in Taurus, which means that your main issue will be around where you live and your home. This is a good time to consider redecorating or changing your lifestyle completely. Saturn in the disciplined sign of Virgo is going to give you the strength and organizational skills to put your life in order. This is a good time to meditate on what it is you need to do next to build your career or put away a nest egg for the future.


Neptune, your ruler, is in Aquarius, but it is facing off against other planets, which means you may need to sort yourself out emotionally on this day. It could be that you are wishing too hard for something or someone that you cannot have or hoping for the resurrection of a situation or love that is long gone. Saturn in Virgo gives you the strength and discipline to sort out the practical, financial matters in your life.


Mars is in your sign, but it keeps facing off with Venus and Mercury. This will force you to reflect on a relationship that is getting too hot to handle in one way or another. It could be that a person is getting too needy or simply that you are outgrowing a person who is not maturing at the same rate as you.  The Sun in your fellow sign of Aries is good for reflecting on where you would like to take a vacation or travel to in life.


Saturn in your sign means the whip comes down at work. You might also have to tighten your belt or read the riot act to people, who are taking advantage of you or spending too much of your money. Chiron in the problem solving sign of Aquarius gives you the chance to stand up for yourself and the opportunity to “think outside the box” when it comes to deciding how your career and lifestyle will be changing throughout the next decade.


Pluto retrograde in Capricorn is most likely souring a family or domestic matter and the problem is also likely been an ongoing one. You will have an opportunity today to reflect on the nature of this conflict and what could be done to resolve it. Saturn has left your sign and is now in Virgo which frees you up to pursue hobbies, vacations and more creative projects.


Pluto retrograde in Capricorn is more than likely giving you a big problem with regards to an important relationship. Many of you may even be isolating and not dealing with relationships at all. This day of no aspects may give you the opportunity to try and figure out your next move so that an unproductive cycle of loneliness and bitterness can end. The Sun in Aries puts a bit of a spring in your step. This is a good time to meditate on where you might want to travel to next in the world or what your next practical step might be when it comes to furthering your career.


Saturn in Virgo is more than likely going to keep your nose to grindstone, so you might as well make the best of it by planning out a career trajectory that sees you at the top of your game by the dawn of the next decade. Your success in the near future depends on being very practical and organized. The Sun in Aries can also help you meditate on how you can combine your career with your natural sense of adventure and love of travel.


During this day of no aspects, you will be reverberating from the fact that Pluto has recently gone retrograde in your sign. This brings up all of the emotional issues you have not been facing (possibly just because you are too busy) and it could also resurrect some unpleasant issues from the past. The good thing is that Saturn in Virgo is going to give you the discipline and perseverance that you need to accomplish great things in the near future.


Neptune and Chiron in your sign have been causing all kinds of trials in your personal life. You may find it necessary to take some time to reflect on what motivates you to seek out and love individuals who are destructive emotionally.  The Sun in Aries gives you the opportunity to reflect on your career and where you would like to be by the end of 2010. The fact that Saturn in Virgo also gives you the stamina and organizational skills to follow your dreams.


Neptune, your ruler, is in the visionary sign Aquarius, but it is in conflict with other planets, which means that you could be facing confrontations and distress in your love life. The key would be to try and identify those resentments that you might be holding onto that could be poisoning your attitudes and making situations more negative than they need be. Saturn in Virgo gives you the strength and clarity to sort out the practical, financial matters in your life, so you can be immune to the effects of the recession and save money.

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By brittany, Tuesday, April 13, 2010 04:02:42 AM
Isn't the moon cancer's ruler not neptune. I love reading things about astrology...but when one things wrong it makes me think the whole thing is wrong. Even though im sure its just a typo! Only saying!
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