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How Will the End of the Pluto Retrograde Affect You?
Pluto Goes Direct - September 16th On September 16th, the planet Pluto stops moving backwards in retrograde motion, as it has since April 9, 2011 and begins its forward movement through the sky. It is in the sign of Capricorn, which is a very parental, controlling, and domestically oriented sign. While Pluto was going backwards, many of us were living with questions and feelings that we could not express for one reason or another. Now that it is moving forward we will be better able to release all of that anxiety and curiosity and funnel our new found gist into going forward in our lives in the best way we can.

Pluto has been holding a lot of people back, especially psychologically during this last retrograde motion. That is because in many ways a backwards moving Pluto is about doing what we have to in order to survive.

The planet rules sex, death, and birth, so whatever happens around this date is bound to be significant. For many, it means the birth of a new venture or recognition of a loss and of the necessity of moving forward.

Pluto is also a very purifying and cleansing planet. It burns down what came before in our lives so we can move ahead and depending on what area in our life this happens this could be on any level; material, physical, spiritual or mental.

Here is a look at how Pluto’s direct movement will likely affect different signs.


When Pluto goes forward this September, many of you will be contemplating a change of residence and most of you will actually go through with it. For most Rams, this will be a voluntary positive move that takes you to a place that is quieter, cheaper or more luxurious than your current digs.


When Pluto goes forward this September, you will stop being so insular and stubborn about how you think a certain troublesome matter might be handled. You will feel more inclined to consider other options in life, including dropping a bitter conflict altogether so you can move ahead in life. It might be painful to say good-bye but the sacrifice will be well worth it in the end.


When Pluto goes forward, you may find yourself in a position to give back to the community. This may be a reaction to trying to forget the past or simply a matter of desiring to be less focused on you and to try and be a better person in life. Teaching those less fortunate a skill may be something you are considering.


When Pluto goes forwards mid-month, you may find yourself wanting to get rid of a relationship that has been emotionally abusive or holding you back. This could be a friendship, a relationship with a sibling or a romantic partnership that you may have been sticking with out of a sense of obligation or guilt.


When Pluto moves into its forward motion, you may be facing a health issue in yourself or a loved one that must be dealt with. The good news is that Pluto is such a fantastic planet to do with healing and regeneration that your journey towards wholeness is likely to be an efficient one that brings joy and relief.


When Pluto goes forward, you may no longer feel that you can tolerate any more injustices. You may have the need to confront some of the villains in your life with more aggression than usual. Your challenge this fall will be to forgive and forget and analyze your part in a recent conflict so that you won’t have to go through this type of emotional blow-up again.


When Pluto goes forward, you could be facing a career change. This is not likely to be an uncomfortable move, as you may have been uncertain about staying in your current position for some time. A situation will evolve that will pretty much force you to make the changes needed so that your work life is happier and more satisfying.


The forward motion of Pluto in the practical sign of Capricorn may bring the realization that a certain person is not as wonderful as you first thought. This meeting of minds may have turned into a meeting of hearts over the past few months, but it is more than likely that the two of you will decide to end this relationship soon. A very likely cause of the split might be a difference over money.                                           


It is very important that you do not come down to hard on someone about a friendship difference, especially if it is a matter about money. Your perception that this person is trying to deliberately hurt you is wrong. Mid-month, you might be taught a lesson about patience, in particular when it comes to money.


Pluto is in your sign when it moves ahead so you may experience a huge revelation about your life and where you might have been going wrong with people. It may be upsetting for you to realize how many people you have lost in life due to property or money disputes. A reinvention or rebirth of the self is in order this fall, most likely with the idea of becoming a kinder, gentler, and less vengeful soul.


Pluto may inspire you to “clean house” psychologically and get rid of those people, places and things that do not serve your highest purposes any more. It might really help you to clear yourself of reminders from the past by having yard sales or putting things up on eBay.


Pluto moving forward may have you promising yourself that you will not allow yourself to be treated in a degrading way by a certain someone ever again. Setting healthy boundaries with problematic people is how you will get through this trying time.

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