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How Will the Full Moon in Capricorn Affect You?
Full Moon in Capricorn on July 15, 2011 This Full Moon in Capricorn on July 15th is all about money. If you handle the energies correctly, you can harness the "vibe of prosperity" that it can emanate. This is going to be a great day to bring any project to fruition, submit invoices, or finalize plans for a big project or event. Whatever you do in business on this day is likely to come to fruition.

However, this moon is also known as the “control freak” moon. If you are obsessive at all, this moon it may focus your attention on people you would like to direct or control in your life. You might think you are rescuing or even respecting them, but the more you try to help, the more meddlesome you will seem.

The earth signs such as Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn will seem especially parental and authoritarian in nature. If you have an earth sign boss, expect him or her to crack the whip or become a little too vigilante when it comes to observing your work habits.

If you are in a relationship, you need to be aware the fights, and especially fights about money, are a real danger. Adolescents are in particular danger of rebellion on this evening.

Venus in Cancer squares Saturn in Libra a few days before this, and this will be felt as a very rebellious influence as well. If you are water sign, such as Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, you may feel that others are withholding the best they have to offer from you. If you are an air sign, like Libra, Gemini, or Aquarius, you may feel like you are being smothered by insane requests and expectations that you could not possibly fulfill.

You will survive this moon the best if you mind your own business and work on business matters, rather than let your mind stray as to what others must be up to all day long. If you try to run someone else's life you will be stopped, rejected, and thwarted immediately.


Uranus goes retrograde in your sign just five days before this moon, which means that there will be good news about a pet project or proposal of yours, but also that it may take until December for you to see the monetary results of your creativity. Use the energy of this full moon to do a budget or business plan or simply sort out your finances in general.


If you want to retain what is yours or even profit from what seems to be a difficult situation, then you are well advised not to be too hypercritical with whoever you are dealing with. In fact, getting ahead in life at the moment in both your career and love life might entail being a little more humble towards others in general.


You get great news about money around the 15th. It could be a longstanding financial matter is finally settled in your favor or that you are the recipient of an award or a grant. Many Geminis will receive news that they are getting married under the influence of this full moon.


Venus is in your sign, but it is also clashing with other planets. The moon in Capricorn is great for achieving financial and career goals, but it could be a challenge for you, as you might be overly focused on dramas that are taking place in your personal life. For you to get ahead in life, it is crucial you ignore these upsets and keep working studiously towards your goal.


This is one of your best days all year to buy property or make investments. This is also a good launch day for beginning any business or getting married. Anything that you attempt to do during the influence of this full moon is likely to turn a profit or turn out better than you ever imagined over the long term.


You may have an axe to grind, but you are well advised to put it down as your attitude may be costing your both social and career opportunities. Working quietly in the background to achieve a goal is a lot more effective than taking on your detractors head on. Avoid verbal battles and being too critical of those you depend on for a paycheck.


This full moon may convince you to try to take a leadership role, but because you have Saturn in your sign, others are not so willing to give you that kind of power. In fact, don’t be surprised if you meet with outright hostility if you try to direct an event or a project. Regardless of any power struggles that might take place, you are destined to make a lot of money around July 15th.


You are a magnet to money during this influence, and just through sheer luck and chance you might find yourself a little richer despite the fact that your personal life seems to be rocked by chaos. You may find yourself facing an obsessed stalker or an unruly teenager that will not behave. In either case, patience will serve you much better than trying to discipline or control anyone.


Money and career matters thrive as long as you hold your tongue. You may be dismayed by an injustice that you see happening at work, but complaining about it will not change anything. You are best advised to let the matter play out on its own without your interference or attempts to help.


This moon in your sign brings excellent news regarding a property or business prospect, and if you are strategic and focused on a positive outcome, you stand to make thousands of dollars just for being so financially savvy. However, beware of being thrown off track and being distracted by dramas taking place in your personal life that don’t seem to go away and that must be ignored for now.


This is one of your best days ever to pitch your talents to others or promote yourself. However, you need to avoid a tendency to over-react to an individual in your life who may be controlling or rebellious. Your best course of action is to ignore this person for now, as chances are that all of the trouble he or she is causing will blow over by July 28th.


Others may seem to be doing their very best when it comes to sabotaging what you want to do in the next few months. Realize that you can make a choice about whether or not you are going to react to someone who is deliberately provoking you and trying to throw you off-course. Anything you initiate today is likely to turn out well so be sure to focus on the positive and ignore the negative.

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