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How Will The January 15th Solar Eclipse Affect Your Sign?
Total Solar Eclipse in Capricorn There is an annular solar eclipse in Capricorn on January 15th, 2010. What is interesting is that this solar eclipse coincides with the New Moon that is also on that day. New Moons mean clean slates and so do eclipses, so we are going to see a lot of changes in the areas in our lives that usually fall under the domain of the sign of the Goat. In the natal chart, the Capricorn house rules over stability, responsibility, virtue, patience, and ambition.

You will see that a fresh start in one of these Capricorn ruled areas of life emerges at this time, in particular because the New Moon actually happens just moments before the actual eclipse.

Here is how this particular eclipse is likely to affect your zodiac sign!


This eclipse is likely to hit you in the area of your career. You may have a stressful encounter with someone in authority, but it might be necessary for you to have this conflict in order for you to promote yourself and be heard. You might also find a unique way to launch a business at this time. Some of you may face a work shortage or unemployment, but you will not be left without any means of making an income at all. The stars indicate that you might be working at home.


This eclipse could bring a legal or housing matter to your attention. You could also decide that your current place of residence does not suit you. This probably means that you will leave a relationship that is not working for a new one or at least set the ball in motion towards indulging in a more enduring partnership. You may also find that your money situation improves, but this is only going to happen if you keep abreast of what is going on around you. It is also easy to let an opportunity pass you by.


You may be evaluating your place of residence and how you make money at this time. This is a good time to rethink how you have been making money. You could also quite unexpectedly receive a cash windfall. You could also receive a marriage proposal or move in with a loved one who has marriage in mind in the far future. You are due for a total rebirth when it comes to lifestyle and embrace the changes that are coming with your whole heart. They will be good for you.


This eclipse will give you the opportunity to examine a close relationship and decide whether or not it still works for you. You will also be given the opportunity to create new flourishing relationships and alliances. Be aware that you will be more sensitive emotionally than usual around the 15th as well. People around you are likely to be going through big changes and too upset to be polite. Take things with a grain of salt.


Pay attention to how you present yourself. This eclipse is going to bring you a chance for a makeover. This is a good time to redo your resume. If you have been sloppy at all in any area of your life you may be asked to clean things up.  You may also be saddled with more work responsibility at this time with the idea that this extra work will bring you an eventual promotion. In fact, a chance to change to a better paying job could strike like a bolt out of the blue.


You need to pay close attention to the health of pets and children. Be prepared for big changes on your domestic scene. You may see the disappearance of a partnership that has not been working very well for you for quite some time. Rather than fight the tide, you should just relax and let this person go. The eclipse might also bring you an opportunity to clean up a mess at work and finally take charge!


A renewal of your home life is in store for you. Be prepared to see relatives you have not seen in a while. The eclipse could also bring changes to your residence. You may suddenly find it necessary to move or a new roommate could come your way. Some Librans could get engaged at this time. Yet another consequence of this eclipse could be some unemployment, but this could also open up an entire new lifestyle for you that involve working at home.


This eclipse is going to bring you an opportunity to explore higher education. You may discover that your computer or other technology is now obsolete and that you have to invest in better tools to run a business. Short trips and introductions to new people are favored. The eclipse could bring some Scorpions a new lover who is also like a mentor. May/December relationships are favored and so is the acquiring of a new pet.


This eclipse may make it necessary for you to find a new way to make a living. It could be that your job becomes obsolete or that it becomes obvious that you need further training. You may also reevaluate your finances and discover that you need to find better ways to budget and build up a nest egg for yourself. If you were looking forward to doing some travelling, you may find that it is canceled because work duties require that you stay at home.


This eclipse is in your sign and you may find an entire way of life opening up for you. Embrace the path ahead because it is going to be full of exciting changes. Most of you will be leaving resentment of an old relationship behind and finding someone brand new to be with. A problem with a child may come into focus that may require a great deal of understanding. It is important to accept any changes in your relationships that are coming and not react with anger as in the long run they will be good for you.


This is a time of personal reinvention. You might also want to give your social life a real makeover. The eclipse could bring you a situation that makes it obvious that certain things you have been doing are not working for you anymore. You may also be brought the opportunity to engage in a self-improvement course. Deep inner changes are needed in order for you to keep up with the demands that will be on you to move forward in your career in the near future.


This eclipse is going to help you discard some hard feelings you have had in the recent past towards some treacherous types and find a group of new friends. Social connections are really emphasized for you during this eclipse and you will see a clear path ahead when it comes to your career. This is also an excellent year for socializing and entertaining. Brush up on your cooking and decorating skills as there will be many people visiting your home this year.

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By lillian, Tuesday, January 12, 2010 06:49:16 PM
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