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How Will The January Eclipse Affect You?
January Solar Eclipse Affect your Zodiac Sign On January 25, 2009, there is a solar eclipse that will take place in the sign of Aquarius. Like all eclipses, this one will herald many beginnings and endings. For most, these will be of a social nature and, for other signs, the changes will be of a financial nature.

Here is a look at how January’s eclipse in Aquarius might affect your zodiac sign.


This eclipse can mean a trade up when it comes to your social life. You may find yourself becoming bored with those who have a “woe is me attitude” and instead be wishing to hang around those in the winner’s circle. You may find yourself feeling irritable and more assertive and some relationships may just drop away. If that happens, just let it all go because new connections can bring enormous positive changes into your life.


You might feel frustrated with your life and feel like you have more energy than those around you. Individuals you feel to be unimaginative or slowpokes may end up dropping out of your life. You might actually be punished for wanting to make necessary changes and this eclipse in Aquarius should ideally encourage you to seek the spiritual help that you need to tolerate less than kind behaviors. The upside is that this eclipse will help you streamline your life so that in the future you are only doing what you need to do.


You will be freed from some limiting circumstances by this eclipse. Finally, you will be offered the opportunities you need to stretch the limits of your imagination. Your schedule will be less demanding and you will have more opportunities to travel and study. Any trips you take can help you increase your career opportunities. You may also find that people are more receptive to your ideas and that the way you make the most money is by forgetting the routines that you once found so secure.


This eclipse could bring an event that could have you learning from an experience that may not seem so positive at the time, but in the long term will be good for you. Most likely, it means the failure of a project or the realization that a long term dream is not possible in the near future. This eclipse will have many people taking off their rose-colored glasses and addressing the world in a more practical way. It will also expose any flaws in your current plans that may have sabotaged your success in the long run.


You are likely to see some big changes in your closest relationships thanks to the trend established by this eclipse. These changes are preparing you for the success that lies ahead for you in 2010. This is a month of stripping away that which is no longer necessary and even harming you and holding you back. This eclipse is also likely to bring you a new determination to meet your goals. Driven by your vision, you may find that you are more willing to work hard and make sacrifices to get what you want.


This eclipse in Aquarius may stall you when it comes to progressing towards an achievement or acquiring something that you dearly need. The key is to realize that this is happening for a good reason and possibly so that you can have greater success by the end of the year. It is quite likely that you will see big changes in the career sector of your life. You may find yourself working harder than ever to prove yourself. To deal with career related stress, you might want to embark on a regular program of meditation.


This eclipse may propel you into leaving a lot of the past behind, including a big romance or relationship that was no good for you. The good news is that there is likely a new and exciting relationship on the horizon. However, the cosmos requires that you get rid of some old toxic situations as well as not so positive emotions and attitudes that you may be holding onto before you can get ahead. There will be emotional turmoil as change of this magnitude is never easy, but you will likely find yourself with your proper soul mate.


The eclipse is likely to cause changes in your family life. You may feel more determined to push yourself towards the goals that you need to at this time as you may find yourself released from the obligation of spending a lot of time with an individual who used to be very controlling. This eclipse will also reveal any loose ends in your life that need clearing up. You may find old relationship or money issues resurfacing in the next few months. This is a wakeup call to deal with these matters so that they do not ruin your life.


This eclipse may find you dropping an old social circle and trading it in for another. Communication is key over the next few months, as you may also find yourself making important changes in your domestic or romantic life. For instance, you may find that someone from the past comes back. Communication is the theme of the next few months; you will feel the need to get out and about, meet people, and socialize. You won’t have to look very far to satisfy your thirst for knowledge, there is lots of interest all around you. Make new friends, contact old friends, try something different and new. Negative expectations and a lack of faith in yourself will hold you back; positive thinking and a go-for-it attitude will bring your success.


This eclipse is going to bring bills, debts, and credit issues to your attention, but it is all for the best in the long run because you are going to learn how to deal with it all and bring your debt down. This will allow you to go through this year feeling more organized and financially secure. You may also feel frustrated by this eclipse which may put a damper on your enthusiasm. Do not let money problems or depression get you down. Seize the day and make the most of the chance to correct situations that may be holding you back.


This eclipse is going to allow you start this year with a clean slate. You may notice that you are freed from past obligations in almost every area of your life. A relationship could end and so could a job. The idea is that an eclipse in one’s own sign gets rid of everything that could be holding you back. You will step into a happier and more joyous phase in your life. You will feel lighter and more creative and not want any part of your old life back by the end of the year.


This eclipse occurs in your ninth house of spirituality so you will be experiencing an awakening of some sort. You may find that your sensitivity to psychic phenonomena is more acute. Your hunches will be right on. This is a great time in your life to explore your more material side. You may find yourself dropping a job or relationship that is holding you back and concentrating more on doing what you love for a living. You also have a better chance of finding your soul mate by the end of this year.

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By Linda, Sunday, January 25, 2009 12:39:48 PM
Hey, lucky # 53, 53 today, new beginnings with the solar eclipse... just moved to a new tiny coastal community, from the 3rd largest city in Canada... My horoscope ays out with the old, in with the new...right on!!! Thx Sylvia!
By Sylva, Sunday, January 25, 2009 12:02:25 PM
Thank you.alwasy good to know what lies ahead.Syl
By Jennifer, Saturday, January 24, 2009 02:12:45 AM
Thank You !!!
By Olivia, Monday, January 19, 2009 05:15:32 PM
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