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How Will the July 1st New Moon and Solar Eclipse Affect You?
Solar Eclipse and New Moon - July 1, 2011 On July 1, 2011, there is a solar eclipse happening in the sign of Cancer. This eclipse, which takes place during a New Moon, happens at 4:38am in the morning. This event is a wonderful time to start something new in life whether it is a change of residence, leaving an old relationship for a new one, or finally putting a matter from the past that has been bothering you for years to rest.

Cancer is the sign of our roots and it draws our attention to feelings of belonging, family, and nurturing. Usually, this eclipse means that somehow you will be leaving your home, either in real life or leaving a place of past memories. For many, this eclipse will initiate a huge change.

The people who are going to be most profoundly affected by this are those who have their ascendant or moon in the sign of Cancer. These are the individuals who might actually be moving on that day.

To go along with this eclipse there is a grand square in the sky happening that involves Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and the Sun and the Moon. This square is formed between the signs of Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, and Aries and is causing a great deal of pressure, friction, and internal frustration. If you have been unable to act, you might be pushed into action.

Saturn in Libra will be making a square to the New moon in Cancer, which means that many of us will have a wakeup call as to how unrealistically we have been living. If we have been building “castles in the air,” they will be destroyed. A serious issue regarding our family may surface at this time.

This eclipse is also in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. This affects our relationships. We may not be able to get away with ignoring chronic problems. We may feel like standing up for ourselves if we feel our needs are not being met in a relationship.

Jupiter and Pluto also face off during the eclipse, but a pleasant angle to Mars takes some of the edge out of our compulsions and urges to act immediately. We will feel like it is possible to take tangible realistic actions to support ideas about how to honor the give and take in any relationship.

Here is how this new moon and solar eclipse in Cancer might affect your sign.


You are under a lot of pressure to perform, yet at the same time your energy and charisma is amplified. Higher ups are watching and waiting for you to impress them with you ability to change a bad situation into a good one.


A brand new beginning is in order for you. You are going through a complete break from the past that is going to allow you to go forward and lead a life of honesty, sincerity, and integrity. True love blossoms as the result of your sacrifice.


This eclipse helps you break free of the shackles of the past and reinvent yourself. You will find that the changes implemented now will meet with great success. Some Geminis will be pleased by developments in a relationship that may have been held back by financial or other circumstances. There will be nothing stopping you from moving into the future now.


This new moon and solar eclipse in your sign is a double whammy. A fresh start is definitely in your near future if it is not already happening. You are ready for an extreme change of identity. In one year, you may not recognize yourself anymore.


This eclipse may make you feel reborn emotionally. After some months of tension you will feel like you need not worry about all of the small things that have been irritating you for some time now. The eclipse will have a rejuvenating effect on your nervous system and psyche.


During this eclipse, you will realize that you can no longer lie to yourself anymore. You have to put an end to a situation that has clearly been hurting you financially and emotionally. You will find the courage and guts to say what you have to say.


You will be released from a situation is very restrictive or limiting. It is possible you will finally be freed from a family obligation that has somehow become too consuming of your time. You may find yourself receiving a cash windfall in the next few weeks.


Somebody in your life has been too needy and pushing you too hard. You may feel strongly inclined to push back. This is a mistake, as it is likely that this person will not forgive you if you abandon them at this point in time.


You will finally get the money you need and be freed from those obligations that have kept you from travelling. Some of you will be acquiring more than one residence. Many archers will be constructing ponds or buying a new swimming pool.


This is a very stressful eclipse for you as you might be seen as the villain in a situation that you truly could care less about. It may be time to make it clear that you cannot be emotionally blackmailed or that you are no longer interested in sustaining a situation that does not support your best interests.


We may feel the urge to cling to what is safe, but this eclipse will reveal why this is not the best path for you anymore. Instead of revolting against change, it is in everybody’s best interest for you to go with the flow.


You may find that which shocks and surprises you at first will actually delight you. You will be able to easily cast away fears and false security; your courage now will ensure long-lasting harmony and prosperity in the future.

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