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How Will the Lunar Eclipse Affect You on December 21?
Total Lunar Eclipse in Gemini - December 21st Gemini is a sign that symbolizes transportation and communication. It is just our luck that this year in 2010, a lunar eclipse in this sign is going to arrive just in time for Christmas traveling on December 21st.

Just exactly what the real interruption in services will be can only be speculated on at this point, but given that the Sun also enters Capricorn that day, it is likely that there will be interruption to phone, Internet, and travel due to some kind of storm. That is because Capricorn is an earth sign and Gemini is an air sign. This adds up to being about "weather."

The problem with an eclipse in this sign is that things tend to get even more chaotic then you imagined. 

So how is this lunar eclipse, made all the more powerful because it is also a full moon, going to affect your sign?


The lunar eclipse in your sign occurs in your more social eleventh house. This means that the interruption with your plans is likely to be more of a personal nature, rather than a technical one. Phrase what you have to say carefully as it is easy to have a misunderstanding with someone at this time. Be extra careful when driving as you are accident prone.


This eclipse is in your twelfth house so an illness or need to stay home because of an emergency could throw a wrench into your Christmas plans. As you are an earth sign, it is also possible that you are isolated by a snowstorm. However, you may actually enjoy the chance to relax and be by yourself. When shopping, donít be absent-minded and leave your purchases at the store.


This eclipse is in your sign, so you might be facing the cancellation of all of your plans due to weather or technical breakdowns. The most frustrating part of all this might possibly be that you may not be able to communicate with others with regards to your change in plans. You are quite spicy around this time, so make a list of what you need to do and stick to it to get things done.


This eclipse is in your second house, which means that aside from the communication and travel delays that you could suffer you could also suffer the loss of something crucial to your day to day living such as your identification. Watch out for theft around this time. Do any shopping early that day as crowds and break downs with cash registers are likely.


This eclipse is in your third house, which means it is quite likely that an emotional crisis or personal drama of some kind could prevent you from travelling. Travelling will be frustrating but the maddening behavior of those around you may make you feel like retreating for a few days. Cash registers and ATMS are likely to malfunction on this day as well.


This eclipse is in your fifth house of fun, which means that you will not be hit as hard as other signs when it comes to travel and communications. However, you might find that once that you arrive at your destination that others are so messed up by the chaos caused by the eclipse that they are not as much fun as usual. Thankfully, you will be in good shape to help put things in order.


As this eclipse is in an air sign and you are also an air sign, you might find it quite hard to navigate the problems with communication and technology that plague you on this day. You can expect late trains and planes and weather interference in your plans. It may also be quite difficult for you to get hold of anyone to tell them that you may not arrive.


This eclipse might cause you the sort of problem that keeps you at work over time. As it is in your seventh house, it is likely to affect you in your work sphere. It could be that a project is canceled or needs to be done over again. It could be that technology fails you in such a big way that you must work over the Christmas holidays.


You are a sign that loves travel, but there is bound to be problems with ATMís, tickets, and travel schedules in general. Airports and train stations will be in a state of confusion due to several reasons. Threats of terrorist attacks and bad weather could be contributing factors to travel plan delays for your sign.


This eclipse may cause problems with your cash flow somehow. Keep a close eye on anything to do with your banking and avoiding using the ATM or transferring money from bank to bank that way. If you are going to have a crisis, it is likely going to be due to a problem with electronics or technology. You are also more vulnerable to being forgetful; make sure you have all of your packages when you leave a store.


Your breakdown due to this eclipse might be of a more personal nature. You might change your Christmas plans because you do not like the way that someone is treating you. Another possibility is that you simply feel more like having a little down time this Christmas. It is okay to use this time to reflect over the year and try to figure out what it is you would really like to achieve in life.


This eclipse is going to be maddening for you, as it will feel like everyone is taking out their frustrations on you. Be sure to keep your cell phone charged and your computer online. You may need back up methods of communications. You may have less people than usual over for Christmas simply because bad weather may cause late arrivals. Be kind to strangers who are stranded because of this eclipse; simple acts of kindness could bring you good luck.

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