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How Will The Lunar Eclipse Affect You Zodiac Sign?
Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn Affect You? The first lunar eclipse of 2010 is in the sign of Capricorn on June 26th. It is a significant eclipse, even though it is just a partial one because it is takes place in a celestial configuration known as a Grand Cross. The eclipse will be visible from much of the Americas, the Pacific, and eastern Asia. Observers in western Canada and U.S. will also have great views.

The most immediately striking thing is the conjunction of the Moon with Pluto, with the Sun conjunct Mercury in opposition at the time of the eclipse. This summons powerful, strong-willed emotions, and intense feelings. Many people will be causing chaos by acting from their ego instead of their heart.

Saturn is rising in Virgo, which means people will be meaner and going by the book. Authority figures will want to be paid on time and there will be no leeway with the rules. The Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) will be most affected by the harsh, unforgiving aspects of this eclipse. We may feel that others are trying to manipulate our ideas to their own advantage. People will also be a little more paranoid than usual or the wrong information might be given in an order to confuse or mislead an enemy.

The T-Square of the Sun and Mercury to Jupiter and Uranus opposing Saturn makes us feel like we are at the mercy of events beyond our control, like changes in the weather or war. Traditional values are threatened or even overthrown in the chaos.

Here is a look at how this important eclipse might affect your sign in the near future.


This eclipse is going to bring you a test of faith or someone. Most likely this challenge will be initiated by a member of a family. The “dare” that is involved may spur you on to make a dramatic new change. You may feel like responding to this in an unusual manner and some Rams may even plot an entirely new course in life. Try not to make split decisions, especially when it comes to romance.


You may simply have to alter your direction or put up with delay because of change in the big picture. There may be an outright restriction on your freedom somehow. You may be waiting on an outcome, a decision, or a communication. There will be difficulty with in-laws or a legal situation will be a source of discontent or frustration. You will lose a link or say goodbye to a situation that is not working.


Keep an eye on your finances during this eclipse. It may be time to say goodbye to a way of making money that might actually be costing in some way. Although things may seem rocky, you can find security by being willing to change. The eclipse could also bring you a reunion or news that a marriage that you thought was off is somehow going to be a “go” again.  Be sure to correct any gossip that is spread about you.


This full moon could signify the end of an important relationship. An older female could set this change in motion for you. There could be disruption in your home. Watch out for food poisoning. Allergies or asthma could also be a problem for your sign. If someone is giving you exaggerated responses, try to keep a cool head and see how the situation plays out before you make any type of move.


This eclipse occurs in your twelfth house of health. You might have to give up a bad habit at this time. You may end an association with a colleague or a company at this time. The ultimate result of this change may be that you may not be able to support and interest or a financial obligation that you do at this time. The upside is that this eclipse could have you feeling more creative than usual.


This eclipse is going to bring you a change in the way you are living. You may see the departure of a person who is wasteful, extravagant, or keeps secrets. The health of a favorite pet may also be part of your focus. Some financial hardship is also indicated. You may have to give up a favorite activity that is too expensive for you to afford. This is, however, a good time for you to strike out on your own and meet new friends.


This eclipse may bring a situation that has another person standing firmly as an obstacle. You may have to just put up with this obstruction for the next few months, as others will not let you have the necessary tools or information to clear your path. This is not your best time to deal with authority figures or make deals with loans or banks. Hard work and a conservative attitude in every way will get you the furthest in life this summer.


This eclipse is going to bring you the opportunity to travel for both business and pleasure. Take extra precautions because you are exceptionally accident prone. You may also find yourself to be the owner of new technology after a breakdown or crash of some kind makes an existing system obsolete. Be especially careful not to offend an older woman at this time, as she may be out for revenge.


This eclipse is going to force you to address your finances. There may be some cutting back of a favorite indulgence or hobby in order to make ends meet. You might be tempted to dig up information about a secret and find that people are standing firmly in your way to prevent you from finding out the truth. It may be difficult for you to not feel a bit paranoid. The fact is that you have hurt some feelings in the past and may just be starting to detect vengeful moves in your life. This type of situation is best left to be ignored or run its course.


This eclipse could signify a break with a spouse or a partner. Someone may have a sudden change of heart. It may also be a challenge to get life to run smoothly, especially when it comes to technology and mechanics. Frustration could make you careless and hasty. As this eclipse is in your sign, it is a time to pay extra attention to the rules of safety.


There could be a serious break with an employer or an incident with your family that could affect you financially. If you feel tired, it is possibly because you are badly overworked. You might feel vengeful or like getting the better of someone, but it is best to save your power plays for another day. You really need to stay away from activities that waste your time and you should especially stay away from people who like to gossip.


This eclipse in the full moon of Capricorn stimulates a change of scene for you socially. If you have been squabbling with a friend for a while, you could see the end of the relationship if you are not careful with your words. Your desire to be alone might be exaggerated in the near future. Ignore any feelings of paranoia. Things are never as bad as we imagine them to be and the eclipse may have you blowing things up out of proportion.

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