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How Will The Neptune Retrograde Affect Your Zodiac Sign?
Neptune Retrograde On June 3rd, the planet Neptune goes retrograde until November 9, 2011. This is not that unusual, as it usually does start moving backwards through the sky for about five months of every year. It does tend to wreak havoc in our personal lives as it is a planet that affects our emotions and our sense of self control (or lack of it).

People tend to be more self-centered and more apt to be reactive than rational when this is happening. The retrograde phase of this planet often brings harsh realities with it that make you want to escape reality. Daydreams replace action and boundaries between people dissolve. Infidelity is more likely, and so is substance abuse.  People in general seem to be more sensitive.

This retrograde takes place in the sign of Pisces, which is a very emotional sign in the first place. Shaming, blaming, and bring people out into public to ridicule them is also a trait associated with Neptune in Pisces. The tabloid papers and local gossips usually have a field day during this type of transit; there is lots to write about as the usual addicted celebrities tend to start acting out.

The day before Venus in Gemini opposes Pluto in Capricorn, so there could be squabbles about money; it may become apparent that someone is wasting money or refusing to pay a loan back.

The day after the Neptune retrograde Mercury faces off against seven planets. There is going to be some kind of big news around this time and it is not likely to be that great. It is likely to be about some kind of turmoil that affects several governments or an ecological issue.

Here is a look at how Neptune going retrograde in Pisces is likely to affect your sign.


You are going to experience unusual fluctuations in your finances over the next few months. It will feel unpredictable, but you will experience waves of prosperity at the most unusual times. Your gut intuition might be right about a real estate deal or investment.


Your sign is at risk of addictive behavior at this time. If you have a weakness that qualifies you as an “ism,” you need to take care of it at this time. If you are unable to control your temptations, going to a support group can help.


You may find that there is too much drama and tension where you are living. Do not let people who disturb your peace of mind into your home. If a drunk is a problem, kick him or her out. This is a time to pay more attention to yourself and your sanctuary and less to others.


During the next five months, you are definitely going to be feeling a little more adventurous than usual. Some of you could lose your jobs if you spend too much time day dreaming or pursuing your own interests rather than working. It is a good idea to take a long holiday sometime between now and November so you can blow off some steam.


During the last half of the year, your sign is very much going to be focused on issues to do with the family. You may find that one particular family member is really acting up and chances are that it is someone younger than you or someone that you need to care for. This is a good time for you to get therapy or counseling to deal with this problematic person who might have an addiction problem.


You may feel a bit like you have been driven to madness over the next five months. Life may feel like it is being truly unfair and you may need some time to isolate and be alone. It is time to say good-bye to a situation that has only been causing chaos in your life. You are better able to keep your emotions under control and make rational, if painful, decisions right now.


Around June 3rd, you may be intrigued by a secret that is revealed to you. As much as this makes you feel better about something that took place in the past, it will also motivate you to do make a long overdue change. Tighten your belt as money could be tight until around the 18th for your sign.


If you are keeping secrets, they could be revealed this month. This could generate some big changes in your life. You may at first feel uncomfortable about the shifts in living arrangements or existing relationships that Neptune retrograde and other planets are causing, but by the end of the year, you will be very grateful that these changes happened at all.


The planets are bringing you a wonderful new opportunity to redo a conversation that may have taken a very bad turn about three years ago. The exchange might be dramatic and emotional, but you will be pleased with the progress that you make with this person who you thought may have been lost to you forever.


Pluto in your sign makes property matters and fights over money or property likely around now. A family member who has an addiction might become an issue. The next six months might be snarled up in red tape; financial and family matters will become much less stressful by the end of the year.


You may recognize that someone’s moods are dragging you constantly down. Be careful not to take on someone else’s baggage and emotional burdens as your own. There is also more of a chance than usual that you might be wrestling with addictive behavior; most likely your own but the addict could a person you love who is insisting on disrupting your daily routine.


One of the silliest things you could for the next five months is take things too personally. Most people are acting very selfishly and they are going to let you know that they really do not care what you think. Do not be surprised if someone you love "bites the hand that feeds them at this time."

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