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How Will the Stray Moon in Libra Affect Your Sign?
Stray Moon Libra The moon strays in Libra on Saturday, September 11 at 1:16am and sets a rather confused tone for such an important day. Expect ceremonies to remember 9/11/11 to go a bit awry. As Libra is the sign that usually symbolizes beauty, there may be some kind of “ugly” incident that mars the day somehow.

This energy also tempts us to overeat, drink too much, or overspend. People will be in the mood to escape, especially sexually. Expect sales of video games and involvement in virtual games like Second Life or Farmville to skyrocket. People will just prefer to live in an alternative reality for a while.

The day before is a very romantic energy when Mars in Libra makes pleasant connections with planets in Aquarius. Although it is a great thing to unwind, some of us may become so lazy and content that our lives may actually unravel to a certain extent. As the moon following this is in Scorpio, some of us could pay the piper or be the recipient of some kind of disciplinary action if we do not have our act together by Monday.

The next day Mercury, the planet of communication, goes direct in Virgo, and suddenly we may feel overwhelmed by everything that is going on. The energy from the stray moon, which will be followed by the moon in the sometimes rude and blatant sign of Scorpio, may have us telling others in no uncertain terms that we feel overwhelmed, and not so politely.

Here is a look at how the stray moon in Libra could affect your sign on September 11th.


The stray moon in Libra could have you blowing a lot of money on luxuries that you don’t need this weekend. Be sure to carefully weigh out the consequences of any impulse purchases before you get your cash or credit card out. Accept the fact right now that someone important is not likely to keep a big promise to you this weekend.


You could be tempted to play hooky today, as the stray moon makes you feel lazy and rebellious. It is best to ignore a friend who may be offering you some kind of temptation. Be careful not to spend too much money on things that you do not need. Show a lover you care by giving him or her extra time and attention.


You may have trouble concentrating while the moon strays in Libra. Ignore a psychic vampire who might be trying to soak up all of your time with a private psychodrama. Playing hard to get will serve you better than chasing a certain someone. Be understanding if a lover tries to take out his or her frustration on you - it is not personal.


Resist the temptation to hide under the covers or call in sick. Your responsibilities intensify and so does a romantic relationship. You may have to be quite crafty about dividing your time between your recreational pursuits and your work obligations – you can do it! Be prepared to be sent the wrong directions or instructions in some way.


The stray moon in Libra has you feeling uncharacteristically decisive just at the point when a good friend demands that you take sides in a dispute. Be sure to “get off the fence” and take a stand in this matter or you could be sorry by Monday. Avoid shopping for art or getting a makeover or haircut, as you are likely to regret what you have done or bought by Monday.


The stray moon in Libra derails any plans that you may have made last week to travel or take a holiday. Many Virgins will be called in to do extra work at the last minute. Avoid entertaining gossip at work as anything repeated could come back to humiliate you in short order. Wait until Monday before blowing money on something that looks like a real bargain.


Do your best to concentrate even though this stray moon in your sign is going to fill your life with silly distractions. Your judgment is going to be way off, especially when it comes to handling an important relationship. You must be very careful not to offend the wrong person this weekend. Also, if it feels like love like first sight – it probably isn’t!


This stray moon in Libra is likely to cause a great deal of confusion in your relationships. Your best tact is to lie low and avoid any confrontations, until Monday when the Moon goes forward in your sign and gives you the confidence and clarity to do what you need to in order to clear up any misunderstandings. Don’t let a bitter friend drag your mood down on Sunday.


Any travel plans you have this weekend are likely to be screwed up by this stray moon in Libra. You are probably best to stay home and do simple things like clean, watch television, and take naps. It will be difficult to be effective socially or at your work place for these two days. A romance that begins this weekend may not last very long.


You may feel that others are deluded, lazy, and leaving it to you to do all the work. This weekend you might actually be right about that. Be careful of starting a fight on Sunday as it could escalate into a feud that lasts a very long time. This is not a great weekend to go shopping for furniture or art as your judgement is a bit off.


Be very careful about who you pick a fight with this weekend, as misunderstandings can easily blossom into full fledged feuds if you are not careful. Beware of a charming person who may have secret agenda of trying to sell you something that you don’t need.  You should also avoid believing or spreading any gossip that comes your way, as it will come back to haunt you.


The stray moon in Libra may have you feeling emotional and self-centered. Don’t turn a mole-hill into a mountain. Others see you as pushy and controlling on Sunday and if you are not careful with your words, you could have a full out mutiny on your hands. This may be one of those weekends when it is best to isolate a bit and do quite things like cook, clean, and read.

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