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How Will the Sun Entering Scorpio Affect Your Sign on October 23?
Sun in Scorpio - October 23 When the Sun enters Scorpio, all of the signs feel just a little more seductive, a little more psychic, and a little bit more like going after what they want in life. This energy is positive, energizing, but it can sometimes also add a touch of secrecy and ruthlessness to romantic and business situations.

This yearís Sun in Scorpio on October 23 is accompanied by a Venus and Mercury in Scorpio opposing Jupiter in Taurus. Jupiter in Taurus symbolizes common sense and Venus and Mercury in Scorpio symbolizes crazy lust for someone or something. There are going to be battles and, as the sun is in Scorpio, it is likely that passion is going to win out over reason for the next couple of days.

Here is a look at how this deeply intuitive, extremely erotic, and sometimes mean influence will be affecting your sign.


You are super popular at this time. The temptation might be to use someoneís sexual attraction to you to get ahead. The Sun in Scorpio has a way of making people temporarily forget their ethics. However, that said, you may not get this type of get-rich chance again. Your Halloween week promises to be absolutely seething with lust and excitement.


You are definitely at odds with someone from your past and your challenge is to not take out your frustrations with that person on a current love. In fact, you are in danger of hurting all kinds of innocent stander-byes if you do not keep your anger under control. Plotting a secret revenge on whoever is ruining your life is best done behind the scenes.


The Sun in Scorpio has a wonderful effect on your health. You will find yourself energized, invigorated, and ready to enjoy all of the Halloween parties you will be invited to. A partner will show you a great deal of romantic interest this month; you are extra persuasive and charismatic. If someone tries to gossip about you this week, be sure to nip it right in the bud before it can flower and ruin your reputation.


The Sun in Scorpio gives you the extra energy you need to handle all of the parties and house decorating you will do for Halloween. You might also find yourself organizing parties for charities or kidís. You are especially psychic during this influence; pay attention to your dreams as they are trying to tell you something. Your love life shines on Halloween.


It is one thing to succeed to work, but your compulsion to always be number one might cause a lot of trouble. Bragging and belittling others as an intimidation tactic may only work for a few days before you are called out on the carpet for being a bit over the top. Still, all of your hard work should bring you the acclaim and the increased pay that you are looking for.


When the Sun is in Scorpio, you feel colder emotionally, but that is a good thing as in the near future you will have to practice some tough love. It is time for you to tell someone who is taking advantage of you to just go away. The Sun in Scorpio is likely to bring a new power player into your life; this person will be a great lover and also a great wit.


When the Sun is in Scorpio, you may feel like retreating a bit. You are a sensitive sign that does not like cut-throat tactics or sarcasm and you may be confronted by quite a bit of that in November. The good news is that a lover is more attentive than he or she has ever been. There are many amorous adventures in store for you around Halloween night!


The sun in your sign is going to give you an edge in a personal battle that you have been engaged in since mid-month. It is likely that most things will work out in your favor. However, you need to reign in a tendency to forget about innocent types that may be hurt by your need to win this battle. This could include children, parents, or friends.  Extra cash comes your way before the end of the month.


You may find that there is someone within your close circle who seems to be constantly undermining your values. You might also be considering more efficient ways of generating resources without having to consort with so many ruthless or greedy types. The next couple of weeks promise to bring you quite a few dinners out with friends who love living in luxury.


The sun in Scorpio sharpens your wit and also reawakens your interest in the occult. You may be even more enthusiastic about decorating your home for Halloween. Show off your hostess skills by throwing a special costume party. Many goats will also find ways to make big profits selling their talents on this holiday. If you see a psychic, be sure to check out their qualifications first; you are at risk of being conned.


The sun in Scorpio intensifies a love affair and, if you are not already living with a loved one, you might consider living together or getting married. Your home is your focus and this year you are going to go all out when it comes to decking out your digs for Halloween. If you are so inclined, you have a good chance of winning Best Dressed Costume contests.


The Sun in Scorpio sheds a big light on a mystery that has been plaguing you for some time. It most likely has to do with your health (perhaps the source of an allergy). You might take it a little easier than you normally would in the week leading up to Halloween, as you are a little more sensitive than usual. It also does not help that you are surrounded by needy drama queens!

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