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How Will the Today's New Moon Affect You?
New Moon in Cancer on October 19, 2011 The new moon in Cancer today promises to be quite an interesting one because it is at 26 degrees. This is not the greatest news astrologically because it does symbolize violence, blindness, exploiting the weak, and militant action.

In general, the new moon in any sign always symbolizes the beginning of something so it could be that the world will hear news of new war. Chances are that the cause of the conflict will be very emotional or erratic in nature. Cancer is not a very rational sign so this type of moon could signify violence due to a religious cause or a vengeful cause.

In terms of the individual signs, it does depend what is in your chart and how the other planets will be influencing your signs, but all signs are likely to have a bit of fall-out from what this degree means.

There are other influences on that night that may make life a bit difficult. Mercury and Venus in Scorpio is opposing Jupiter in Taurus which is a very undermining influence, especially for earth signs.


This new moon may find you feeling a bit irritable. Others may be too caught up in silly dramas to be pulling their weight. Take a time out and work on your own until your colleagues come to their senses. Do not take part in any office gossip, as that could come back on you quite hard and wreck your own reputation.


This new moon bids you to be careful about what you say to others. There are more than a few energies around you that are waiting for you to slip up so they can launch a complaint or start some kind of process to eliminate you as a key player. No matter how emotional you feel or how right you actually are avoid reacting to any provocations from jealous types.


You may be facing an inner conflict during this new moon. You will want to follow your wildest impulses, but a sense of responsibility may prevent you from doing so. Try not to resent this or create conflict around it, as an idea that you have that a current obligation is preventing you from being who you really are is a bit of a ruse and delusion.


You need to lie low during this full moon, as the vibes around you are so volatile. People are going to be in a confrontational mode. A partner or relative may be quite critical and accuse you of not supporting the relationship in some way. This moon is best for sitting down, budgeting, and making very practical plans for the future.


This is a very challenging new moon for your sign. You may feel that somebody has declared war against you. This is very likely a debt collector or an ex or someone who feels that you owe them a lot of money. It is important to take all safety precautions travelling over or by water.


A battle over a possession or a piece of property is likely to come to a crisis. Situations that seem provocative and unfair may arise. It may be more difficult for you to maintain your famous poise than usual but it is highly recommended that you try to keep it together emotionally. Fights started at this time could result in feuds that last for years.


Don’t let a small squabble turn into World War III around this time. This new moon is best spent by yourself, meditating, and making up to-do lists for the near future. Forgive and forget should be your motto no matter how obnoxious someone may be behaving.


This new moon in Cancer may signify the turning of a page in your life. Both Mercury and Venus are clashing in your love sector and you may be called to the carpet and asked to account for a past transgression of some kind. Some Scorpios may be leaving one life for another at this time; it is likely that some kind of sacrifice, likely financial, is in order so you can be with the one you want.


This new moon in Cancer may have you feeling a bit let down or stressed by others. It is best spent in quiet reflection assessing how certain situations that are having a negative impact on your life have been allowed to arise. The good news is that a grateful friend may repay a loan.


The new moon in Cancer is accompanied by clashes with Mercury and Venus that may bring you some news that you would rather not hear. It may be hard for you to behave graciously at the sight of someone you loathe doing much better than you somehow. It is best to forgive and forget rather than embark on a campaign to discredit your rival.


The new moon in Cancer may have you feel a bit dismayed by the behavior of some of your friends. In fact, many of you will be eliminated people from your address book simply because you realize you are not on the same page politically. Watch out for a particularly ruthless friend who may be jealous of your success or claiming that they “made” you. Vengeful vibes are in the air.


This new moon is going to bring a lot of drama with it and three words best suit your sign at this time “Don’t get involved!” You need to be very careful about who you let take your brain hostage. As this new moon is in a water sign, it is a good time for you to initiate a new creative project. Working quietly by yourself is your best tact. Do not let naysayers put a damper on your natural optimism. Many planets are supporting your immediate future success.

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