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How Will Today's Full Moon Affect You?
Full Moon in Taurus

The full moon in Taurus on November 2nd is a bit of an unusual one. It joins with planets to form a restless and troubling celestial configuration grand cross. The moon is the fourth component in the points of the cross, which consists of Mars in Leo, Mercury in Scorpio, and both Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius.

Normally, this type of full moon would be a sensual, earthy time with a focus on pets, children, and domesticity. It inspires actions that bring stability and comfort. Usually, the focus of this moon is on material things and especially on the accumulation of money and assets.

This full moon is opposed by Mercury in Scorpio, which means that there may be a tug of war about money. Secrets about money or partnerships are likely to be exposed and if there has been pressure building up in a relationship, it could explode.

This is also a very sexy Taurus moon thanks to Mars in fiery Leo, which ignites passions. Expect something or someone who sets your world ablaze to appear in your life.

The rising of this moon in the cross, along with Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius, may encourage some signs to develop latent talents and qualities that are more practical in nature.

Here is a look at how this Taurus Full Moon on September 2nd might affect your sign:


This sexy full moon is going to light up your sex life thanks to Mars in your fellow fire sign of Leo. A lover may even learn a new skill that really pleases you. You may be more than willing to please him or her by treating them to a taste of your home cooking. Tasting and cooking spicy foods and exotic wines are favored with this influence. Wear the color red if you want to attract that special someone your way.


This full moon will have you making a long overdue decision to be with the person that you truly love. Jupiter in Aquarius may bring out the visionary in you and encourage you to trade in a stale life style from the past for a new love. It may be time to dump a relationship that is in a tug of war with you about money or property. If you want to have children, this is a great night to conceive a child.


This exciting full moon in Taurus is likely to bring you a thrilling romantic interlude. A secret may finally be revealed which will free you up to pursue the relationship that you have been wanting all along. Mercury in Scorpio will ensure that justice is done to a person who has been very unfair to you. A new appliance or piece of furniture could also be a welcome arrival into your life at this time. Mercury favors your sign, so if you need to persuade someone to see something your way this is a good evening to do it.


This new moon in Taurus is going to put you in the mood to decorate your home. You may feel like trading in some of your less practical furniture or appliance for things that are more functional and useful. Some lucky Crabs may get a proposal of marriage thanks to the candid confessions that Mercury in Scorpio can sometimes bring. Mars in Leo adds stamina and vigor to lovers in bed.


This is going to be a very sexy full moon for you. The moon in Taurus brings virility and fertility and Mercury in Scorpio fuels the flames of passion. The only drawback is that some couples may find themselves breaking up and then having make-up sex, so all this sexual excitement could cost a bit. This is a great evening for fun-loving Lions to paint the town.


You may feel overwhelmed and like hiding under the covers during this full moon which will be poking your conscience and bringing up disturbing issues regarding your domestic life. Mercury in Scorpio could relay an unpleasant truth regarding a relationship. You may have been in denial about this personís honesty or reliability.


This Taurus full moon is going to inspire you to redo your home in some way. Many Librans will try and make their bedrooms and bathrooms sexier. Mercury in Scorpio increases passions and singles are likely to meet a new lover. You can also expect a bonus of some kind to come your way and if you are an artist or writer, you could also be in for a big financial break.


This is a very passionate full moon for you. Mercury in your sign also makes this a great night for you to set the stage for a seduction. The influence favors role-playing, dressing up and kinky sex. You might also find yourself finally acquiring that new appliance or piece of furniture that you have been desiring for some time. Try not to get into an argument with a pushy relative who is a time-waster.


This full moon does not really encourage travel, but rather short jaunts to a local park. Mostly, you will want to stay home and read a good book or watch a good movie about the erotic adventures of your favorite hero or heroine. The influence also favors gardening, decorating, and playing with pets or children.  The night of the full moon is excellent for trying to conceive a child.


This full moon in Taurus is going to put you in the mood to paint or redecorate your home. This is a good time to start thinking about buying Christmas presents as your instincts about what others want will be absolutely dead on. Mars in the sign of Leo can make you and others feel a bit pushy and aggressive. Choose your battles wisely before insisting that you get your way as even simple disputes easily spiral out of control.


The full moon in Taurus is likely to have you treated very nicely by a special someone who wants to make you dinner or pamper you. Pets and children are very important to you at this time and many Aquarians may even find themselves picking out a new furry friend from the local animal shelter. This is also a good time to learn a new skill especially if it has to do with sewing, cooking, or decorating.


You may feel a bit overwhelmed by the aggressive energies of this moon which makes everyone quite headstrong. This is compounded by Mercury in Scorpio, which means that others will not mince words when they speak. Try not to be hurt by unwelcome criticism. This moon is best for working on you and cultivating some special skill or talent that you have been ignoring for some time. Itís a money maker!


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By Jennifer, Monday, November 02, 2009 02:45:34 PM
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