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How Will Venus Entering Aries Affect Your Love Life
Venus Enters Pisces March 7th Love planet Venus enters the impatient, hot-blooded, and romantic sign of Aries on March 7th so you can expect sparks to fly whether you are involved in a relationship or not. This definitely sets the stage for “love at first sight” just in time for the human mating season.

However, not is all that rosy this month, even though we are dealing with the influence of a love planet. Venus opposes Saturn in Libra on March 9th which is going to make it practically hard for many couples who would like to be together to be able to arrange schedules and lifestyles so they can be united at last. Challenges to do with money, or perhaps one partner overspending, might also come into play at this time.

On March 11, Venus squares Pluto in Capricorn, which once again means that issues to do with money or property could cause strife between couples. It could also mean that one part of a relationship may find the other to be too chaotic, undisciplined, or messy at this time. With the Aries energy influencing Venus, you can be sure that some people will be trying to get things off their chest at this time.

On the last two days of the month, the 30th and 31st, the love planet is sextile both Uranus and Chiron, which is very good news as this configuration can mean being swept off your feet and falling in love. It can also mean that any wrongs from the past can be rapidly set to rights, so if you are in any kind of longstanding feud with anyone forgiveness and mutual understanding is in reach. If you want to approach a difficult situation and have the wrongs from the past righted, those are two good days to attempt to do it. Things will even feel as if the entire past has been erased.

Here is a look at how this influence will also affect the individual zodiac signs.


Venus in your sign is going to bring you a whirlwind of opportunities for sex and romance this month. You could be swept off your feet by someone you meet, but don’t be too impulsive and make a premature commitment. By mid month, it may be time to take off your rose colored glasses regarding a romance.


Venus in Aries makes you feel more passionate about a certain someone. If you have been concealing your intentions regarding a special someone, now is the time to make them known. The last two days of the month are great for making a fresh start with a cherished person you may have wronged in the past as long as you can promise that you won’t make the same mistake again.


Venus in Aries makes you irresistible to the opposite sex. Your powers of persuasion, wit, and charm are greatly enhanced at this time, so make the most of opportunities for romance and social climbing. Don’t spend too much time or money on your appearance as it is easy to overdo it.


Venus in Cancer can make you feel overwhelmed by a situation where you feel like someone is trying to push you into a commitment long before you are ready. It is okay to insist that a relationship is on your terms and to ask for time to think about things before you act. The 9th is a good day to decide whether or not a relationship is practical enough to work.


The vibes from Venus in Leo turn you into a sex machines. You will not be able to get enough of a certain someone. If your sentiments are not returned, you might need to back away from someone who desperately needs more time for themselves.  On the 9th, a money problem could cause an argument.


You may feel that it is time to drop a relationship that seems to be too expensive. You may be torn between your passion for this person and your desire to continue supporting what might be a bit of an erotic obsession. Make an effort to free yourself of a toxic person by the end of the month.


Venus in Aries gives you an attractive, flirtatious quality. You will have your choice of lovers this month. However, mid month, you could have a reality check regarding money. You may have to make a choice between focusing on romance or focusing on your career and, unfortunately, the latter is going to be the best choice.


Venus in Aries is going to fuel the fires of passion in your life. The trouble is that you may not be able to decide between a couple of romantic options and they all might be coming onto you very strongly at the same time. If you are in a committed relationship, you might feel tempted to cheat which is not a very good idea at this time.


Venus in Aries favors long distance relationships for you. You could meet someone online or while you are on a trip. You could also find yourself faced with multiple choices when it comes to romantic relationships. Love and forgiveness are closer than you think in a relationship that you feel is going downhill.


Venus in Aries livens up your social life, bringing you good times with friends and a potential new romance. However, Venus is also facing off with planets that make life hard financially. You may also find yourself having to make choices that curtail your social life in order to make ends meet.


Venus in Aries livens up your love life and social invitations abound. However, you might be tempted to be a bit of a compulsive spender. You need to watch your budget this month. However, even though you need to tighten your belt a bit, Venus is bringing you a lovely gift in the form of a piece of technology you have always wanted.


Venus in Aries is an emotionally confusing celestial configuration for you. You may feel overwhelmed by someone, who is demanding more of your time. Some fishes might even feel that some people who claim to love them are acting like stalkers.  You need to relax, set boundaries, and wait until April 1st before making any big decisions romantically because by then the love planet Venus will be in your sign and bestowing all kinds of blessings.


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By Bernette, Sunday, March 07, 2010 05:19:19 PM
Evelyn, I also have the same problem and my husband does too, as we are very close and we stick together and fight back. The little digs and put downs are just things to push your buttons and most of it is just competitions and jealousy and control. That is all it is! They want you not to have love, success, and happiness. Now if your the type that is negative and have a nasty outlook on life, doom and gloom, then yes people will attack as no one wants to hear that kind of stuff...I do believe in the laws of attraction and what your Aura puts out is determined if your going to get good attention or bad. Find your own family, Let your friends become your family. Stay away from your family let them guess what your up to. You don't have to honor them as they are not honoring you!! I hope this has helped you! Bernette
By Evelyn, Sunday, March 07, 2010 07:45:25 AM
I'd like to know whether or not my siblings will ever accept me as I am, as their sister or will I be forever an outcast of my family. To begin with I feel inferior to all seven of them, and the put-downs don't help the situation. I'd like to know whether or not my children (and their respective souce) will ever accept me as I am and as their mother. I'd like to know whether or not I will cross over prior to my husband or will I be left again, for the third time, to fend for myself.
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