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Joseph Biden: Vice Presidential Astrology
Senator Joseph Biden's Astrology Chart Joseph Biden is the democratic candidate for Vice President in the 2008 election with Presidential candidate Barack Obama. He has been a Delaware senator since 1973 and is known for being one of the youngest senators ever elected. He was born Friday, November 20, 1942 and only thirty years old when he was elected into the senate.

Joe Biden is generally known for being a humane candidate. Most people believe he is compassionate, stemming from losing his wife and children in a car accident years ago. Ironically though, Joe Biden has a very dark chart. It is possible that rumors of an Barack Obama murder plot concocted by this Senator might very well be in the realm of possibility, though it was only a casual joke or remark made by Senator Biden at one point! His chart points to someone who also has a very dark and sarcastic sense of humor. Senator Biden is a major Scorpio and plays his cards very close to his chest.

Like many celebrities, Joe Biden has a stellium (more than three planets in one sign) in his chart. He has four planets in Scorpio, meaning that this is not a man to be messed with. He has the sun, Venus, Mars and Mercury in Scorpio. This line up speaks of pure power, as Scorpios are very good at politics, but they are ruthless when crossed! This many planets in Scorpio would also account for his incredible charisma.  In fact, another person with these exact planets in his chart was Charles Manson, which does make one ponder what might have really gone on with that alleged murder plot accusation.

Joe Biden also has three planets in Leo; this makes him a force to be reckoned with socially and gives him the know how to pull strings. Chiron is also in there, so he is a proud individual as well. Pluto and Saturn are also in this house, but these planets are not in a good position in the seventh house. This might account for the disaster that Joe Biden had with his family. 

Senator Biden's Pluto also opposes two asteroids that symbolize the feminine principle, which is in his first house. The loss of his wife is actually depicted in his first house. Neptune in is eighth house of marriage, which also means that he is still very connected to his wife from The Other Side. Biden appears to have a bit of psychic ability, which also would serve him well in the senate.

One of Senator Biden's saving graces is that his moon is in Taurus, making him very steady and reliable. Biden has also survived a great deal of personal pain and loss with great dignity, so there is no doubt he would make a very honorable and respected statesman should he become elected into The White House.

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By cynthia, Sunday, November 02, 2008 12:03:45 AM
Bush was not EVER my "golden boy"!! Barak Obama is nothing like George Bush- Thank God!! I really feel that Mr. Obama is exactly what this country needs, and I plan to vote for him because I believe his ideals will stand the test of time!! Thanks, C.J.
By Pamela, Saturday, November 01, 2008 11:51:45 PM
The thing that bothers me the most about the obviously biased opinions of those who plan to vote for Obama and Biden is that anyone who dares to make a negative comment about the Democratic "Dream Team" is branded with the words "biased", "racial", "scared of change" --- all negative comments, yet we are not allowed the same privilege - stating our opinions. Biden has been hidden during this campaign. Look at the air time the media has given to Governor Palin - 95% of which has been NEGATIVE, but very little air time has been given to Biden. Look at the air time given to Obama - 99% positive, and the minimal air time given to McCain - almost all neutral or negative. I don't hear Obama/Biden supporters complaining about that. The news media even ADMITTED today that they had been biased and given Obama much more coverage than they did McCain. The thing that scares me to death is something said by a black piano player named Brown. He said he could not vote for Obama JUST because he was black. He said Obama scares him to death because 2 years ago Obama had never held public office. In 2 years his charisma has made him one of the most public figures in American history. If he could garner that kind of an almost cult following in 2 short years - what's going to happen in the next 4 if he does win the election? He can't run on his RECORD - he doesn't have one! All he has is a lot of promises and nothing to back them up. My reasons for fearing Obama have nothing to do with his color (and just for the record - he's just as much WHITE as BLACK). His mother was white, he was raised by influential and RICH grandparents - who were WHITE. His father wasn't any more than a sperm donar and didn't contribute anything else to Obama - which is a sad legacy to leave your son. All I can say is - IF Obama/Biden win - those of you who put them in office don't come crying and beating your chests in 4 years. Just remember - Bush was the golden boy 8 years ago and look where we are now.
By Helen, Saturday, November 01, 2008 07:10:21 PM
I do think this posting on Biden sounds very biased even though it is brought out about everything in the astrological viewpoint it is still definetely leaning to only naming negatives. I do not have a particular liking for the man and do not know enough about him to truly voice an opinion on him other than that which the media has allowed. I was a little surprised at Obama's choice for Biden as VP and still have tried to understand it. Even so the postings I've read with negatives are only pointing out the negative aspects and although I believe each sign has them I also think some positives would give a little more proper perspective on this writing. I am also amazed at the comments from people singling out their certain personal incidents which shows bias since even though these traits can be true with certain signs, I think to again make all Scorpios, Taurus etc completely negative is wrong.
By Lisa, Saturday, November 01, 2008 06:17:51 PM
I agree with Diane and Bonnie. I also read these the same way-that we know which way this astrologer is voting although there was a little positive at the end of the article. Everyone has certain challenges they have chosen to overcome-or learn from-making one a scorpio or taurus doesn't necessarily mean you are "bad" but may give you strengths you need to help others in this lifetime. my brother and my dad were/are both scorpio's-strong willed people that I wish I could be more like. they are/were the most positive-spiritual people I have ever been around. I'm thankful to have picked them to be in my life this time around-as they have taught me much-about god-always being the best examples of love and kindness that they could be always pushing themselves to be better. I feel Biden has chosen to use his strength to better the condition of where most of america finds itself in. I feel this is a positive.
By Dianne, Saturday, November 01, 2008 01:31:32 PM
I have found this particular astrologer's comments to be quite "biased" in that she has written negatively about Senator Obama, Michelle Obama, and now, Joe Biden, as far as their charts are written. She did a reading of Senator McCain which only showed his "positive" qualities. We all know that we incarnate with both positive and negative qualities in our charts, which we chose before we were born, if we listen to what Sylvia teaches. I think to say that "Scorpios" are bad, due to one's personal experiences with a particular person is not being fair. I have known all different astrological signs and they ALL have both positive and negative qualities, just like All of us here do. I wish this astrologer would be a bit more "objective" and not make it quite so obvious that she prefers John McCain to Barack Obama, just from what I've read in her "astrological readings" about both candidates. I missed the one about Sarah Palin, but if she did one, I'm sure it only listed her positive qualities, which is truly not fair. I think she should try to be more professional, as an astrologer. I am a Capricorn with Leo Rising and Sagittarius Moon, and also study astrology. I have both positive and negative qualities in my chart and in my life and I'm doing my best to try to live in the White Light and overcome my negative qualities. One cannot make blanket generalities about Anyone due to their sun sign, or for any reason. We're all Souls, here to learn. God Bless you all, including the "biased" astrologer who wrote this chart. Dianne
By Glenda, Saturday, November 01, 2008 12:45:38 PM
You know if everyone could really listen to Sylvia Brown in her lectures you could remind yourself to be most Positive, count your blessing and surround yourself in the White Light. Regardless of Joe Bidens being a Scorpion, put in force to the White Light and Positivity that he and Obama will do the very Best and much better than what we have had in the past eight years.Positive force stronger than Negative.
By Glenda, Saturday, November 01, 2008 12:36:49 PM
Joe Biden is going to do very well as our next Vice President of the Untied States, once he is in the White House with Obama the two together will do great together..Hopefully if they can keep the White Light Around Them there will be a strong chance that these two together will make a World difference for the people on this Planet.
By Nancy, Saturday, November 01, 2008 12:24:52 PM
Biden has been hushed and hidden away until the election for fear of saying something the Obama team does not like. The combination of the two Obama/Biden (from their charts) are scary. Tiffany: they have posted all the candidates now on here, even Michelle Obama. Maybe you can search the archives.
By Bonnie, Wednesday, October 29, 2008 07:38:25 PM
Everything has its other side. You know, good/evil, front/back, masculine/feminine. That includes Joe Biden. If he practices positive rather than negative, he will do OK. So far, it appears he has chosen the light rather than the dark. Until further actions prove this to be wrong, I will try to travel the high road. So, let's give the guy a chance!
By Marian, Saturday, October 25, 2008 09:30:14 PM
Does this mean that Biden is an undercover dirt bag and someone else have to die, the Obamas, the way African American Leader of the past did. Can't we write another script to the drama already!!! People are voting for Obama, not Biden, and if he is involved in a plot against them he will be sorry!!!

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