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Lucky Charms For Your Zodiac Sign
Lucky Charms for Your Zodiac Sign Do you want to increase your potential to attract good fortune in your life? Each Zodiac sign has its own symbols and charms that can help protect you from bad luck as well as bring good energy into your life.

Here is a description of some of the lucky charms that suit each Zodiac sign.


The Ram is a fire sign, which means symbols of stars and the sun are very lucky for them. The Dorje, which is the Buddhist symbol of the thunderbolt, protects this sign and brings them good luck. Wearing the tail of any animal is also protective. The Ram that wears a red Devilís horn will be potent sexually and the female Ram that wears a ruby set in gold is sure to attract a wealthy marriage partner.


This earth sign benefits from wearing any type of metal jewelry with a stone set in it. This is because these materials are from the earth and magnetize more health, wealth, and happiness in general. Copper jewelry is especially beneficial because this sign is ruled by Venus and that particular metal belongs to the love goddess. An iron horseshoe nailed above the door protects this sign from bad luck.


Butterflies, dragon flies, and hummingbirds are very lucky for this flighty air sign. These winged creatures represent social popularity, creativity, imagination, and freedom of the soul. A feather placed somewhere on the Geminiís person or on their desk brings them luck with writing, communication, and creative careers. Mirrors are also lucky for Gemini, who can use them in the form of a lucky make up compact or as sewn into their clothing to repel bad spirits.


Crabs are ruled by the water element in traditional Western astrology, which means that images and charms of gold fish, dolphins, starfish, horse fish, turtles, penguins, and otters are very lucky for them.  Seashells, pearls, and dried horse fish are charms that can bring this water sign love. Silver moon or crescent shaped charms increase the Crabís psychic powers and connection with their higher self.


This daring and arrogant fire signís good luck is boosted by charms, statues or paintings of the sun and stars. Gold jewelry in the shape of flaming suns, sunbursts, or sunflowers are fortunate for them, as are cat symbols, antique coins and the Chinese symbol for gold ingots. An evil eye charm, such as the Lucky Hand, can help protect them from misfortune and a St. Christopher charm (the patron saint of travelers) can keep these reckless drivers safe on the road.


This practical sign is ruled by the Earth element in traditional Western astrology, which means that stones, particularly stones with round holes in them, are very lucky for this sign. These kinds of stones have a grounding energy and are considered to be portals to other worlds. The symbol of the planet Earth is also thought to bring the Virgo good fortune. Fruit-shaped charms, such as apples, peaches and plums, bring them health wealth and prosperity.


Librans are air signs, which mean charms of birds are very symbolic to them. The Raven represents occult wisdom and the Falcon symbolizes triumph in business. Hummingbirds symbolize popularity and bluebirds represent happiness or love. Other creatures of the air, such as bees, wasps and dragonflies, also bring luck in general to this sign. Another favorite love bringing symbol for this sign is the winged cupid.  Carrying an amethyst helps this partying sign stay sober.


Scorpios are mystical individuals who are ruled by the element of water. For this reason, they have a great affinity with the moon, which, like water, rules the subconscious mind. Silver jewelry in the shape of stars or crescents is very protective for this superstitious sign that is often also seen sporting symbols of occult power, such as the pentagram or seven-pointed star. Symbols of snakes, apples, and male horns enhance this signís attractiveness to the opposite sex.


Archers are ruled by the element of fire, which means that symbols or images of the sun and stars are very lucky for them in general. The moon is also a fortunate symbol for them, as their sign is identified with the huntress Goddess Diana. As this sign is symbolized by a bow and arrow, a charm of an arrow piercing a heart is thought to bring them a soul mate. Mother of pearl charms is thought to bring this sign love and affection. Archers who are suffering from problems in their love life should wear a medallion of St. Martha to slay the green-eyed monster (jealousy) from others.   


Ambitious Capricorns are ruled by the Earth element in traditional Western astrology, which means they have keep a stone or gem on their person for good luck. A clear piece of quartz crystal helps them stay focused and on the right path. A piece of mica or foolís gold has been known to bring them money. A piece of amethyst helps them avoid fools in both love and business. Charms of bees bring them the business they need to stay happy.   


Aquarians are ruled by the air element, which means that these free-spirited individuals have an affinity for creatures of the wind. A charm or symbol of a ladybug protects the Aquarian from accidents in the home. Dragonflies enhance this signís creativity and bees bring them abundance. As they are concerned with world peace, they can never go wrong wearing a peace symbol or a happy face button. Aquarians also suit the Egyptian symbol of the ankh, which symbolizes the constant evolution and renewal of the human race.   


Pisces natives are ruled by the water element, which means charms, symbols, and images of oceans, seas, rivers, waterfalls, waves and creatures of the deep are very lucky for them. The moon is also an important symbol as is the metal silver and green stones such as emerald, peridot, and citrine. Neptuneís three-pronged trident is also thought to be lucky for this sign, as Neptune rules the seas. Dolphins are a favorite symbol for Pisces as they symbolize the playful side of love and communication. Starfish can be worn by this sign for fame.


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By carla, Saturday, November 08, 2008 12:53:29 PM
i am an aquarius.born 2/14/73. i am concerned about world peace. i wish i could fly like a bird.

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