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Need To Relax? Top Tips For Your Zodiac Sign
Best Tips to Relax for Your Zodiac Sign What one sign finds nourishing and relaxing, another finds nerve wracking and irritating. This is especially true when it comes to relaxing spa treatments. Here is a break down of what each zodiac sign prefers when it comes to being pampered.


The Ram is a fire sign, which means he or she enjoys being warmed up in a sauna or steam bath. He or she would especially enjoy having muscles warmed under an infrared lamp as the Ram is so active. Mud packs and facials that heat up as well as hot Yoga also help heal this active sign. The Aries sign has a lot of stamina and endurance so sitting in an Indian sweat lodge helps them sweat out toxins.


The Bull does not like any treatment that is too exotic or steamy, and feels claustrophobic if confined by wraps or if stuck in extremes of temperature. This pedestrian sign loves a nice facial, manicure, and pedicure. The Taurus native also hates crowds so it is best for him or her to be whisked to the country for treatments. Walking in nature also helps clear this signís body and mind of problems. Retreats that are backed by a bit of religious or spiritual philosophy appeal to this sign as well.


This sign loves the most exotic treatments including mud packs, wraps and bathing in super chilled water. A Gemini loves traveling to exotic places to try out the old Roman baths or to places like the Dead Sea to practice floating. Gourmet diet cuisine and special mineral waters also please this playful sign. Gemini natives also take very well to the practice of Asian meditation techniques. Gemini is the sign that rules the arms and hands so they benefit from reflexology and acupressure as well.


A beachside resort appeals to this sign the most. They love the idea of being pampered from head to foot while luxuriating in the sun in the Caribbean or at the Rivera. Any type of water therapy helps relax and revitalize this water sign. Crabs are greatly rejuvenated by salt rubs and seaweed wraps. Hot stone therapy can help relax their muscles and aromatherapy helps soothe their jangled nerves.


A Leo loves the heat and a hotel resort by a beach with hot white sands they can bake to is a Leo's idea of heaven. Swimming in salty seas is also invigorating for a Leo. They love to be hiking, riding, or playing sports so any type of retreat that has these activities is good for them. Lions also love the discipline of being put on a strict diet as long as the food is a bit gourmet in nature. They love sushi!


Virgos are very practical and are attracted to spas that have a low cost. They love beauty and prefer to be surrounded by majestic or older architecture while they are being pampered. They also respond well to aromatherapy. A foot massage or reflexology suits this sign that is usually on their feet all day well. They need lots of peace and quiet so a retreat in the mountains is also a good idea. They find hot oil being poured on their forehead in a steady stream very curative for the migraines they sometimes get.


The sign of the scales love balance and they are very good at Tai Chi, Yoga and any form of dancing. Breathing exercises, chanting, and meditation are also very restorative for this sign. They heal best in spas that are far from the distractions of the city and that have strict vegan diets. This helps keep the Libra ways from the fatty foods and alcohol that they love. This sign also responds well to any type of musical therapy and enjoys drumming and singing.


Scorpios love spas with extreme or fancy treatments. They love the expensive indulgence of being bathed by a Vichy shower or being sunk in a bath filled with chocolate or rose petals. This sign enjoys the premium treatments offered by the big fancy hotels and loves the idea of going on a shopping spree or enjoying a fine dinner at a five star hotel afterwards. It is also rewarding for them to be able to enjoy the spa experience with a special someone.


This sign will fly half way across the world to experience the strangest, yet most rejuvenating spa treatment that can be found. It is the Archer that you find having their skin beaten with grass whisks or basking in a tub full of green tea. This athletic sign also likes spa retreats that have activities, such as horseback riding or golfing. A Sagittarius appreciates the gift of a spa package on a cruise, even if it is only for three days.


The Goat is very traditional and likes to have a full make up application and hairstyle done along with any spa experience.  They enjoy the basics, including leg waxing, manicures, pedicures and hair removal. They love treatments done by candlelight. Goats love luxuriating in spas in old historical hotels and being served a traditional meal, such as English tea with cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches.


The Aquarian likes the most space age of spa treatments. If there is a laser involved, this futuristic sign will go for it. The Aquarian also enjoys Japanese treatments, such as dips filled in pools filled with green tea or wraps done with exotic herbs. Aquarians also love infrared saunas and swimming in bubbling salt water pools. The tanning bed also saves this busy sign a bit of time.


This water sign loves basking in any type of pond or pool, Vichy showers with multiple heads, and being massaged with fragrant oils. The best retreats for this sign are the fancy five star hotels that allow them to also luxuriate on white sandy beaches or enjoy nutritious diet foods made from tropical fruits. Fishes donít like stress and may need some time to nap for a while during or after the spa treatment.

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