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New Year’s Eve Forecast For Your Zodiac Sign
2010 New Year's Eve Forecast for Your Zodiac Sign What does this New Year’s Eve have in store for your Zodiac sign? Should you go out and party or just spend the night in with a few special people in your life?  Should you spend it all alone and meditate on the year ahead or just curl up with your kids on the couch and watch the ball drop in Times Square?

Here is a glimpse of what the stars have to say about how you should spend your New Year’s Eve for welcoming in the year 2010.


On the 30th of December, there will be a partial lunar eclipse in the water sign of Cancer. This will have the effect of making you feel more emotionally distant than usual, as you are a fire sign. You may feel more inclined to stay in and celebrate rather than go out. It is okay to relax if you need to, as the moon in Cancer is likely to put a damper on things in the first place as well as make you feel just a little bit under the weather.


You may feel exhausted by planetary energies from Pluto and Uranus and simply want to crawl into the arms of your favorite person on New Year’s Eve. Love with an air sign is very possible. Saturn in Libra may give you the nerve to propose to a special someone or accept that first date from someone you have had your eye on. However, the planets encourage you to do things in a small way, as many of them are retrograde causing confusion with communication and also big traffic snarls.


On December 26th, Mercury, your ruling planet, goes retrograde and it just might be hard to get anything done. You may find your plans to go to parties to be confused by mixed messages and social politics. Still, an emotional partial eclipse in Cancer will bring an extraordinary amount of passion and perhaps a new flirtation if you are single. You might be feeling very emotional about the past. There will be evidence that a loved one cares about you very much.


On December 30th, there is a Supermoon in your sign. This is a full moon that appears very close to the Earth. You will definitely feel the blessings from this celestial event shower down on your life in the form of extra cash and extra appreciation and affection from your closest and dearest friends and family. You will also be dominated by a partial lunar eclipse in your sign. This will have the effect of making you want to stay in as your energy will be low. You might also get some distressing news that day, but if you look closely at the situation it will become apparent that what has happened is for the highest good of all.


Mars in your sign may have you feeling a bit under the weather and less social than usual. The evening is also dominated by the emotional sign of Cancer, which will have the effect of making you feel more sensitive and irritable than usual. You may feel more inclined to stay in and celebrate rather than go out. Spend the night in with family or good friends and watch television or play board games. This is not a time for you to overextend yourself or expend a lot of energy fighting against the current. The planets are simply conspiring to throw some very real obstacles in your way for the time being.


You may not be in much of a mood to socialize on New Year’s, which may be dominated by a partial lunar eclipse in Cancer. Make sure that you are spending that evening with the one you love and not with people who are difficult to impress in the first place. You may be feeling a bit irritable thanks to the planet Uranus creating instability in finances and personal relationships. The good news is that your siblings and relatives are there for you to provide much needed support as you enter into the New Year.


The partial lunar eclipse in Cancer on New Year’s Eve will bring an extraordinary amount of passion and perhaps a new flirtation if you are single. If attached, you will be celebrating your love with even more ardor than you thought possible. Make sure you get out and party as the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn say that you could meet someone who is very important to furthering your career that evening. You will also get great news about money or a new baby arriving in the days leading up to the dawn of 2010.


This New Year will have the effect of making you feel more emotionally distant than usual. You may feel more inclined to stay in and celebrate rather than go out.  You could also feel that a current romantic partner is being too clingy or needy.  Mercury is retrograde, so there could be confusion in communication between you and a loved one, particularly if that communication takes place by email or over instant messenger. Be sure to confirm any plans, as several planetary influences on New Year’s Eve are going to make both technology and travel difficult.


Saturn in your fellow air sign of Libra will continue to bring you blessings and many of you may actually be proposed to on this New Year’s Eve. This holiday will be dominated by a partial lunar eclipse in Cancer. This will bring an extraordinary amount of passion for existing couples and perhaps a new romance if you are single. You may feel more sentimental than usual, as the first decade of the millennium comes to a close. It is okay to shed a few tears as, in some ways, you have come through a lot of adversity and have lived to tell the tale.


Upsetting energies from the planet Uranus could be creating enough chaos in your life that you do not feel like going out much at all. Match this up with a depressing and limiting partial lunar eclipse in Cancer and a troublesome Mercury retrograde that causes problems with technology and money shortages and it starts to look more and more like it is a good idea for you to just spend New Year’s Eve at home watching television with those you love. Pets and children will be the highlight of your day on New Year’s Day – providing much affection and entertainment.


Mercury, the planet of retrograde, is moving backwards in the sky and this could confuse your plans to go out. Furthermore, traffic or weather problems could put a damper on any big plans. You may be best off to spend this evening with just a few special friends in a place that is closer to home. The planets also favor throwing a party at your place, if you have the energy to get it together. Mars might be playing havoc with your energy levels, so you may not be up for spending a late night. Unfortunately, a partial eclipse in the sign of Cancer may prevent you from spending the holiday with someone you really love.


The Super Moon in your fellow water sign of Cancer on the 30th brings you extra cash and good news for New Year’s Eve. You could also be notified that you have won some kind of award or prize. The partial lunar eclipse may have you feeling a bit lower key than usual. You may just feel like spending time with yourself and special someone.  Unusual or distressing news that you receive that day may not be as tragic as it first seems. Be sure to look on the bright side of life as time marches into the year 2010 despite negative planetary influences.

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