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Organizational Tips for Each Zodiac Sign
Organizational Tips for Each Zodiac Sign When it comes to getting organized and staying organized, every sign is different. Let’s just say that some signs just don’t have the knack for it.

In general, the signs that are ruled by the earth element tend to be the most organized, especially when it comes to organizing the home or the office. The earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

The signs that are ruled by water tend to be organized, but flexible about it. This includes the signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. The fire and air signs tend to be the least organized. The fire signs, such as Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, tend to start something without finishing it and the air signs such as Gemini, Libra and Aquarius tend to be quite hopeless when it comes being organized.

However, each Zodiac sign does have a weakness when it comes to getting organized. Here is a tip for superseding these shortcomings.


The weakness of an Aries individual is that they tend to start a million projects and not finish a single one. They really need some kind of personal organizer to keep their schedule straight. They also tend to go to a store and then forget what they were supposed to buy. The Ram has to learn to sit down and make lists, whether it is with pencil and paper or with an electronic device.


The Taurus individual is naturally very organized, but their pet peeve is always “where to put the laundry.” The Bull must always have enough hangers and drawers in his or her life or they won’t stay sane. This outdoors type also benefits from having a little Swiss Army Knife with numerous useful implements on it. The Bull loves nature and having a solid work bench and place to arrange gardening tools.


This is one of the most disorganized signs that exist and many of them need maids and personal assistants just to stay on top of the most basic things. A good dishrack, ample closet space and every electronic organizational gadget known to man should belong to this sign which easily degrades into the neatest of spaces into chaos in no time. This sexy sign has a shoe fetish. Some kind of rack or hanging bag should be in place to help showcase and protect this sign’s shoes.


This sentimental sign tends to be neat, but they also collect a lot of knick-knacks. Having ample shelving and display space is absolutely crucial for this sign. The Crab also has a tendency for hoarding, so they need garbage cans in every room or they may not throw anything out ever. A good jewelry box with lots of spots inside to store stuff is also a must for this sign that likes to collect baubles.


This sign is not the most organized in the world because they are always putting their career or fun before being tidy. Keeping things like brooms and cleaners in plain sight is crucial to this sig’s sanity. The Lion likes to collect shoes so having some kind of storage on hand to organize them is crucial. This sign also likes pets. Having special hooks for thing like leashes is a good idea for this animal lover who dislikes hunting for them.


This sign is always very organized, but they can always use more shelves, organizers, hangers and everything that it takes to make a place look neat. Many of them have green thumbs and need planter stands and tubs for keeping their plants looking neat. A mini vacuum or brush for cleaning computer keys of dust really pleases this sign. They also like to keep their hardware and tools well organized by hanging them on a board with holes.


Libras tend to be “disorganized within and organized without.” These gentle people find a lot of solace in keeping things organized. In fact, cleaning up their place is good therapy for them. It keeps them sane. As they are ruled by Venus is important for them to have beautiful things around them. Even the mop and the broom must be state of the art. Shelving and utilitarian objects like curtain rods and shower rings also have a bit of a designer or artistic edge. This helps keep the Libra spirit aflame with clarity and enthusiasm.


This sign is a clothes horse. They will need plenty of closet space to help keep their new shoes and clothing from falling into heaps on the floor. This sign also needs a straightforward hamper system to keep dirty laundry from taking over their life. An organized bathroom is important to this sign. Cabinets, makeup organizers, and jewelry organizers are a must.


This sign mainly needs a place to store their art and books. Picture frames are also a necessity for this sign, which is very sentimental. Many Archers are also scrapbookers who like to keep records of their trips. They can be quite sloppy when it comes to doing the basics, such as their taxes. The Saggittarius native should keep some kind of box or drawer handy so that they can just drop their receipts in it when they come home.


It is crucial for this business like sign to have their desk in order. Shelves, places to put pens, and an “in and out” basket are crucial to this sign’s happiness. Be sure that all the pencils are sharpened and that any computer equipment works. A good financial projection or accounting program really helps the Goat stay organized as well. Tangled computer cords are a pet peeve of this sign – there are boxes and cord winding gizmos that can help take care of this.


This sign usually amasses a huge art collection or collection of religious or spiritual knick-knacks that need to be on shelves or on hooks. This sign can be very bad at organizing cleaning supplies – a lunch box or work tool box might be needed just to remind the Aquarian to clean in the first place. The Aquarian usually needs to write everything down by hand and in a notebook or they will not stay organized.


This sign loves to cook so having the latest gadgetry, whether it is a vegetable chopper or an ice cream maker is a must. Fish love those electronic fridges with computers in them that tell you what you need to buy at the grocery store. Pisces natives are constantly battling their swelling waistlines so any type of organizational device that can help them count calories keeps them fit.

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