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Party Themes For Each Zodiac Sign
Party Themes for Each Zodiac Sign Do you need a party theme for an upcoming celebration? Why not model it around the guest of honor’s zodiac sign? Each sign has its own favorite colors, flavors, and food preferences. Here is a concise guide full of suggestions, as to how to make that person happy on a special day using elements that relate to his or her astrological sign.


Good themes for an Aries party are medieval, 1920s flapper, or a 1930s Gangster party. 

Make sure you decorate with balloons, napkins, and flowers in bright colors of red or orange. Big poppies or chrysanthemums make the Aries party seem fun.

The food should be spicy and contemporary in flavor and the cocktails should be state-of-the-art designer versions made with the most exotic liqueurs you can find.


This earth sign likes parties themed around hunting, gardening, or pets. A party where the pets celebrate at their own table as well makes this sign happy.

Set the mood by decorating in colors such as pink, black, and brown. Decorate with potted plants that can be given away as gifts to the guests when the party is over.

The food should be classic and contemporary. The Taurus loves a good bbq in any weather. The cocktails should be popular staples, such as a good red wine and a premium beer.


This fun sign likes parties themed around water and vintage celebrations, such as having a 70’s themed fondue party. Holding a fancy do in a museum or five star restaurant is also a nice idea for this culture loving sign.

Set the mood by decorating in baby blues, golds, and pinks. Decorate with lots of balloons, streamers, and shiny decorations. A champagne or chocolate fountain also pleases.

The food should be exotic and surprising to the palate. Think about serving petite-fours or old fashioned freezer sandwiches. Geminis also love fancy old-fashioned cocktails like Tikki cocktails.


The sign of the Crab likes beach parties, Hawaiian-themed shindigs, and parties that have to do with the occult. Any party held pool side or on some sand is bound to please this water sign!

Set the mood by decorating in glittery pinks, blues and greens. The more gaudy and glamorous looking the party is, the more the Crab is going to love it!

Make sure there are plenty of snacks and interesting platters with dips on them. This sign loves variety and loves to eat a lot so make sure there is enough food. Seafood is particularly  appropriate to serve.There should be a few sugary snacks on hand as well, including fruit with whipped cream.


This sign loves any type of theme that has to do with Egypt or Rome. The Lion also loves sex so you could get away with a “prostitutes and priests” type party for them as well.

Decorate the place with lots of animal prints and make sure there are lots of places for people to lie casually around and talk to each other. Lions love nature, so be sure to add exotic flowers as centerpieces.

Lions love finger foods that can be eaten by hand. Serve these meat lovers ribs, chicken, and make sure there is a bbq flaming. Be sure to keep the beer, wine, and cider flowing freely as well. There is nothing that turns a lion off more than the words “cash bar!”


This sign is a bit prissy and likes to have parties in very sterile controlled environments, such as a museum atrium or a church hall. They also enjoy Victorian themed do where people must wear big hats. A croquet party makes a good theme for a Virgo.

Virgos want only the best in their realm so make sure you get out the best china. If the theme is Victorian, make sure that everything is ironed, cleaned, and set out exactly as if it would have been at the turnoff the last century.

Virgins also like the food to be simple and classic. Consider chafing dishes full of not-too-hot curries and a-la-king concoctions. Tea, lemonade, and a delicious alcoholic punch  that is not too heavy on the booze should also be served.


These light hearted individuals love classic cocktail parties, garden parties, and big dinners around a table that involve family and close friends. A Mad Hatter’s tea party suits this sign.

The Sign of the Scales likes things to be as people friendly as possible. Make sure there are a lots of chairs around and that there is music playing so people can dance. Hiring a live band really makes this air sign happy.

Librans like hearty, comfort food, and classic wine and beer. Be sure there are some cakes, cookies, and fruits around for dessert.


This fussy sign prefers parties held in five star restaurants. They like any party with a sex, music, or dance theme. A party where people wear masks or special sexy costumes suits this sign. 

Scorpions like money and art, so make sure your décor and everything else is of the best of taste. Only invite people that have been approved in advance by the Scorpio, as they can be very fussy about who they are seen with.

Scorpios like seafood and exotic fare such as Sushi and Korean food. They also will settle for nothing less than very best red wines and champagnes. Chocolate delights are also a must at the sensuous signs parties.


This adventure loving sign loves food so a wine and cheese tasting party suits them perfectly. You might also hold a backyard bbq or a chili pot luck style of party for them.

Another really nice idea is to rent a bus and take the Archer and his or her friends on an adventure to a far away five star rated restaurant or to a nearby sight seeing destination. 

The Archer has lots of friends so make sure you set out lots of finger foods. They do love salted nuts.They are not usually fans of cocktails and prefer instead to have plenty of fine red wine and beer to serve to their guests.


This sign loves dressing up in costumes, so a party themed after any decade of the last century works well. A party where people wear all the same color or different hats is also appealing to this sign.

The Goat considers him or herself to be a big expert when it comes to decorating, so be sure to consult with him or her before you start decorating a room. Whatever theme you choose, it must be in the best of taste.

The Goat never wants to look cheap, so make sure you serve the most expensive of cheeses and crackers along with food that is trendy, contemporary, and “in style.” Goats also love exotic cocktails, such as Crantinis and Mojitos. Make sure you serve champagne instead of cheaper sparkling wine or the Goat will never forgive you.


The Aquarian loves to dance, so any type of disco party or rave is a good theme for this sign. If that’s not possible, be sure to hire a few performers, whether they be go-go dancers or ballerinas to perform at the party.

Lighting and music is very important to this sign. Be sure to turn off the fluorescents and light some candles. Lighting some incense also adds the proper type of ambience to the event.

The Aquarian is very ecologically minded, so the food might need to be vegetarian. Be sure that whatever you serve that it is healthy and organic. Cut vegetables and dips are preferable to potato chips. Aquarians love good quality wines and organic beer as well.


This sign loves a classic cocktail party held either in a bar or in a friend’s living room. A Sinatra themed type party where the music is not too loud is ideal for this social sign that likes to mingle and talk.

Consider playing vintage records on an old record player and keeping the music low. Holding the event in a real cocktail bar in an older hotel is also a nice idea.

The food should be classic and consist of chafing dishes filled with classics like beef stew or chicken a la king. Make sure there is lots of seafood on the table, including shrimp cocktail! Serve martinis, rusty nails, and champagne cocktails to delight the celebrating Fish!

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