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Personal Quirks of Each Zodiac Sign
Quirks of Your Zodiac Sign When it comes to modes of self expression each zodiac sign is very different. Each sign has its own little foibles, quirks, and eccentricities. Learn the personal quirks for your zodiac sign and those close to you.


The Aries native is very impatient. Rams cannot stand long line ups or standing in line for too long. It is always the Aries you see striding to the front of the line up like they were royalty. They are not beneath butting in line as well. The Aries native also has a bad habit of taking credit for work or things that other people do. They do this because they feel that they must be number 1. An Aries will always judge you by looking at your shoes. This is how they assess your character to see if you worthy to get to know.


The Bull can be rude and a bully. Many of them insist on getting their way and they are not beyond hitting below the belt somehow in order to reduce the other party to its knees. It’s all about power and control for this sign. The Bull is also a neat freak. They like things to be clean and orderly. They also like a routine that is the same every day. Yet another quirk of a Taurus is a preference for slightly kinky sex. Many of them have huge sex drives as well. They are one of the best signs to be with in bed.


This sign will make things up about the past . It is not exactly that Geminis are liars; it is just that they like to make their lives seem a little more entertaining than they really are. They are natural born entertainers. This is also a sexually kinky sign. The males in particular can be really faithless. Geminis really do judge a book by its cover. How people look is really important to them. They can be very status conscious as well and don’t like dating people who do not wear appropriate outfits.


This sign can be quite greedy. They will hoard money and let others pay for things. They can also be lousy tippers. The sign of the Crab also loves to shop, especially for jewelry. Many of them have all kinds of gems that they never wear stashed away.  Many of them also have extensive collections of shoes. This sign is also very sensual. They love the feel of different materials against their skin. They might have secret fetishes for things such as rubber, feathers, fur, or vinyl.


The Lion must have the last word in a conversation. In fact, the worst thing that you can do to a Lion is hang up on them, if you are arguing while talking on the telephone. Lions also have a weakness for sweets and snacks.  If left to their own devices, a Leo will prefer to lounge around and watch television while eating cheezies and ice cream. Some of the biggest couch potatoes in the world are Leos. One personality quirk of a Leo is to provoke arguments for no reason.  Savaging friend or foe alike with biting wit is a hobby of this sign. Although they find it entertaining, it may be pure torture for anyone on the other end of it.


The sign of Virgo is famous for its main personality quirk, which is to be obsessively organized and neat.  They can also be control freaks that refuse to delegate duties to others. They believe that the only way things can be done right is if they do it themselves. Virgo is the sort of sign that will hold in their emotions and opinions for ages and then the entire sudden blow up.  They do not express themselves well sometimes and expect others to be mind readers. Virgos also really admire personal little touches when they dress. They will never ever be caught dead with a missing button on a shirt. They also press the collars of their shirts. A Virgin can spend hour’s just ironing clothes, as they are obsessed with putting their very best image forward.


The sign of the Scales is supposed to be about balance, but this sign can go to extremes when it comes to “acting out” or being a drama queen. This sign gets bored with “business as usual” very fast and will create a crisis when it’s not necessary. This very emotional and sensitive sign will also spend hours and hours listening to music. As social as they are, they are also in need of some downtime and will spend days avoiding people for no apparent reason as well. Many of them are also passionate animal lovers and very vigilant vegetarians. They can be very militant about their causes and many Librans devote hours of their time to what can only termed as “lost causes.”  Unfortunately, that makes many of them actually seem crazy.


This sign can be secretly sadistic. They love to purposefully raise suspicions about themselves romantically. They do this because they feel that it keeps their lovers on their toes. Scorpions also adore spicy food.  They are also secretly self indulgent when it comes to aftershaves and perfumes. They love to smell great. Yet another obsession of the sexy Scorpio is designer lingerie. Many of both sexes collect underwear and sex toys as a secret hobby.


This sign is a secret shopaholic. Many of them have closets full of clothing they will never wear and clutter that they will never use. This sign also has a passion for trivia style games.  They love games like Trivial Pursuit and they will sit and watch game shows like Jeopardy for hours. Some Archers can be very aggressive. They will raise hot button issues for apparently no reason at all just to enjoy the fervor of being in a spirited argument. They are the first to start debating religion or politics at a polite dinner party just to see fireworks fly.


The Goat can be a meticulous sign, so much so that others cannot bear to be around them. They are afraid to offend the Capricorn by messing anything up. The Goat has been also known to be very territorial when it comes to their personal objects. However, they also have an extremely generous streak. They will lend money to others more easily than other people. They also have great faith in others. Although they seem like such a sensible people they have outrageous and charming senses of humor. Many Goats are secret pranksters.  Many are also talented mimics and do outrageous impressions of others behind their backs.


An Aquarian can have very rigid ideas about how things should be done despite their reputation as being “open minded.”  They will sulk and get upset if someone does not follow what they think their rules of personal etiquette are. Many Aquarians are also surprisingly prim when it comes to sex, preferring instead to preach about such virtues as “unconditional love.” They can also be quite faithless to their lovers in the name of “loving the one your with.” Aquarians can also be very obsessive, especially if a lover leaves them. They have type of personality that will spend hours talking to a psychic to find out if they are still loved, long after the lover has left them. This is part of their die-hard personality trait to be a hopeless romantic.


The Fish is a very proud sign and will not ever admit being wrong unless they absolutely have to. For that reason, many of them spend their lives being “dead right.” Pisceans tend to be a bit spaced out all of the time because they have such busy and creative brains. They like to daydream and as innocent as their faces look, often they are daydreaming about sex! This sign also has a tendency to be a bit too obsessive. They internalize a lot of what they see and take it very personally. This isn’t always that hot for their personal relationships and it can cause a lot of conflict. On the other hand, this very same personality trait makes them very empathic with people and animals.

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By Chan, Tuesday, July 31, 2012 03:27:15 PM
Hey, I'm Aries, I don't take credit for something I didn't do. I never cut I line for anything. I always let other people pass me at grocery store. I am at time little impatient. I don't judge people by the shoes, but I admit I do judged by what kind Of car they drive and how clean their car. Aries, is fun, exciting and yes we like men. Was told that I'm the best Partner in bed.:-))
By Algia Lynn, Sunday, September 26, 2010 08:01:06 AM
This is totally wrong - I am a gemini - wrong description - i have no reason to make up anything concerning my past or anything else. Also know sever Capricorns & that is WAY off. Married to a Scorpio and BOY is that TOTALLY wrong - he is a liar, abuser (physical, mental, emotioal & verbal). Sister is a Pices - she is a pathological liar. She ruined my name, put her hand on the bible & lied causing me to lose what family I had left. She didn't help with my mother when she needed it (I was her caregiver for 7 years). She was dishonest in business dealings, retrieved bank information she wasn't suppose to have privy (mine & mine & mothers)- she caused the lose of everything I had. The Capricorn isn't exactly right - the one's I know are posessive, demanding, untrusting, critical, very selfish, judgemental, unforgiving, always right, never wrong, self centered. As a Gemini - I don't think it is necessary to exagerate about anything as it will bite you in the backside. Nor do I judge people by their status or appearance. The person is what is important to me. So where does your description come from. I know me & I knew my mother (june 4 & june 5) and several others - none of the description of Gemini's described any of them. We were & are very nice people with nothing to hide or to make up. I am an empath, clairesent (sp) and extremely sensitive to people, my surroundings, am a giver to the extreme. Thank you for letting me express my opinion. aln
By Bernette, Saturday, August 08, 2009 11:01:31 PM
That is funny Sharon, as I think about it my Sister-in-law as a pisces, she does her little digs during the holidays I may say, she also tries to look so innocent after doing it. I got a christmas card from her with a reindeer taking a crap with nothing said on the front of it and when I open it up in front of her as I got it the card when we came over, it says "same old crap every year happy holiday's". She made a Big stink about it and said I hope you don't get offended but I just thought it was nice. But I can tell she wanted to get a rise out of me..but I just thought in my mind " Karma coming". I thought I share
By Mildred, Saturday, August 08, 2009 04:50:04 PM
I am an Arian,as you say, impatient and I have never felt as if I were royalty,important and vain , yes, due to my upbringing. I have never butted anyone in lines, I would have felt inconsiderate and rude, again to my upbringing. I have never taken credit for anyone's s work, or things, as you put it, on the contrary, I have always given credit to all those that deserved it.Yes, as old as I am now, I still feel that I am number one, leader of the zodiac system.I have never looked at anyone's shoes, for I never look down, i always look up, , I do not judge, that I leave to the Big Boss. When I meet someone, I look directly into their eyes and yes, I might see what they might be, for it has always been said, that "the eyes are the windows of the soul". Arians love men, even at 70. They are not as close to women, except for family. What I read today's horoscope was for a very negative Arian. Thank you
By Sharon, Saturday, August 08, 2009 04:17:04 PM
I have to comment to Sheryl too. You may be an anomoly. I am married to a Pisces, and he is an identical twin. The twin is also married to a Pisces, plus my sister is a Pisces, and I'll tell you what, this nails all 4 of them to a tee. (My sister in law will cause chaos and sit back with an innocent face and act all innocent). All 4 of them, will never ever ever admit when they have done something wrong, and it causes a lot of conflict within the families. You have obviously learned that this is not o.k. and that's great. My best friend and daughter are both Libras, and it nails them. As for the Aries, Gads, they have nailed my mother, that is so her. I am a Sag, and am trying to step outside myself and agree that's really me. ha.
By Bernette, Saturday, August 08, 2009 03:52:23 PM
Hello Sherly pisces, perhaps your right on yourself, remember we all have three parts to our zodiac, your sun, rising,and moon. It may round you out better in the area of being wrong about something and admitting it. My grandmother is a pisces and she will not admit when she is wrong. It drives the family crazy. I have a sister-in-law that is a pisces and she has that proud sign to her which she talks about herself a lot. Not saying that is bad, but others may take it like differently. All and all we all have quirks in our zodiac. Try to understand everybody and perhaps we all get along somehow! That is what I'm trying anyways! I'm Scorpio....Leo rising and Gemini moon.
By Sheryl, Saturday, August 08, 2009 11:36:47 AM
I completely disagree! I am a Pisces and whenever I am wrong about something I will be the first to admit it. There's no point in causing problems because of being too proud. Everyone is proud to some degree. As far as being spaced out all of the time, if that were the case, there'd be alot of Pisces walking around like airheads. In today's world who has time to be spaced out and constantly daydreaming? Not me! I'd rather be on my toes all the time. I am empathic with people and animals, though. Sometimes I'd rather be around animals more than people.
By Tiffany, Saturday, August 08, 2009 11:14:10 AM
Wooww. Someone really knows the zodiac. This is right on piont with every sign.
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