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Pet Peeves For Your Zodiac Sign
Pet Peeves of Each Zodiac Sign Everyone is annoyed by one thing or another. For instance, a Taurus native can tolerate the sound of children playing and laughing all day long, but a similar type of constant noise would drive a Gemini crazy.

Here is your astrological guide as to the specific pet peeves of each sign.  Basically, it is also your guide as how to drive each Zodiac sign crazy as well!


Aries are the ultimate optimists. They hate self-indulgent, depressed people who make excuses. They can also show a lot of contempt for people who are not well off or who are sick. They really dislike being with people who are slow to do anything, especially to get up in the morning. If you really want to drive a Ram nuts, then take your time about getting ready to go out. Rams also really resent individuals who do not appear where they are going to be at an agreed upon time Ė in fact, that would be grounds for them leaving a relationship.


The Taurus native does not want to discuss relationships. They are more inclined to walk out of the room rather than recognize an emotional need, as they consider requests for communication to be too clingy or needy. They can be very threatened by people who are very sexy and get jealous and possessive quite easily. A Taurus will resent you for years if you do not apologize to them for being wrong and absolutely proclaim that they were right all along. These are orderly individuals who never like to see a tap unpolished or a towel hanging crookedly from a rack.


A Gemini cannot bear to be criticized. Waiting for someone to get ready to go out drives them nuts as does a lack of spontaneity in general. Geminis are also very polite, formal individuals who do not like people who burp, fart or leave the door open while going to the bathroom. The Gemini also dislikes individuals who describe an entire movie from beginning to end as the Gemini would rather that you take him or her to the movie to view it instead. Yet another way to annoy a Gemini is to blame them for something they did not do and then not let them explain. There is nothing more upset than a defensive Gemini.


The best way to annoy this sign is to be affectionate and communicative and then withdraw these attentions for no apparent reason. They will nag you for days as to why you would ever try such a thing in the first place. Crabs are very insecure individuals and are very annoyed if you criticize their appearance. They are also deeply offending if you make fun of them for experiencing an emotion or being sentimental. Cancers are very much annoyed by loud, boasting individuals. They are easily made jealous by hearing about the accomplishments of others.


Lions are materialistic, jealous individuals who do not want to hear too much about another personís success. It is also a really bad idea to compare your ex to the Lion you are going out with. You will probably cause some kind of tantrum. You can never ever tell a Leo what to do or he will see you as controlling or manipulative. Lions also dislike individuals who start crying during arguments. They see this as a sign of weakness and it is more likely that you will be made fun of for displaying emotion. Leos also crave affection and can become almost hostile if you do not return their sexual attentions.


The Virgo is very irritated by other people in general. They need a lot of personal space or they will treat you with disdain and contempt. Although this is a very critical and sarcastic sign, they can become very resentful if you dare to make suggestions about their life or character. Virgos are also neat freaks (and this is putting it mildly.)  If you want to irritate a Virgo, then leave the top off of the toothpaste, forget to flush the toilet, and donít make your bed in the morning. The Virgo is also very precious about their clothing and personal things. You must never borrow anything from this sign without asking.  Virgos also deeply dislike individuals who ask them for free advice, as they feel they should be paid for it.


The Libra is very turned off by anyone they consider to be rude. If they do think you are insulting to someone, they will give you a redemptive tongue lashing. Librans cannot bear too much noise, especially at night when they are trying to sleep. If you want to annoy one, go to sleep beside a Libra with the television on. This sign can also be quite fussy about clothing and furniture. They do not like things like broken zippers, undone buttons, or split seams. They are also very annoyed by people who do not dress in the current fashion or who wear dirty or wrinkled clothes. It offends their aesthetic sensibility.


The Scorpio native usually has a lot of secrets so they absolutely hate being quizzed, spied on, or asked too many questions. They are also easily agitated by noise and in particular dislike the sound of little children playing. This can be an impatient sign and just the thought of waiting in line at the bank or to pay for something can drive them crazy. They are also very annoyed by individuals who do not pay any attention to their grooming. The way you make your bed might also matter a lot to this sign that does not like an unkempt bedroom. They also dislike uncomfortable beds and cheap bedding.


This sign does not like to feel trapped or smothered by one person. They also do not like being quizzed about their plans or what they intend to do in the near future. Spontaneity means everything to this impulsive sign. Traffic snarls and travel delays also drive this sign nuts. Usually, the Archer has a lot of vices (such as smoking or drinking) and they do not like to be criticized for indulging in any of them. An Archer can also become very annoyed with you for suggesting a doctor visit if he or she does not feel well. This is because natives born under this sign likes to feel that they can heal themselves. They also do not like socially restrictive rules, such as not being able to smoke inside a restaurant.


This sign cannot bear to be criticized in anyway. They are especially defensive about their appearance and clothing because being fashionable is very important to them. They are contemptuous of those who do not wear makeup or cannot be bothered to wear fashionable clothing. The members of this Zodiac sign also cannot bear to be asked how much money they spent on a trendy or designer item. If you really want to drive a Goat crazy, just leave the house and donít tell one where you are going. This makes them feel very insecure because they always like to feel that they are in the loop. Capricorns also do not like individuals who they feel have lousy taste in food or wine. If you want to offend one, salt any food that a Capricorn has made for you and they will take that to mean that you dislike their cooking.


Aquarians despise pessimists, so always frame your experiences in a positive light or you will earn their ire. They also do not like individuals that are too strict or judgmental of others. Racism, bigotry, and sexism are big no-noís with this futuristic and progressive sign.  You should also never claim that there is no God when you are around this sign, as having faith in a higher power is very important to this visionary sign. Aquarians also do not like people who brag or boast too much about their success. They find braggarts tacky and people who talk about money all of the time to be unspeakably greedy and vulgar.  They are also irritated by people who wear the same boring outfits every day.


The Pisces native does not like people who are never serious. Many of them see a sense of humor as being an unnecessary defense mechanism. Fishes are famous for the moods and it is a big mistake to be in a good one when they are in a bad one. They consider many jokes to be in bad taste and will become very irritated with anyone who is sexist or makes jokes about religion. Fishes also do not like people who are too permissive sexually or who dress too provocatively. If you really want to irritate a Pisces ask to borrow money. Having to lend money or deal with an unpaid loan is very irritating to this sign.  This sign also hates surprises and must always know what is going to happen next. If you really want to throw a Fish for a loop and have him or her hate you forever, then just try throwing a surprise birthday party.

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By maria, Thursday, October 24, 2013 12:27:05 PM
ELVISH ASTROLOGY - It s new ! It s special ! It s written by Petra Maria Scheid ! order now!
By Darlene, Friday, March 05, 2010 11:44:20 PM
'Irritated by people in general' -- Bullseye! Sure got a chuckle from this description of Virgo! Hit me pretty well.
By Stephanie, Wednesday, February 17, 2010 04:12:08 PM
:D haha
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