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Pop Astrology: The Jennifer Hudson Family Tragedy
Jennifer Hudson Astrology Chart Jennifer Hudson, former American Idol contestant, beloved Oscar winner for appearance in Dreamgirls, and now Grammy Award winner, experienced a terrible tragedy on October 24th, 2008. That day, it was reported that her mother and brother were shot dead. Three days later, the body of her seven year old nephew was also found murdered in a parked car.

So does astrology have anything to say about Jennifer Hudsonís recent misfortune?  Letís take a look at this talented singerís chart. She was born September 12, 1981 at 6:23 Central Standard Time in Chicago, Illinois.
At her soulís core, Jennifer Hudson is a stable and practical Virgo, which is probably going to help keep her sane. The tragedy itself is explained by the planets Saturn and Uranus, currently aligning them in the sky in a way that is not friendly to her natal chart.   

Saturn is a planet that symbolizes both birth and death and is also the planet of tests and trials. Saturn transiting over her sun in her chart that week may have caused the tragic death of not just one, but three family members.

As if Saturn was not trouble enough for this unlucky but talented woman, Uranus, the planet of disruptive, sudden events was also opposing her son. Uranus represents technology Ė that same week the recording of her record album was also canceled.

When you take a good look at this incredible young womanís chart, you see she has a stellium. A stellium is the line up of more than one planet in one personís house.

In her eighth house, which is also a house that symbolizes family and death, she has five planets, which is very rare. It explains how she went from being a verbally abused contestant on American Idol (judge Simon Cowell told her she was too fat to make it in the business) to an Oscar Winner. Only people with a real rags-to-riches story tend to have three or more planets in their charts, like Jennifer Hudson.

However having five planets in one house can also lead to extremes in life. She has Mercury, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune in the eighth house in the sign of Scorpio.

The eighth house is a tricky house at best, as it can be extreme good fortune or bad fortune to do with marriage or the family. The eighth house also naturally opposes the first house in a natal chart, and she has no planets or activity in her first four houses. This means that ultimately the things that define Jennifer Hudson often have to do with events outside of her control.

Hudson is fortunate psychologically in that she has a moon in Aquarius, which means that she is able to disconnect from herself and put others first and be forward thinking. She is a humanitarian who thinks of others. Furthermore, her moon is in the eleventh house, so she is not shy of seeking out others for support and help when they are going through a hard time. This placement also bodes that others will be there for her as well.

Her ability to heal from psychological wounds is also indicated by her Venus in the fifth house. This is a very fun loving, almost childlike spirit who puts others before herself every single time.

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By Ariana, Thursday, March 19, 2009 05:14:32 AM
Furthermore----I personally can handle the thought of adults dying A heck of a lot more than a precious little INNOCENT 7 yr old being murdered! This is very very sad & for me personally would be torture/Hell to live with!!! My daughter died of natural causes - not murder! No noone can know how this woman feels anger - numbness - sadness - fear- pain those are just some of my guesses - but its not my place to try to guess what she is feeling or what will become out of this in her personal feelings!
By Ariana, Thursday, March 19, 2009 05:04:30 AM
We can learn from our past BUT losing 3 LOVED ONES - in the same week? That is SO MUCH MORE PAIN than being called FAT by Simon!!! I know personally how HARD IT IS TO LIVE WITH PAIN OF earthly SEPARATION by death- my daddy and my daughter died and it still is painful but if I am fat well then I am and a judge CAN tell me that!~ But to the reader who could compare Simons honest remarks with the pain of losing your cherished loved ones??? No - that I do NOT understand. And why don't people just keep their mouth shut when other people lose their loved ones - the cruelest comments I EVER heard was at my daddy & daughters funerals. Noone can know unless they walk in their shoes - how much pain the person is enduring or whether they will entirely heal EVER!
By Mary, Sunday, February 15, 2009 01:01:15 PM
But, wait a minute. It was her sister's manfriend who murdered them, not her manfriend. I see Jennifer as one who can rise above what happened to her family, as tragic as it was. She rose above Simon, didn't she! As hurt as she is by the monstrous happenings, she will survive, please God, and do the things that are meant for her to do. I too am a virgo and find that there is nothing we can do about the past except learn from it! God bless her and keep her strong thru this period in her life! "MS"
By Keisha K, Sunday, February 15, 2009 03:58:58 AM
Putting all the astrology aside, those oh so tragic events are a lot to deal with for any human being. What possible lesson could anyone get out this but to not trust anyone for any reason because you never know what issues this person may have and decide if I can't get to you then I'll get to the your loved ones. I pray that GOD serves Ms. Hudson & family much love and strength through all of this. I'd be a mental mess if anything remotely happenned to me at any age. Some things I just don't understand...
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