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Recession Tips For Your Zodiac Sign
Recession Tips for Your Zodiac Sign With a deep recession plaguing the global economy, each and every zodiac sign is going to need to tighten the belt. Read this zodiac economic survival guide, with suggestions as to how each sign can enjoyably cut costs while at the same time having a good time throughout this recession.


Time to get out the barbecue even though it is winter!  Being a fire sign, this is a great way for you to save on your electricity bills.  Making sure that your furnace is efficient and ecologically correct is also a good idea.  Playing board games with your family not only strengthens your familial bonds, but also saves the electricity spent watching television.  Rent movies rather than going out to expensive theaters.


You can tighten your belt by eating less meat and eating more of your own home cooking. You can also cut out on the gourmet cuisine and eat out less at fancy restaurants.  Being a luxury loving sign, you may also need to cut down on expenditures like buying art.  You love fine wine and it will not hurt to explore some of the cheaper vintages on the liquor store shelf.  You might also benefit from collecting more coupons.


You are irresponsible sign when it comes to saving money in the first place and the best thing you can do during this recession is to cut down on freelancing and get a backup job.  You can also spend less money on fashion and wear the same thing twice to your many social events. Make more of your own parties a potluck, so you are not always paying for everything. Be sure to use your air miles card whenever you can.


Your weakness is little luxuries like perfume and bouquets of flowers. Pick your own flowers from a garden to save some bucks. Buy no name scented soaps and bath gels. You can also benefit from selling some of the antiques that you have collected on eBay. If you want to save money on clothes, try making your own from patterns, or consider altering the hemlines of the ones you have.


You are generous to a fault and unfortunately this year you may have to cut down on some of your charitable works. You should also beware of borrowing too much yourself or spending too much on your credit cards. You love to eat and it is possible that you are wasteful when buying groceries, so check your cupboards to see where you can cut down on food. You might also want to consider buying cheaper food for your pets and making your kids lunch at home to save money as well.


You are naturally stingy and tend to do the best of all the signs when there is a recession. Streamlining the way you run things even further is a good idea. Perhaps consider cutting services that cost extra like additional phone features or memberships to exclusive clubs. If you have a maid or hired help, consider letting him or her go and doing the job yourself.  As you are the perfectionist, you will probably do better than the hired help anyway and get things exactly how you want them!


You like to splurge on beautiful things and this is your Achilles heel when it comes to budgeting. This is because your sign is ruled by Venus. You may have to cut your own hair and settle for less than beautiful designer duds this year. Look for knock off versions of your favorite fashions to save money or try sewing them yourself. You are probably better off to buy posters or frame art work yourself rather than buy expensive paintings.


Going to expensive nightclubs and restaurants is a weakness of yours. You may need to cut down on indulgences of all kinds in order to tighten your belt this year. This means buying less expensive clothes and buying less of the music you love.  Consider other romantic activities that are cheaper, such as taking long walks in the park or cross country skiing. Trade in that fifty dollar bottle of wine for the twenty dollar version.


Your budget for travel is probably going to be limited this year. It is probably best to schedule shorter, cheaper day trips rather than plan big getaways this year. A romantic picnic in a nearby park is a good idea. This is not the year to buy a car. Consider converting to biodiesel or getting a grease car kit, so you can go further cheaper on less gas. Going camping is probably a better idea then booking a fancy hotel for a trip.


Your weakness is for collecting prosperities and investing, but you should probably reign yourself in while times are tough. If you must sink money into properties, it is probably a much better idea to spent time renovating rather doing any type of ambitious buying or selling. Doing as much of this work you will definitely be a better idea, as hiring contractors may prove to be expensive.


This year is not as bad for you as other signs, but you can definitely cut back by spending less on new things and spending more on vintage or used items. Beg, borrow, or steal until October when several planets favor investing in something modern like a new hybrid car. Any renovations you make to your home should be of a do it yourself green nature and geared towards saving you as much money as possible.


You love to read and watch videos, but this is the year when you are going to have to go to the library and rent DVDs, rather than collect books and movies like you love. Cutting back on expensive gardening habits like watering the lawn might also help your pocket book. Buying second hand furniture and recovering it yourself might help you save loads of money as well. Re-gift anything that you may have gotten as a present, but don’t want yourself.

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By Darlene, Wednesday, January 07, 2009 11:18:19 PM
I am also a Virgo and got a great laugh about the 'exclusive clubs' and 'letting the help go!' I agree with Barbara....I've never met a RICH Virgo either. And what's wrong with wanting things done right?
By Irene, Wednesday, January 07, 2009 12:43:48 PM
I don't believe Sylvia wrote this list of "belt tightening suggestions". I agee that this list is not thought out well. I am a Sagittarius who has been living on credit cards for the last three years and am paying the price now. I am at the point of cutting up my cards and consolidating my cards to reduce my out of pocket monthly service charges that are out- rageous. As for traveling, my traveling is strictly local and camping... I think I'll wait on that one. Irene P
By jena, Wednesday, January 07, 2009 12:41:49 PM
I thought Taurus and Pisces were pretty accurate except gardening I only dream about having a yard let alone a garden!!!!
By Barbara, Wednesday, January 07, 2009 10:21:44 AM
Who writes this nonsense?? I am a Virgo and have NEVER had a maid let alone going to EXCLUSIVE clubs. They always assume we are stingy!! Does anyone ever think that we just don't HAVE the money for these luxuries??? As far as being stingy yes with myself but never with others. I love to give gifts and help those who need it. It never fails when I read these sign descriptions we are catorgized like we are the worst people on the planet. We are economical because, I, till this day after 47 years, have yet to find a RICH Virgo!! We work our butts off and it is always the other signs who get ahead or marry rich....
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