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Romantic Flower Bouquets For Each Zodiac Sign
Romantic Flowers for Each Zodiac Sign Spring is here and nothing lifts the spirits more than a bouquet of flowers. Spring is also the “human mating season” and what better way to show someone that you really love them then to provide them with a beautiful bundle of blossoms. 

Here is a brief guide to what blossoms belong to each month.


Any red bloom suits this sign which is confident, dynamic, and passionate. Tulips, poppies, and geraniums are good choices because they all have a bit of a spicy peppery scent. The Aries native likes big blooms of any kind in a large generous bouquet. You can also please a Ram by presenting them with a big exotic Bird of Paradise. If a smaller bundle of blooms is in order, then a cluster of calla lilies died orange and presented in a brass or wood square box is a really nice gift.


This fierce, decisive, and warmhearted sign suits is suited to Lilies. Orange tiger lilies and pink Stargazers are suiting the sensuality of this sign that likes flowers that have five petals. This is a stuffier sign that also loves traditional blooms, such as roses. A bouquet of red or pink roses in a clear crystal vase makes a wonderful gift for the Bull.  A Taurus also likes money-bringing blooms, such as African violets and jade plants.


This flirtatious, loving, and creative sign is delighted by roses. Miniature roses mixed with multicolored calla lilies great delight this sign. Fragrant pink peonies also suit this romantic sign that prefers flowers with sweet smells. Artistic Geminis also love bouquets that have unusual touches to them such as sprays of lavender, puss willow, or tall grasses. They also love little pots of aromatic herbs that they can also make use of in cooking.


Blue and purple blossoms suit this patient, loving, and pleasure loving water loving sign. Delphiniums are favored by Crabs because the flower petals are shaped like dolphins, which are symbolic of the love and the sea. They also love pots of tiny flowers such as alyssum or pansies. If you want to really please a Crab, give them a water lily floating inside a clear crystal bowl or even better, a water fountain decorated with live aquatic plants.


Leos are a zodiac sign that is ruled by the sun, so what better choice of a totem blossom than a glorious sunflower. The largesse of this flower suits the largeness of the Leo personality, which is good-humored and generous. Other big blooms that please this sign are Birds of Paradise, Orchids, Black-Eyed Susans, giant Cabbage Roses and Hydrangeas. Clusters of bright red geraniums (in the summer) and chrysanthemums (in the winter) also please the Lion.


These meticulous personalities like purity and simplicity. The simple daisy in any color is suitable to give to the sign of the Virgin, but they favor the purity of white blossoms. White or yellow asters also please this sign as do white roses, hydrangeas, orchids, daisies and calla lilies. They also enjoy blooms and plants that are rumored to bring prosperity into the house such as African Violets and pots of Ivy.


The airy and flirtatious sign of Libra loves the romantic blue and pink hues of the hydrangeas. This flower is a symbol of gratitude, sincerity, and wisdom. They also like large purple blooms. A gift of three simple very large irises is perfect for this sign. Dainty blooms, such as a cluster of tiny pink or white roses, also please them. The Libra is also a big fan of cheerful mixed bouquets of daisies, roses, and tulips that make a glorious display of color in a room.


This intense, intelligent, and sexy sign love big lush red flowers.  A big bouquet of delicate roses, papery peonies, or giant poppies suits the tastes of these sensual individuals. The deeper the hue of the flower, the more the Scorpio will love it. This sign also appreciates the gift of small cactuses, African violets, or rare orchids. Another good gift for a Scorpio is a bonsai plant that they can train to grow a certain way.


These ambitious and optimistic personalities love carnations which personify innocence, curiosity, and the bloom of first love. Pink carnations symbolize love and white ones symbolize purity. You can also please them with merry little bouquets of Spring flowers such as crocuses, irises, and Johnny Jump-Ups. In the fall, impress an Archer by giving them the gift of a bundle of rushes and cat-tails.


Goats are responsible homebodies with materialistic natures. They love gorgeous little pots of African violets, which not only bring wealth to a home but also have protective energies. They also like pots of tall grasses, such as papyrus, pussy willows, or cat tails at their front door. If you want to tell a Capricorn woman that you love her, you cannot go wrong with a gigantic bouquet of three dozen white and pink roses.


Aquarians love everything that is exotic, beautiful, and interesting. This is why orchids are the perfect flower for this sign that has the patience and wisdom to maintain a flower that is high maintenance. They also like the dignified appearance of the Bird-of-Paradise, the Calla Lily, and large daffodils. A nice gift for an Aquarian is a glass pot filled with a bulb, so they can watch the growing process of the plant.


The sensitive sign of the Fish has a heightened sense of smell. Dainty fragrant buds like freesias and Alstroemeria are perfect for this sign that likes flower that are “a bit Victorian.”  The Pisces native also enjoys aquatic plants, such as the lotus or water lily. A trail of traditional vines is also a nice gift for this sign, as is a potted spider plant with blooms or a philedendrom. A pot with a small orange or lime tree pleases this sign and the symbolism of an orange tree is that it will bring joy or wealth to whoever owns it.

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