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Romantic Get Away Ideas for Each Zodiac Sign
Romantic Get Away Ideas for Each Zodiac Sign Sometimes you need to get away from it all with that special someone, but where is your ideal vacation spot? With summer on the horizon, it may time to plan that summer vacation for you and your lover.

Here is a simple guide to what vacation spots in the world best suit most Zodiac signs, so that you can give him or her a real treat.


Aries natives are Fire signs and have plenty of energy to burn, so you want to take them somewhere that encourages a bit of athleticisim. Hiking, climbing, and walking through nature is highly recommended for this sign.

Aries natives love exotic, eccentric, and extreme experiences. A trip through the Himalayas to India on the Orient Express would be their fantasy vacation, but you could scale this down and take them to a local theme park. They also enjoy hang gliding or balloon rides.


Bulls natives are ruled by Earth, so they tend to want to travel to places where they can also take their family. This sign does not like surprises and likes to be surrounded by all of the comforts of home. They prefer vacation packages and tour groups because they hate spontaneity and indecision. Even if it does not seem that romantic to you, include the pets and children in vacation plans or this sign will fret and just not have a good time.

Bulls love strolling, sightseeing, theme parks, and swimming so ideal North American vacation spots are Florida, Atlantic City, and Niagara Falls.


This"air sign" most Geminis loves travelling to a far away exotic place by air. Geminis like to wander, amble, stroll, and change their minds at the last minute. They become very irritated by companions who are afraid to explore or try new foods or experience.

Geminis like to stroll through city streets, browse through markets, and meet as many strangers as possible. They thrive best in cities that sport a healthy arts scene and some kind of café society (like Paris). They also enjoy novelties, gadgets, learning and inventions. Geminis also like wild seas and high mountains, so a visit to Hawaii, the sheer cliffs of Mount Everest or the high tides of New Zealand are ideal for this sign.


This luxury loving water sign, Cancers prefer to vacation by the ocean or the sea. They also love shopping and are happiest being pampered at a spa or looking at the latest expensive fashion items in shop windows. Beaches in the Caribbean or Greece are great vacation spots for this sign.

Cancer natives don't like to travel alone and often vacation with at least one other person. They enjoy cruises, boat tours, and jaunts through the city in antique horse-drawn carriages. Although they love the sea, they much prefer the romantic urban excitement of the city. Ideal North American destinations for Crabs are the coastal cities, such as Los Angeles, South Beach, San Diego, and Vancouver.


Culture-loving Leos love to travel and they will beg, borrow, or steal to attend a music concert, convention, sports event, or business meeting that is miles away. As Leos are ruled by the Fire element, they also tend to prefer vacations that have full schedules that include a bit of fine wine, exploring, and playing games with others.

As the ruler of their sign is the Sun, Leos tend to prefer hot climates. Sunny beaches appeal to them as do white hot deserts. Leos can be very athletic, so they enjoy vacations that include sports such as surfing, swimming, skiing, and mountain climbing. Pilgrimages through India and travels by jeep through the wilds of Africa and Australia also appeal to this adventurous sign.


As Virgos are ruled by the Earth element, they tend to avoid flying and travel by car, train, and bus. Finicky Virgos will not be happy if you surprise them with a trip, so be sure to inform him or her of your plans.

Self-help and self-improvement is always at the top of their priority list, so they are quite happy to relax at a yoga retreat or at a cottage. They also prefer civilized destinations and do not like places where they consider the citizens to be dirty or vulgar.  A stroll through a museum also appeals to the Virgo intellect. Cities like Moscow, Paris, and London appeal to the Virgin.


This sign is ruled by air and also the planet Venus. They love beauty, history and anything to do with art. A trip to a city like Paris, New York, or Barcelona fulfills their desire to immerse themselves in culture.

The Libra individual is very organized and likes to travel in style with an outfit for every occasion. They make great travelling companions because they are tolerant and enjoy meeting new people. They are also good at learning languages and because they do fit in everywhere and are so adaptable they thrive in more exotic locations such as Japan, Persia, or Iceland. The bottom line is that you can take a Libra anywhere and she or he will have a good time.


Scorpios are ruled by the Water element so they are happiest cruising the waters in a sailboat, yacht, or even in a canoe. A Carrabin cruise is very much lusted after by this sign. They also love traveling by air. Younger Scorpions are the types to travel across the country on a motorcycle with nothing but a backpack and a hundred dollars to their name.

As they are so sensual, experimental, and hedonistic, Scorpios would enjoy a stay at a Club Med or Club Hedonism. They are also attracted to the occult and the great mysteries and secrets of the world so trips to Rome, Paris, or Cairo would also be very romantic for him or her.


Flexible and adaptable Sagittarians are ruled by the Fire element, which gives them sunny disposition and athletic constitutions. They are as comfortable traveling first class in an airliner, as they are riding a hippo through a jungle swamp. 

They detest tour guides and tour groups and prefer to explore a city or country on their own. However, they don't like to "rough it" at all and require plentiful food and drink, the theater, movies, and the best shopping within walking distance of their hotel. Excellent international choices for Archers are desert metropolises, such as Dubai and Cairo. Countries such as India, China, Africa, and Japan would also satisfy their curiosity for exotic experiences.


Goats are Earth signs, so their ideal vacation is to stay at home and have others come to them. Capricorns often own all terrain vehicles, vans, and SUV’s with interiors that resemble a home away from home. They would consider camping out with you in a recreational vehicle to be very romantic.

Capricorns enjoy art and antiques, so an ideal short trip for is a country to an antique market to find treasures that they can fix up themselves at home. Practical Capricorns also like villas, or time-shares, that feature such amenities as country clubs, golfing, or swimming. As they prefer simple comfort foods and don't like exotic or spicy fare, countries such as England, Scotland, and Australia are the most comfortable for them to visit.


Aquarian natives are ruled by the Air element, so their preferred method of travel is by airplane. You could also woo them on a scenic trip across the country on a train...

Aquarians like rainbows, butterfly museums, underwater bars, ice hotels, and the most eclectic kind of entertainment that the hospitality industry has to offer. They are happiest in more sophisticated locales, although they also like a little bit of adventures. An ideal trip for an Aquarian would be to Washington to visit the Smithsonian Institution. They also love to dance and will travel a long way to attend an important musical performance or concert. Aquarians also enjoy collecting crystals so a visit to Boulder Colorado or Brazil gratifies these rock hounds.


Pisces Natives are the great lovers of the Western Zodiac. Their sign is ruled by the Water element, so they are happiest travelling by boat, canoe, yacht or ship. They love the wildness of wide-open seas as much, as they love the peaceful trickling of a forest stream.

It is characteristic of a Piscean to whisk a way his or her special loved one for a romantic getaway. This gentle, philosophical sign is just as happy strolling through the foggy streets of London as they are White River rafting in the Grand Canyon. Woo him or her by filling the travel agenda with all kinds of delightful distractions. Cannes, Athens, and Tokyo suit this sentimental sign's penchant for good food, socializing, and romance.

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