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Sexy Desserts For Each Zodiac Sign
Sexy Desserts for Each Zodiac Sign When it comes to satisfying a sweet tooth, each astrological sign has its own quirky preference. For some signs, eating dessert is almost the same as sex. For others, desserts can definitely be used as a tool of seduction.

Here is a look at some of the sexy desserts that appeal to each Zodiac sign.


Jell-O shots, tart lemon, raspberry rolls, and Red Velvet cake with cream cheese icing are tantalizing desserts for this sign. They also like an airy whipped mousse topped with ice cream. This sign also enjoys healthier deserts made out of fresh fruit like plums, cherries, and grapes, perhaps combined with honey and yogurt. Rams also enjoy a handful of Hershey’s kisses or a chocolate fondue made with fruit on skewers.


This traditionally minded sign really enjoys a nice thick slab of chocolate cake served with a big dollop of vanilla ice cream or whipped creams. Chocolate puddings and mousses are also a turn on for this sign. This sign also loves apple pies, blueberry turnovers, and carrot cake lavished with cream cheese icing. To make a male Bull feel virile, serve him crème brulee flaming with caramel or a banana cream pie made with real bananas.


Gemini’s like light and airy desserts like chocolate or fruity mousses slathered in whipped cream. They are big fans of any shortcake lathered with whipped cream, but especially strawberry or raspberry shortcake. This sign is also a big fan of gourmet ice creams and pistachios such as melon or pistachio. They also love Asian ice creams made out of ginger, green tea, or coconut. The twins love unique desserts, such as Champagne Jell-o or mango shortcake with whipped cream.


They are also fond of ganache, truffles, and croissants with chocolate drizzled inside.  Boston cream pies, fruity cheesecakes, and ice cream cakes also delight this sign that loves heavy desserts. On the more traditional side they really enjoy something like a trifle, which is layers of angel cake soaked with liquor and mixed with chocolate, fruit, and whipped cream. A Cancer native also loves Canadian desserts, such as sugar pies or raisin tarts.


Most Leos have a big sweet tooth and love cakes of all kinds, but especially chocolate ones. However, they will not turn down a big frosty vanilla cake or a spice cake drizzled with caramel icing. Banana  and coconut cream pies also are a real turn on for this sign as is a dollop of sour cherries on top of a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. Any kind of fruit with whipped cream also appeals to this sensuous sign. They also like fruity treats, like wine gums and chocolate covered cherries. A Leo also loves to down a number of chocolate chip cookies in a row with a big cold glass of milk.


White chocolate is preferred by the Virgin who of course is into purity. They enjoy light cheesecakes or fruity desserts made with yogurt and fresh produce. They love a white chocolate ganache or a white chocolate cheesecake served with crumbs. A Virgo also enjoys a dish of silky chocolate or vanilla flavored tofu. The traditional cookies and milk also turns on this sign. Oreos, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, and graham cracker wafers are favorites of this sign.


This air sign enjoys light and airy gelatin based desserts. They also enjoy soft ice cream and lemon flavored mousses and tarts. Key Lime pie is also a favorite treat of this sensuous sign.  They also like Black Forest cake covered with cherries and whipped cream. They enjoy dishes that are soaked in alcohol, such as Baked Alaska and trifle. Specialty candy bars that combine raspberry or lemon peels with dark chocolate are a favorite of this sign. They also like fun foods like root beer floats and lollipops.


Scorpions like any dessert soaked in alcohol, such as pears poached in red wind or apples soaked in brandy and then served on ice cream. They also like desserts made with chocolate flavored alcohols, like Kahlua or Bailey’s Irish Cream. Coffee flavored desserts are also appealing to this sign. Icy gelatos and coffee based cakes are also ideal to serve to a Scorpio you are trying to seduce at dinner. Soft chocolate truffles and dark chocolate also help raise a Scorpion’s endorphins.


Those born under the sign of Sagittarius, like quirky or exotic foods, like deep fried Mars Bars, pomegranate seeds soaked in alcohol, or layered pudding deserts. The Archer also loves to gorge on cream puffs drizzled with a quality chocolate syrup. The Archer also loves exotic ganaches and gelatos made with cocoa and ice that are not too sweet and have a bit of a bite to them. They enjoy pound cake or angel cake smothered with berries washed down with a sugary alcoholic beverage of some kind. They also love foreign desserts, such as honeyed Baklava and French pastries.


This simple sign loves a good greasy chocolate donut or a big sugary Cruller, if you want to seduce a Goat bring over a pecan pie that is drizzled with chocolate or a banana cake that is filled with chocolate chips and smeared with icing. Traditional desserts, such as sponge cake rolled in Jelly or apple pie, with a slice of cheese also pleases them. They also love to drink chocolate milkshakes made with real syrup and eat traditional banana splits. 


This light and air sign loves mousses and delicate concoctions made with Jello and Ice Cream. They love strawberry or blueberry “fools” made with whipped cream and exotic liqueurs. They are also fans of light and fluffy chocolate éclairs. For dessert Aquarians love designer chocolates, petite four style pastries or fruit with clotted cream and tea. Be sure to have biscotti and tubular pastries stuffed with sweet ricotta or a good cherry cheesecake on hand as an after dinner treat for an Aquarian.


Most Pisces just love a simple dish of strawberry, vanilla, or chocolate ice cream. They are also big fans of pie, especially peach or raisin pies. They also love peanut butter and find Reese’s Peanut Butter cups to be a sexy food. They enjoy also banana chips and fluffy chilled cheesecakes made from yogurt and whipped cream. Exotic fruit like pineapple, coconut, mango, and kiwi also delight the sensual palate of this sign. The traditional heart shaped box of chocolates is a nice gift for this sensual sign that likes a touch of tradition.

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