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Spring Fashions for Each Zodiac Sign
Spring Fashion for Each Zodiac Sign Spring is always an interesting time in fashion because it always brings the feeling that it is “time for a change.”  Planetary influences can rule fashion and beauty and this Spring we will see the Sun in Aries, Taurus, and Gemini, which reinforce trends in their own right. 

We are also going to experience the slightly rebellious influence of Pluto in Capricorn, which means that we are not likely to like wearing clothes that are too uniform or classic. Instead, we are going to want to dress more anti-authoritarian. This means we will see the return of lapel pins with sayings on them, cross-cultural dressing, and also military dressing. 

There is long Mercury retrograde in the sign of Taurus, which is also going to create a trend that is a bit rebellious. People will be communicating their wish to be less of a cog in a wheel. You will see many people dressing more casually in jeans and a T-shirt and furthermore it will be cool to do so.

The influence of Neptune being retrograde will have the effect of bringing back a fascination for distressed or ripped clothes or clothes that are a bit more vintage in nature. Victorian frills will be in evidence in the creations of some fashion designers.

There are a lot of shifting influences to do with the asteroids this Spring as well. Ceres and Vesta are very feminine in nature, but when retrograde, they can indicate a trend towards unisex or asexual clothing such as jeans and solid colored track suits.

Here is how the planets of Spring may affect the way you dress in the near future.


The Sun in your sign throughout Aries favors bright geranium and tomato hues. Men should go for red ties and women should accent their outfits with shiny patent red shoes. Later in June, Rams should consider wearing a touch of yellow, whether it be a yellow scarf or a yellow handkerchief tucked in a blazer. Lace is also favored in June thanks to flirty influence of the Sun in Gemini.


Vesta, an asteroid to do with femininity, goes backward so you will be opting to dress more casually this Spring. Practical shoes, sweaters, and baggy loose fitting jeans are fine your sign, which is probably going to be spending a lot of time renovating or in the garden anyway. To dress up, consider wearing shirts in white or beige with French cuffs or a touch of ruffles.


Pink, yellow, and orange are your signature colors for Spring. The women should wear a touch of glamour with ripped or distressed denim. Satin or jersey shirts look good on both sexes. Patterned tights silkscreened with unusual patterns or motifs will look great on the female Twins while the males can get away with wild ties with light green or pink peppermint stripes.


The most fashionable of Crab ladies will be wearing chandelier drop earrings this fall, preferably in gold. Males will add cuff links to their wardrobe to make sure they look classy and in style. In June, both sexes under this sign might try wearing the season’s hottest pastels which include shades of champagne, turquoise, and coral.


Bright tomato red lipstick, scarves, and ties suit the lion in early spring to be followed by mandarin orange dresses, shirts, and purses to be worn later on in the season. Sensual felines will also look good in white whom this season features sack style shifts and shirt dresses along with belts dripping with coins and other baubles.


The Virgin likes to dress conservatively and white is very much in style this spring, as are shades of champagne and taupe. Jackets, skirts, and suits that have a bit of a military flare to their cut are also in style. Virgins will like the functionality and comfort of the wider loosing fitting jeans that are also in style this spring so that they do not have to worry about fit while they are doing things like gardening.


The Libra women will love the new, comfortable sack style shifts and shirt dresses that are in style. The universe favors light shades for both sexes, including light violets and lavenders, champagne colors, and herb like green shades. Dressing in natural eco-friendly fabrics like hemp is also going to be a big trend that Libras will enjoy this spring and summer.


Clothing in sheer or semi-sheer pastel colors in pink, violet, and coral are what will make the Scorpion look fashionable this summer. Chain mail jewelry and belts dripping with coins and dangling baubles are also in style for both men and women. To look rich and sophisticated, try wearing bright yellow gold jeweler and shoes made from faux crocodile or alligator in bright primary color shades.


You like to dress up in vintage clothing and will enjoy the late seventies frilly look that is still in style this spring. Victorian lace up boots and gladiator sandals are in style as are lacy shifts and shirts made out of Egyptian cotton. For tramping through Spring puddles, the Archer might want to wear a pair of fashionable riding boots.


Thrifty Goats will be pleased to know that those platform shoes that they bought last autumn are still going to be in style this Spring. Capricorns love shoes and colorful satin pumps in pastel colors are in fashion. Light blues, champagnes, and pinks are fashion fierce hues for shirt dresses, shift dresses, and men’s shirts.


You are a globally minded individual that likes goods from different cultures, so you will be pleased to hear that crucifixes, skullcaps, and turbans are in style for Spring. Peasant blouses and skirts in your favorite shades of violet are also very much sought after. Aquarian men should show up for spring in demure champagne suits with lime green or violet ties.


For sloshing through Spring rains, try wearing a pair of the fashionable classic riding boots along with a traditional cut trenchcoat. Mushroom, champagne, and pea green are the colors that are in style this season when it comes to suits and coats. Jewelry in a bright yellow gold color is also in style for Spring 2010, especially if it is embedded with a bright orange or red stone like a ruby.

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