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Spring Flower Bouquets for Each Zodiac Sign
Spring Flowers for Each Zodiac Sign When Spring finally arrives you know that it is time to start collecting bouquets to cheer up your breakfast, dining room or bedside tables. Here is a look at the new blossoms that burst forth starting in April and until June and what type of blooms inspire and satisfy each native of the Zodiac.


The Aries native has a strong, reserved and yet passionate personality that is best represented by a beautiful bundle of large bright red or orange tulips. These look fantastic stacked together upright like stalks of celery in rows a square glass bowl and tied together with a bright ribbon. White and red combinations please this sign so flanking the bouquet with bright white daffodils or the surprise of a bright white tulip is also a nice idea.


The sensuous Taurus native loves the beguiling smell of Lilacs and they usually start blossoming in the month of May. Big blustery bundles of these blossoms in a violet or deep purple color make a beautiful centerpiece or decoration for the mantelpiece of a Bullís home.  The bouquet can be accented by little blue Forget Me Knots or clusters of delicate pink rhodendendrums to make a beautiful display.


The peony is the signature of blossom of the Gemini so this makes the very best Spring flower bouquet for this sign. Peonies are old fashioned and are almost fake looking; as if they are made out of Kleenex tissue They come in many colors including white, pink, yellow and fuschia but probably the favorite of most Geminis are the delicate baby pink peonies crushed together in a large bowl so that their petals slowly drop on the table. Peonies also look beautiful paired with large spiking branches of cherry blossoms and pussy willows.  A single peony also looks lovely simply dropped in a round glass bowl.


This sentimental sign loves delicate clusters or red or pink bleeding hearts contrasted with tall purple lupines and other dark pink blossoms such as coral bells (tall spiky stems with tiny pink flower sitting on top of them. They go for wild, yet expressive bouquets that also contain touches of trailing foliage such as dark green ivy backed by large tall spiky clumps of bright yellow forsythia.  Tufts of Solomonís Seal plant also round out this type of bouquet nicely.


This sign loves the sensuality of a beautiful tall of arrangement of pussy willows, big fat bull rushes  and truncated birch bark placed together in a tall vase and then put in a hallway or near a doorway. The Lion is a showy sign so the taller the arrangement the better.  A tall bundle of bright yellow and purple hyacinths are also a good choice for a dining room centerpiece for this sign. The flower, Basket of Gold, also appeals to this sign as the tiny clustered buds are the color of the Sun.


This sign prefers bouquets that are simple and pure in nature such as a bunch of bright white anemones. Little clusters of crocuses and forget-me-nots set in individual smaller vases around the house suit the style of the Virgin.  Tall white tulips paired with white daffodils and gardenias are also ideal for more formal get-togethers that require a majestic looking centerpiece and look lovely if tied together with a fat satin ribbon and then stood up in a vase.


The Libra loves whimsical flowers such as Lily-of-the-Valley and periwinkles clustered together in a small vase. Tiny violets, coral bells and creeping flox look nice decorating a large yellow or pink cluster of primroses.  The Libra does not opt for large showy displays of flower, opting instead for a single tall purple iris or one showy double bloomed red tulip from a garden.  Wild roses, sacred to the Venus, (which is the ruler of the sign) are a lucky bouquet.


Scorpios like single arrangements of big classy bloom. A perfect spring flower arrangement for a Scorpio will include clusters of big spiky red Easter cactuses. Fruit tree blooms delight the senses of this sexy sign that enjoys artful displays of cherry blossom or apple blossom branches paired with pussy willows and trailing honeysuckle vines.


This sign loves the bold, signature lines of the  Oriental poppy with itís bizarrely leaf-less twisting stems.  The artistic archers also like the arty exotic look of Euphorbia, a type of perennial that grows smaller bright lime green flowers. These look wonderful in bouquets that combine the shock of a pink Dianthus, a bright orange Hibiscus or pristine white Lily of the Valley Bells.


The Capricorn loves the distinctive look and smell of hyacinth. These lush flowers grow in tall spikes with a dozen or more trumpeting flower blooms circling the stem.  They come in purples and pinks but the height of elegance for the Capricorn is a large lush bundle of these in white. Capricorns also like the lush look of white double tulips. For a less formal bouquet, a simple bouquet of violets suits the Goat.


Big bundles of white daffodils express the personality of the Pisces native well. It is the birth flower of the month of March.  The tubular cluster of inner petals looks like trumpets which is symbolic of the Aquarian compulsion of the trumpeting of good news. The flower belongs to the Narcissus plant group which is heady, sexy and also associated with new ideas, cheer and a positive future; all ideals of the Aquarian. For a simpler bouquet, this air sign enjoys a tiny bouquet of royal purple periwinkles in a simple glass.


The small blue blooms of crocuses, columbines and  Forget-Me-Nots make delightful simple bouquets for the Fish. The bright saucy orange color of Geraniums appeals to this sign as they are a merry reminder that Summer is coming.  They look particularly charming when entwined with the bright yellow spiky buds of the Honeysuckle vine.  This sign is also very much cheered by tiny clusters of violets and buttercups displayed in a vase.

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