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Summer 2010 Zodiac Fashion Guide
Fashion Zodiac Summer of 2010 The Summer of 2010 promises to be a hot and steamy one. Pre-apocalyptic chic is definitely on the agenda along with super sexy clothes to keep the effects of global warming at bay.

Here is a look at what each sign should wear this summer to be fashionable.


Both sexes look good in red and orange and a bold graphic print. If you don’t like standing out in a crowd, just add a touch of red in a scarf.

Patent leather sandals or shoes suit this sign. Just make sure the heel is low enough to be comfortable, as this busy sign loves to get around.

A well cut jacket with a Nehru collar is a must-have summer item for male Rams and females look great in full ethnic inspired summer skirts.


Both sexes are suited to tones of brown beige and pink. Cargo pants with a lot of pockets also suit both sexes, as long as they are nicely tailored.

Practical running shoes suit this sign, as do water sandals and shoes that help facilitate a workout.

A cool, well tailored dress with a boat neck is a must-have item for a female Bull and male Bulls must have black tight fitting t-shirts to make them look sexy.


Gold is a color that suits both sexes well for summer 2010. Gold purses, jewelry, and cufflinks add a touch of richness to casual clothing.

High heeled sandals embellished with laces and buckles emphasize the Gemini woman’s lithe figure. The men look great in gladiator style sandals.

Long flowing peasant dresses in merry colors of pink or yellow suit the freedom loving Gemini female and the males look good in yellow, pink, or blue shirts made out of the finest Egyptian cotton.


Pink and red are the best color for both sexes. Beaded or sequined accessories and clothing are also very hip looking on this sign.

Sandals that are flat and feature lots of copper or bronze touches look great on both sexes. Forest green boots look great for hiking.

A tight tailored suede jacket looks great over a summer dress on female crabs. The males look great in black or green suede windbreakers.


The Lion suits all shades of light blue and yellow. Flowing shirts of white Egyptian cotton look good on both sexes.

Jesus sandals look good on both sexes. Females should paint their toes and males should make sure their feet are well manicured. A pair of Adidas suits Leo hikers of both sexes.

Female lions look magnificent in long flowing halter dresses and the males look quite fantastic in peasant blouses in brightly colored embroidered cotton.


Virgins suit purple and powder blue colors. Both sexes look great in clothing that has a bit of a Victorian flair.

Brown leather boots and sandals with no frills suit this sign. The most important thing to a Virgo is comfort and ease of movement, so brands like Clarks and Roots suit this practical sign the best.

Female Virgins look great in tailored “hot pants” and the males look great in neat cargo shorts and sleeveless white shirts.


Libra males and females look fantastic in lavenders and purples. Beaded peasant belts and blouses suit both sexes.

Librans like black leather boots and shoes of the highest quality. Variants of the gladiator sandal or vintage black running shoe look great on both sexes as well.

The females look fantastic is sexy little cool black dresses and the males look sensual in light cotton linen pants and shirt ensembles.


Scorpio natives look great in black and red. Whether it is just a touch of red at the neck or red sunglasses, the color can make them look quite glamorous.

Scorpio women like high heeled gold sandals, preferably with lots of foil blings or plastic heels. The men look fashionable in quality Italian sandals in black leather or animal skins like crocodile or alligator.

The females look great in long flowing halter dresses in bright primary colors. The same goes for the men. Scorpios also look and keep cool in satin shirts and dresses.


These world travelers look great in beige and military green colors. A touch of army camouflage in an accessory or a military cap looks great on both sexy.

Both sexes also look great in footwear that have a military touch to their design. The Doc Martin boot or sandal in a bright color suits both well as this is a sign that likes to walk long distance.

The females look wonderful in tight fitting forties style vintage dresses. The men look good dressed head-to-toe in light colored linen suits.


Capricorns look well dressed in easy breezy striped clothing. Both sexes can get away with wearing seersucker or other vintage fabrics.

Both women and men prefer white shoes for summer. Tennis running shoes are the practical choice for both sexes.

The females look gorgeous in Victorian frills and peasant beading. Capricorn men look dapper in cream or light green colored suits.


Aquarians look good in purples, greens, and dark blues. The silkier and filmier the fabric is the cooler this space age sign will look.

Gold and silver sandals suit the female Aquarian and black running shoes or sandals suit the male. Aquarians also look good in cotton Chinese slippers.

Silk and rayon look wonderful on both sexes. A shiny purple summer dress looks great on a female Aquarian and a light green or purple silk shirt looks great on the male.


Emerald green suits this sign as does aqua and violet. Touches of orange in an accessory compliment any green in an outfit.

Canvas shoes are most comfortable for this sign that likes to run around with ease. Flip flops with jewels attached suit the females.

Floral prints look wonderful on female fishes and the males look great in tuxedo shirts with ruffles. White flowing cotton shirts look great on both sexes!

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