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Summer Movie Watching for Each Zodiac Sign
Best Summer Movies for Your Horoscope Summer is time for kicking back, relaxing and escaping the heat in the local movie theaters. This summer, the theaters will be showcasing a variety of flicks and there is something going to be on the silver screen to suit every single Zodiac sign.


The movie that will most appeal to Rams this summer is Transformers 3 (released June 29, 2011). This violent and super-sophisticated science fiction film combines the future with the historical element of the space race between the U.S.S.R and the U.S.A. It is perfect for the Ram who likes fast-paced films that are exciting and contemporary and yet have a link to the past. This film also appeals to the Ram’s need to watch subterfuge and well done CGI effects.


The Taurus native absolutely loves animals, so “The Zookeeper” (starring Adam Sandler and released July 8, 2011) fits the bill. It is about a lonely guy who learns, like Dr. Doolittle, how to talk to the animals. The Bull also likes to laugh and this comedy is full of the kind of rude and suggestive adolescent humor that they love. Bulls also like movies that are slightly sentimental and show the hero saving the day at the last minute, as the character that Adam Sandler plays in this film does.


The Gemini likes a good mystery and movies about fake identities and double indemnities. "The Chameleon," out in theaters on July 8th, tells the story of a young man who reunites with his family. However, the family becomes suspicious as to whether this man is actually their sun and not just another clever conman. The Gemini enjoys dramas that are extremely dramatic and that analyzes toxic human behavior as this one does.


The Cancer native enjoys a light-hearted romantic movie and "Larry Crowne" (starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts) is a good example of this type of film. Tom Hanks plays a man who is downsized from his job and who then enrolls in a community college where he falls in love with a sexy professor played by Roberts. These characters are easy for the sensitive, yet practical Cancer native to identify with. This easy-going comedy about beginning again entered theaters on July 1st, 2011.


The Lion loves films about war and the film, "Ironclad," released in theaters on July 8, 2011 fits the bill perfectly. It is an action adventure film that is set in Medieval England. It is about a bitter civil war that came to its bloody denouement in Rochester Castle. The excellent cast, which includes Paul Giamatti and Richard Attenborough, will appeal to the Lion who tends to walk right out of movies that do not feature great actors, violence and a bit of sex. This movie has it all; sex, violence and a bit of history.


Prim and proper Virgos love staid romantic comedies with little violence. The perfect movie for Virgins to enjoy this summer is "Monte Carlo," which features Andie McDowell. This film about three girls taking a trip to Paris and being falsely accused of stealing a million dollar bracelet from a British socialite. This movie has the wit, moral issues, and fashionable clothing that would keep most Virgos entertained. Monte Carlo opened July 1st in theaters.


A Libra loves a good thriller, especially if it is a bit corny. "Septien: Smother the Demons" is the story of a man who returns to his hometown after disappearing for 19 years.  This cleverly crafted story, which is both a drama and a comedy, is produced by IFC and opened in theaters on July 1st. It is also a bit of an arty film which appeals to the Libran love of beautiful and moody images.


This spooky sign is well known for liking anything to do with the occult. "The Ward," released on July 8th, is about a woman who is terrorized by a ghost after being sent to a mental ward. This psychological horror is directed by the famous horror director John Carpenter, who is adept at both blatant violence and stories with amazing, yet cruel psychological twists.


This sign likes a good psychological thriller that is not too violent and a bit witty. "The Perfect Host," which stars David Hyde Pierce and is in theaters on July 1, 2011, fits the bill. The movie features a criminal on the run who cons his way into an invitation to a dinner party. However, the host reveals himself to be a bit of criminal himself.


The Capricorn native likes the security of sticking what he or she knows. Anything in the Harry Potter series is a known quantity so the Capricorn will enjoy watching a big summer release. "Harry Potter and The Death Hallows Part II" is perfect for the Capricorn. This family oriented sign also like bringing their kids to the movies as well. This movie also has the touch of mysticism and high production values that fussy Capricorns really do enjoy watching as well.


This sign loves to laugh and they love any movie that has a bit of a humane or humorous streak to it. The film "Horrible Bosses," which was released on July 8th, features an all star cast that includes Jason Bateman, Kevin Spacey, Colin Farrell, and Jennifer Aniston. The film is about disgruntled employees who concoct a foolproof plan to murder off their respective employers. This irreverent film also has a lot of slapstick and crude content, which appeals to the anti-authoritarian streak in the rebellious Aquarius. This sign hates anything to do with the corporate world it is perfect for an Aquarian to watch.


This humanitarian sign really enjoys movies about human nature. The Fish would enjoy "Love Etc," which features 5 real stories about love in New York. The movie discusses traditional love birds, high school sweethearts, lovers in their eighties, the trials of a gay single man, and an Indian wedding.  Fishes will really enjoy the multi-cultural and heart-warming aspects of this film which is in theaters as of July 1, 2011.

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By Mary, Wednesday, July 20, 2011 03:14:21 PM
You're kidding right?? I am a Pisces and that is so far off course from what I like it is insane. Also goes the same for my Capricorn hubby. He hates those types of movies. Is this hype to promote these movies? I have a Pisces gf who feels the same way about this type of movie.
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