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Ten Things Your Zodiac Sign Hates
Ten Things Your Zodiac Sign Hates Each member of the zodiac sign has it's own pet peeves and annoyances. Here is a breakdown of the top ten things that drive each zodiac sign crazy!


People that shuffle when they walk
Unreturned phone calls
Cell phones that don't work
Animals in cages
People who twitter on online chats
People who don't get right to the point
People who are lousy dancers
Late trains, planes or airplanes
People who dress too casually
Country music


People who brag too much
Mess and disorganization
Clothing that is torn or missing buttons
Bad cooks
Being ignored in public
Public speaking
People who don't wear deodorant
Being the butt of humor or practical jokes
Not being smart or as an intellectual
Fast food


People without a sense of humor
Not constantly being the center of attention
Broken clocks and watches
Bad wine
Shoes that you can't dance in
People who talk slowly
People that walk too slow
Pessimistic individuals
Addicted people
Broken technology


Too much heat
Itchy wool
Having to sleep on the couch
People who show up early
People who are bad or sloppy dressers
Being criticized in any way
Violent movies
Ungrateful children
Losing their sunglasses
People who steal the spotlight


People who dress better than them
People with better cars than them
Being ignored
Being provoked to jealousy
Being too cold
Being too wet
Being forced to go to church
Being trapped inside on a sunny day
Being told to slow down
Being told they can't flirt


People who are messy or disorganized
People who do not return calls
People who don't wear watches
People who don't do their taxes
People who don't return memos
Wasting time on Facebook
People who use bad grammar
People who swear too much
Emotional confrontations or scenes
Stand up comedians


People who tell them to turn down the music
People who look down at junk food
Litter in parks
People who steal flowers
People who are cruel to animals
People who do not return calls
One night stands
Bad haircuts
People who abuse drugs
Parents who discipline children


People who borrow their pen and never return it
Lovers that don't orgasm
Being made jealous by a lover
Being outshone at any task
Dining without dignity
Being the victim of gossip
Being accused of being unfaithful (even if they are)
People who are too trendy
People who claim to be psychic
Not being able to park in the handicapped space


Late trains, planes, or automobiles
Not flying first class
Companions who get seasick
People who complain too much
People who are afraid to take risks
Being accused of being bad with money
People who expect them to be on time
Lost luggage
Animal abuse
Reading about human rights violations


People who waste money
People who ask for loans
People who do not pay back loans
People who do not discipline their children
Contractors that do not keep promises
People who leave the cap off the toothpaste
Poetry readings
Being asked to be a chauffeur
Being asked to leave the kids at home
Bad haircuts


People who dress in a boring way
Junk food
Talking about the past
Those that aren't practical
People who don't pick up after their pets
A lack of loyalty
Being the third wheel to a couple
Getting their hands dirty


Places that are too hot
Losing their sunglasses
Polluted water
People who laugh too loud
People who walk away from arguments
Being denied access to grandchildren
Having to wear prescription glasses
Cars that waste energy
Slow drivers


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By Katrina, Saturday, September 26, 2009 10:41:21 PM
HA, I'm LMAO I'm a Saggitarius, and I absolutely have no tolerance for complainers, people who get sea sick and my personal favorite, reading about human rights violations.While I believe some claims are legit I think most are utter BS, and I can't stand to read anything about it.Its almost like the complainers put there story in writing,I hate that the most.
By Julie, Thursday, September 03, 2009 11:17:58 PM
Im a Gemini, and I disagree with most of the 10 things they say are my pet peeves!! Thought I'd post my comment , since I hadnt seen any other comments from Gemini's!
By Eric, Friday, July 31, 2009 12:34:29 PM
I am a Aquarius and I honestly could care less about people who don't pick up after there pets.
By Laurie, Saturday, July 25, 2009 04:24:28 PM
I think this is pretty off. Speaking for myself, only 2 out of 10 correct. Speaking for others I do know very well, they get 2 or 3 out of 10 correct. Have to remember that we are individuals by birth time down to the minute, not a generalized month. How many minutes are in one horoscope sign? For me, and my friends, way off the mark.
By Bernette, Friday, March 13, 2009 04:38:56 PM
Yep..Scorpio,that's me! Yep Husband Virgo..fits him...our Son Aries yep..100%
By Happy, Monday, February 23, 2009 07:52:37 PM
I don't know how it happened. But being a Crab, I have to say, I laughed when i read the things, becasuse they were so TRUE!!! I hate being hot, can't stand it! I hate wool. I hate ungrateful children. I hate when I lose my sunglasses, because it's such a pain to find a pair I really like and fit me. I am very sensitive to critisism. I have always been fashion conscience. I mean since I was a child! I remember being three years old and telling my mom I was NOT going to wear the clothes she wanted me to put on because they didn't match!! Thanks for the article, I fwd'ed it on to friends. PS I think the Aires is pretty on target. Maybe CW music was the wrong genre, but I know lots of Rams, that love Texas type music, Americana.
By Ehyse, Monday, February 23, 2009 12:33:43 PM
People who borrow their pen and never return it (I love pens), Being made jealous by a lover, Being outshone at any task (only if it is a task important to me), Being the victim of gossip, and People who are too trendy may apply to me as a Scorpio. 5 out of 10.....
By Stephanie, Monday, February 23, 2009 12:22:23 PM
I'm a Pisces. Have a Virgo rising and a Sagittarius Moon. I found this posting to be a lot of fun. As well the comments! We each tend not to see outselves as others see us. The only comment I have is the use of the word "hate". Perhaps if the article's title was changed to "10 Things Your Zodiac Sign Deplores" one would still incorporate the possible shadow side of our signs without the intense negative energy which surrounds the word "hate". This negative energy is directly responsible for the intense and aggressive rebuttals. I believe this site to be an arena of "Spirit Now - Our Online Spirituality Destination". Hence, this site's energy is a nemesis of the word "hate", and thus the word "hate" has no place in this arena. It's energy has taken away the Spiritual warmth one looks for on this site. And the women glaring at each other, although visually defines the word "hate" perfectly, is definitely not visually spiritual. Silvia, are you aware of this article's title? Spoken like a true Pisces, eh wot!
By Patricia, Monday, February 23, 2009 10:25:30 AM
I am a Scorpio, my husband a Taurus, my 16 year old daughter an Aries and my 12 year old daughter a Leo. Not too many apply to my Leo daughter, though a few do. The others have most qualities that are right on the money!
By Christina, Monday, February 23, 2009 10:08:35 AM
Being a Taurus is wonderful! These things match me plus much more. These are simply sentences in comparison to the more detailed paragraphs! I love the differences in each sigh.

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