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The Astrology of Donald Trump
Donald Trump Astrology Chart Have you ever wondered how Donald Trump rose to fame as one of the richest and most respected moguls in the world? Well, according to his astrological chart, half of it was luck and the other half was a unique and innovative approach to dealing with money. He has made a fortune estimated at $1 billion by finding and buying losing properties and turning them around. Lately, he has been in the conversation of running for U.S. President.

He was born June 14th, 1946 at 9:51 EST, which makes him a Gemini. The fourth of five kids, he grew up in Queens, New York.

The Gemini is the sign of the true maverick and also the sign of the true dandy, which could account for his P.T. Barnum approach to real estate development as well as his strange taste in hair and ties. Like most Geminis, he has also had several relationships instead of one in his life. It is also nothing for him to have fifty projects going at the same time – it is second nature.

As Gemini is the sign of communication, it is not surprising that his television show, “The Apprentice” has done so well. Also, if you are wondering if he could win a presidential election if he ran, the answer is an absolute resounding “YES!”

Although Donald Trump prides himself on being “the boss,” one of the secrets to his success might be the fact that he is actually a good team player too. His Gemini sun is in the eleventh house, which means that he is secretly very cooperative when he wants to get something done. In other words, he is not really an autocrat; he just plays one on T.V. He would be equally wonderful to work with if he was President, mainly because despite what he says, he is very conscious of what people think of him and want to him to think the best of him. People with a sun in the eleventh house also usually happen to be very connected socially and politically. Almost everybody would take a phone call from Trump – and take the calls seriously no matter what it was.

However, as exciting as his personal life is, what is most interesting are the items in his astrological chart that signify his strong leadership and moneymaking abilities.
First of all, being a Gemini with a Sagittarius moon creates an individual with a broad ability to get along with a lot of different types of people. This is a very sociable combination and an individual with this placement of the sun and the moon would certainly know how to talk people into anything. There would be more than just talk as the sensitivity and fairness of a Sagittarius moon would make sure that any deal that was made would have benefits for both parties.

However, sometimes that adventurous and ruthless Sagittarius moon can cause Trump problems. This is because it is opposite his natal Uranus in his chart. He may have great timing in business, but lousy timing when it comes to his personal relationships. It is the stamp of the workaholic. This is also a trait that is common to Geminis.  He has to constantly remind himself to spend quality time with his family. One solution to this dilemma is to also hire your children to work for you as Trump has.

However, the real key to his accumulation of riches is the Jupiter trine Uranus in his chart. This is just plain lucky – there is no other real description for it. Trump is blessed with a candid openness, optimism, and enthusiasm for new ideas. His Gemini sun blends nicely with this trine and gives him the willingness to go out of limb. Trump also has a great sense of timing and is an uncanny and accurate judge of other people’s character. He is also blessed with the ability to swiftly make decisions and then carry them out.

His Leo rising represents the flashy and competitive part of his nature that he is so famous for. Everything he does is accomplished with great pride and creativity. Leo is a sign that must be number one and Trump has obviously outdone himself when it comes to outdoing everyone else. This Leo rising also accounts for why Trump can be so comfortable in front of the television cameras or enjoys being filmed associated with his favorite sports teams. It also accounts why he feels completely confident and even compelled to say insulting things about other people on camera. Leo energy like this will not be ignored and seek out attention; even if it is negative attention.

The Leo rising also makes Trump extremely stubborn, sometimes to his detriment. Yet at the same time it fires him up every morning with the inspiration and good health that he needs to accomplish as much as he does in a day. One way he protects himself from nervous exhaustion is to make himself quite self-sufficient personally. He will only deal with individuals that he feels are not going to drain him of his energy.

Furthermore, his radiant good health and boundless energy, which is so necessary to maintain a busy successful entrepreneur like The Donald, is indicated by the planet Mars (aggression) conjunct his Leo first House. This gives an individual an enormous amount of energy as well as personal charisma. However, this placement is better for someone who likes to see his or her image on billboard than for a picture in a love locket. Many people who get involved with this Type A personality cannot stand the passion and intensity caused by the Mars conjunct the first house.

Luckily, Donald Trump also has his moon trining his ascendant. This is an astrological configuration that can make a person very famous. Usually, the person with this configuration is loved just as much for the flaws as their virtues. The Sagittarius moon trining his Leo ascendant also inspires confidence in others and it is a common feat in well-known people who are considered to be folk Heroes or pillars of the community. This is also an indication that Trump could easily and without much trouble, find himself sitting in The White House.

When Donald Trump talks about how important it is for him to win, he is not kidding. This is indicated by the planet Jupiter sextiling his ascendant. This is the mark of a competitive individual who a goal to go for in life or they get very unhappy.

Anyone who has been following Trump’s career knows that he can get involved in petty arguments. Trump’s Gemini Sun opposes his Pluto which creates a presumptuous, defensive, and boastful individual. This lack of self-control and ego run riot is also usually what drives women away from him in his relationships.

For the most part, Donald Trump is a “what you see is what you get.” Despite his sometimes bombastic ways, he would most likely be one of the most candid and honest presidents that the United States has ever had. He might  also be almost abnormally efficient compared to his predecessors simply because his Gemini energy makes him able to understand and accomplish any miracle he likes.

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