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The Astrology of Jon & Kate Plus 8
Astrology of Jon & Kate Plus 8 On Monday night, television’s beloved mommy and daddy, Jon and Kate Gosselin, announced that they were divorcing. To some people, this is no surprise as these two lived a so-called fun family life that would be very stressful for most. This was confirmed by divorce papers that were initiated between the two and filed at the Bucks County Courthouse in Doylestown, PA.

With sextuplets and a pair of twins, the Gosselins were hardly your typical American family. Jon and Kate were the ambitious parents of this adorable bunch and they are battling all odds to make sure their family has a normal, happy childhood.

From an astrological perspective, these two are an interesting couple because they are both born under the sign of Aries. Kate was born March 28, 1975 and Jon was born on April 1, 1977 with their Aries Suns only four degrees apart.  This makes the two of them almost absurdly similar in personality.

However, what is interesting about this is that these two were not into child rearing at all in the first place. The Ram is not a very parental sign and is it cherishes freedom and independence.  What does make sense though is that they parlayed their life with all of those kids into a popular reality television show on TLC in the first place.

It is also unusual for two Aries to remain in an enduring partnership. The relationship is ruled by fire and much of what goes on between the two verbally could be inflammatory to say the least. However they probably shared the mutual ambition to be famous.

Both also have Pluto opposing their Sun. This can translate to mean “a life turned upside down.”  This is certainly true for these two who had twins, sextuplets, a hit television show, and who are now about to go through a terrible public divorce.

During the hour long special on television, Kate kept stressing the concept of togetherness and strength for the couple even though they were divorcing. That is because she has Jupiter conjuncting her Aries Sun. This creates a personality that is very practical, generous and optimistic. There is no doubt she will survive the infidelity smelling like roses.

The infidelity can be blamed on the fact that Jon has Venus in Aries.  This creates a short-sighted, impulsive individual. Kate would have never have been unfaithful to him because her Venus is in stable Taurus.

Kate is a very tough woman and that fact that she has Mars in Aquarius might actually have her create a situation where Jon is able to come back to her. People with this placement are very tolerant and progressive in their thinking and tend to think about what is best for all. Jon has Mars in Pisces, which means that of the two, he has the weaker personality. However, he is also very sentimental so it is doubtful that he will be gone from this family for long. They will likely work it out for the sake of their enormous family.

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By Gina, Wednesday, June 24, 2009 11:32:22 AM
I believe these two people forgot who they were due to this new fame on TV. Jon who was the love of Kate's life and wage earner is now Mr.Kate and a stay at home dad which has taken it's toll. The structure of their family is gone and replaced with money and fame as the focus. The kids will suffer.
By Christine, Wednesday, June 24, 2009 11:07:08 AM
Whoever wrote this is obviously a biased Kate fan. Seriously, that woman is no saint - I can only imagine the years of therapy her poor kids are going to need because Mommy wanted to be famous.
By Debbie, Wednesday, June 24, 2009 09:23:36 AM
I heard she is a real B!@#!...No wonder he is getting out. You can tell by the show who the boss is. She wanted the fame and the money i think he just wanted a plain family life. What a shame the kids have to suffer.

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