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The Best Dwellings For Each Zodiac Sign
Best Dwelling for Each Zodiac Sign

Condo, House, or Farm? Have you ever wondered what the stars might have to say about where you might be the happiest living? Each Zodiac sign is different when it comes to determining where to feel the coziest when they come home at night. After all, one sign’s sanctuary is another sign’s hell hole.

Here is a breakdown of where each sign prefers to live where when it comes to the ideal dwelling:


The Aries native likes a smaller place simply because they are so busy and it is easier to keep a smaller abode clean. This is why condos are ideal for them. They also like the idea of looking out over broad vistas so if they do live in an apartment or condo, it is nice for them to be high in the air. This is because this ambitious sign likes to think that “the world is mine” and there is nothing like a glorious view to reinforce that idea. This is also one of those signs that truly enjoys the bustle and hustle of living downtown within easy walking distance of bars and places where they can social climb and meet people.


The Bull loves to garden and the bigger it is, the happier they will be. That is why rural life and living on a farm suits them very well. They also thrive in a place where they can keep lots of animals. Even if they are living downtown, a Taurus prefers a house or renting the main floor of a house so they can tend to the front and back yards. The ideal dwelling for the Bull must also have a state of the art stove and fridge, because this sign loves to cook. A large dining room is also a must for this sign that is fond of having meals with their families and friends. Yet another must have item for a Taurus is a barbecue in the backyard for entertaining.


This is an air sign who loves to live in a glass and mirrored treehouse, so condo living is ideal. Geminis are very creative, so another must-have in their living quarters would be that “room with a view” that is private and allows them to create their works of genius. They also like to entertain and are most likely to choose a condo or apartment with a pool, roof top patio, or entertainment facilities of some kind. They must have a big bedroom with a walk in closet because this sign will collect shoes and clothes. Whether they live in a house, condo, or apartment, this social sign also thrives living downtown in more urban environments where they have easy access to art galleries, theaters, cafes and restaurants.


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This water sign likes to live near a beach or the water, but if that is not possible, then the apartment or condo that they live in should have a nice big courtyard fountain. In fact, any place that the Crab lives in is also enhanced by an indoor fountain, aquarium, or even a birdbath in the backyard. This sign prefers to be on the ground floor and is one of the signs that is happier renting a basement. This is because a Cancer can make even the humblest of abodes seem very cozy. The Cancer’s car is very important to them, so having a garage to park their vehicle in is also paramount. Cancers also like to garden so living in a house with nice neighbors is more preferable than living in a condo or apartment.


This sign likes to think big, so ideally the Lion would like to live in their own monster home in the newest and flashiest subdivision in town.  However, they also do well in condos, as long as it is a state of the art place with a grand view and huge bedroom and living room. Lions feel very claustrophobic in basements, but they also are not that happy living too high up in the air. Wherever they live, they like to have a barbecue on the backyard or patio for entertaining. They are also fond of homes that have luxurious features, such as a big covered patio, an outdoor patio, or a pool. Even though a Leo will rarely use it, the look of the kitchen really matters to them. The appliances must be stainless steel and state of the art.



This is an air sign, so a tree house type dwelling is ideal. The highest floor of an apartment or condo suits the sign of the scales just fine. This sign is ruled by Venus, so a sense of order and beauty is paramount. The bedroom is very important to this sign because they need somewhere to steal away with their lover. This sign thrives in an urban environment, yet at the same time craves isolation and silence. They like to live in a downtown core with access to galleries and local cafes yet at the same time consider their home to be their private sanctuary. They are usually set up to entertain one special guest rather than a crowd, so a Libra can fit into a much smaller apartment or condo then most. In the long run, this saves this sign a lot of money! They also have a knack for organizing and decorating any space, so that it seems beautiful. This artistic sign also appreciates a room with a view where they can do arts, crafts, sewing, play music and write.



This picky sign loves to garden so a rural site is the best choice for them. They don’t like too much excitement, so they do well on farms or in big subdivisions. They also like the convenience of living near big malls and supermarkets and, for the most part, detest living near noisy bars or too much culture. Even if they are living downtown, a Taurus prefers a house or renting the main floor of a house so they can tend to the front and back yards. The sign of Virgo also appreciates having a dining room and living room that is very fashionable. Most of them never use these rooms except for company and instead live in the kitchen or a family room. This is why a roomier apartment or house is better for this sign that likes things to be well ordered. A walk in closet is also a must for organized Virgos.


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This water sign likes to live above ground and somewhere very glamorous, preferably where there is a view of a lake or an ocean. They thrive in condos that have all the latest luxury features and absolutely need a state of the art kitchen, a bar, and a large bedroom to accommodate their seduction techniques. They also appreciate a home with a large and roomy bathroom that has a shower that is big enough for two. The Scorpio is also very attached to their car, so having a garage to park their flashy vehicle is also a big priority. The home must have an underground garage or a covered garage. They like living downtown the most as they love culture and meeting people at local cafes and bars.


The sign of the Archer is very sophisticated and urbane, and loves to live downtown or near downtown. Arts, culture, and meeting friends for drinks and meals are very important to them. They also love architecture and will choose to live in an older home or one that is designed by an eccentric architect.  Many of them travel for business and will actually choose to live in a subdivision that is near an airport. However, there are certain Sagittarians that are very much into horseback riding and other outdoor activities and these Archers may prefer to live on a farm. More so than most signs, they do not mind a long commute to work if it is necessary, as they find driving or travelling on a train to be very relaxing.


The sign of the Goat is quite pastoral in nature and prefers a large spread in the country or in the mountains. Capricorns also make good farmers. If they live in town, they will prefer to buy rather than rent because they are very status conscious and believe that “renting is for losers.” The house or apartment that they do end up on tends to be large and sprawling, and the Capricorn feels most comfortable on the ground, first and second floors. A big dining room and kitchen is a must for this sign that loves to entertain family and friends. Many Capricorns have huge formal front and back gardens that they love to tend to as well as large, well organized garages in which to keep their tools. The Goat is also very likely to buy a second vacation home like a condo or cottage.


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The Aquarian is visionary and airy and does very well even in the smallest of condos. They usually have their life pared down to the minimal, most high tech equipment available in the first place. They love the convenience of apartments and condos that have party spaces and communal rooftop patios. A microwave is an absolute requirement as is a state of the art fridge. Most of them prefer a shower to a space consuming bathtub. They are careerists, so wherever they live, must have a work-at-home-office. They are just as happy living downtown as they are uptown. They don’t mind commuting by car or train as they find these trips to be an opportunity to reflect on their goals or to read a good book.


The Piscean prefers living on the ground floor in a house. They do not like the hustle and bustle of downtown living and instead prefer the peace and quiet of living in suburbia. They also like cars and must live in a place where this is quality parking. They enjoy living by water, but are not as insistent on it as the other water signs. They enjoy the convenience of living near big supermarkets and malls or near recreational areas such as public parks or golf courses.  They will also prefer to own rather than rent as Pisceans like to be wise with their money.  A Piscean also despises decay or anything run down and will always choose to rent or own something that is in very decent shape.

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By theresa, Wednesday, January 12, 2011 11:09:18 AM
also gemins hates shoes and stuff I prefer jeans ,tshirts ,dress only in a leather jacket when going out, I look ridiculous in dress ,so nice dress jeans and a nice dress shirt I look good only a few dress look good on me and they got to be comfortable other then that sneakers r my style I know more then 14 geminis who agree we party only with family and friends cause we r shny and our closests r not clutter with shoes and clothes all the time its usaully cluttered with all our memories and pictures or what someone gave us lol my guy hates it I still got alot of stuff my kids gave me in my closests all thier stuff animals and other stuff so you got geminis all wrong but we do love pools and we do love small elitequiet groups as long as we can be comfortable and not judge and yes lots of opened spaces where there r stars but in the country area
By theresa, Wednesday, January 12, 2011 11:02:39 AM
me I live down by canobie lake park but my home is in a quieter nieghbor hood and the pond is in the back of my house its a quiet close neighborhood my trailor may grt clutter sometimes cause its small but I keep it as clean as I can love antiques hate high tech gadgets ,hate phones ,hate alot of noises ,unless its a good song then crank that puupy up ,love nature walks ,love all animals ,and love to have a few beers when football ,or some american game comes on but main point geminis and other signs r now turning to the country less voilance ,less stress ,less robberies ,less break ins less crap to deal with driving ,plus more quietness and sleep no landlords to deal with too
By theresa, Wednesday, January 12, 2011 10:54:40 AM
I live in a trailor now I am much happier bieng away from tje damn city .I am a gemini and apartments and condos drive me nuts cannot stand bieng near other people so your pretty much wrong about geminis bieng happy in condos or whatever .I like to live away from the city and I am less stressed and neverous about bieng shot or killed in the country setting plus less sicknesses too .I am alot healthyier out in the country so don't say geminis r happy in the cities we r not obiviously my mother in law is a gemini too she isn't too happy where she is but cannot afford to move because she lives in an apt but she only likes her friends and suffers there cause of that one reason ask the signs bfore you say all people r alike we r not
By NancyJane, Saturday, February 20, 2010 03:30:41 PM
I am an Aquarian and live in an 83 year old Bungalow style Cape Home that has been refurnished. I don't know about all th "high tech type stuff" I would prefer all the old fashioned antique type style. I do live by the water though and wouldn't have it any other way!!! Peace
By Sarah, Saturday, February 20, 2010 09:41:47 AM
I'm a Leo, and while I might think "grand" in terms of where I live.....the "grand" would apply to lots of land/green space with many trees and critters of the wilder nature such as deer and the like. My dwelling, while it needs to be clean and orderly can be plain and simple as long as it has lots of space, cabinets and lots of storage (to maintain the neat and orderly), a large dining room and lots of windows to see out and let light in. I live in a cluster home now, mainly because I've come of the age not to want outdoor maintenance of any kind on my agenda so I can have the freedom to travel our wonderful country.....but it offers everything I like including a good view with lots of green space. In the past, my favorite homes have been old farm house on acerage.....that is where I've been the, while the description isn't totally wrong, it isn't really very close to right. I think our moon signs might be more indicative our what our likes might be for our personality. For the house feels is by far more important that what it has to offer in amminities. Those you can always add if wanted. Interesting to think about and define. Wishing everyone a great day Sarah
By Jo Ann, Saturday, February 20, 2010 07:59:44 AM
Not this Libra girl! The last place I want to live in is a tiny cramped apartment. I prefer a 100 year old farm house because I am a primitive girl......
By Darlene, Saturday, July 11, 2009 12:59:37 AM a Virgo prefers a farm or rural area (check) and prefers living conveniently near a mall or supermarket??? Isn't that a little contradictory? Or are you just trying to cover all the bases?
By Florence, Thursday, July 09, 2009 02:39:48 PM
I am an aquarius ...but .... i dontlike smallspaces andi love large rooms toput everythng id liketo have plus furiniture of myliking anoutdoors i want losts ospace fortrees adnshrubs adflowers andveggies adni have nearly 10acres. because I have dogs lots of tehmn acordign tomost people but are my family pets so now crowded placesforme so therading did nto apply to me. very much! I hate crowded city living!!!esp apts .
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