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The Best Way For Each Sign To Save Money
Best Ways to Save Money In these difficult economic times, here is a look at how each sign can best save money.


Rams have a real weakness for expensive business clothes and high quality shoes. It may be time to dump the preference for linen or silk and change that in for cotton or Lycra instead. Imitations of designer shoes are also plentiful nowadays too.

Rams also love to eat out and charge it to their credit card. They will do this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Bagging the lunch every now and then and eating other meals at home will go a long way towards helping this sign save money.


This sign is a great cook and has a weak spot when it comes to buying cookbooks and fancy cooking utensils.  The bull can save money by cutting back on buying fancy gadgets and getting recipes over the internet or out of books at the public library instead.

Another weakness of this sign is spending money on renting movies or on expensive cable television. Downloading movies from the internet is a lot cheaper.


The Gemini can be a compulsive shopper, especially when it comes to clothes and books so they need to be careful with their credit card. Setting a limit on what can be spent during any outing or not using the credit card unless there is an emergency is a good attitude for the Gemini to adopt.

Geminis also tend to rent rather than buy property.  Many of them need to improve their credit ratings before they can buy because they are so careless with money.  Spending some time to improve the credit rating goes a great way towards helping the Gemini get more stability and security in life.


This sign is better with money than most signs. They tend to have bank their funds and live very frugally. They also tend to buy homes earlier than most signs.  One criticism is that they sometimes “miss the boat” by being too afraid to take a bit of a gamble and do something like make an investment.

Cancer natives like jeweler and that is one place in their budget where they could cut back to save money. Selling any old jewelry or clothing might also help them make ends meet. Recycling clothes to a worthy cause also helps activate the Law of Attraction in the Cancer Native’s life.


The sign of the Lion is just simply to generous and careless with money. Once the paycheck is in hand, the Lion tends to spend it all in one go.  Being less self-indulgent and learning how to budget money really assists the Leo.

Yet another problem with Leos is that they tend to waste a lot of food. They have a habit of going to grocery store, buying too many perishables, and then they end up throwing it out. They also buy too much junk food, which is also wasteful. Keeping an eye on how they eat and making a shopping list before going to the grocery store can also greatly assist this sign.


This sign is actually quite good with money. During a recession, they tend to be a bit richer than most signs. One of their biggest weaknesses, however, is over extending themselves when it comes to investments. They will buy too much of a good thing and then forget that they do not have the funds or time to get it together.

Virgos seem tough but another weakness is lending money that they do not have to other people. If you are a Virgo and you are short funds, then a good thing to do this year might be to call in any outstanding loans from friends or relatives. Put them on a payment plan, if necessary, to make things right.


This sign loves beautiful things and can be a bit of a shopaholic. If this sign can resist splurging on the good things in life, even for just one month, then they stand to save a great deal of money. 

Yet another way for this sign (that always seems to be out of cash) to save money is to stop taking out cash advances from bank machines.  The interest on these cash advances makes the Libra’s expenses a lot higher than they ever have to be.  It is a good idea for this sign to make a budget and stick to it as well as carry cash only whenever they decide to go shopping.


This sign has a weakness for long distance phone calls and can blow a mint monthly when it comes to cell phone bills. Getting an online long distance chat like Skype or Yahoo instant messenger can help save on those long distance bills that the Scorpios rack up while wooing their lovers.

Yet another weak area when it comes to spending is alcohol and food. Scorpios are masters at the art of seduction and many spend a lot of money dining in the finest restaurants in town. Both sexes just love spending money on bouquets of flowers, but this is one luxury they could do without for a while if they want to save some money.


This sign loves to travel. An Air Miles card is absolutely essential for helping them to save money. Any credit card that gives points towards mileage or gas is also good for this sign that likes to take day jaunts to exotic places.

The Archer has a real weakness for antiques and loves to rummage around garage sales. Although this is an economical way to buy things, this sign has a way of buying way too much. Clutter can also be a problem in this sign’s life and according to the rules of Feng Shui, clearing some of the junk that they do not use or wear out of their life might be a good idea.  This helps to banish bad energy and help more money circulate through the home.


The Goat is one of the more economical of signs and usually manages to save and even prosper during a recession. That is because they usually have much more money in the bank in the first place. They are usually always prepared for a rainy day unless they lend too much money to relatives – the lead cause of Capricorns becoming broke!

Capricorns also have a weakness for the very finest in life, especially when it comes to wine and food. Cutting back on buying luxurious groceries can help them save a lot of money per month.  This does not mean that this sign cannot eat organic anymore. Growing vegetables in a garden might be a healthy and economical way for this sign to enjoy eating the fresh produce that they love.


This sign has a weakness for buying unnecessary items – like antiques and art. They also love the latest gadgets. If this sign is trying to save money, it is a good idea to shut off the Home Shopping Channel. Late night commercials, with their allure of vegetable choppers and Sham Wows, are also risky for this sign to watch as they just cannot risk getting out that credit card number.

Aquarians can save money by not being so compulsive with it. When they find something they like, they buy it in every color. They also take out a lot of cash advances from their credit card, thus incurring as much as thirty percent interest.  This is a bad habit to get into when it comes to spending.


The Fish is actually a fairly thrifty sign, but they do have weaknesses for things like expensive bottles of wine, the best music and also cable television. To save money, they should cut back on these luxuries. Even spending just a little less on a bottle of good wine and buying music from a used music store can help them.

This sign also often ends up lending too much money to relatives. This is the “Christian” sign that believes in compassion. They often don’t get paid back. They can address this matter by putting any leeches in their life on a payment plan!

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