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The Big January 4th Eclipse – What’s In Store For You?
Solar Eclipse - January 2011 On January 4th 2011 at 1:39 pm ET, there is a big solar eclipse in the sign of Capricorn (though it will only visible in North Africa and Southern Europe). This promises to be a fortunate, optimistic eclipse, even though it is square to Saturn. You will have to work hard for your rewards in the future, but at least things will come a little easier than they have in the past. This should be true for most signs.

It is also conjunct a star called Ascella, which has a wealth and love bringing influence. It is also a star that indicates marriage and bringing lovers together. If you have been in a loveless marriage, it could end this year, especially if you have your next partner waiting in the wings. 

This eclipse also trines Venus and Neptune in a way that helps keep us realistic about who our partners in life really are and how vulnerable they are to making mistakes. The moon is also conjunct an asteroid named Eros that is a very erotic and potent male energy. Many people will be leaving stale relationships to find a more challenging, sexually fulfilling relationships. Some will have the passion to make their existing relationships work.

This eclipse is likely to bring a sense of relief to most people. Things that are toxic, difficult or not practical will disappear and be replaced by rationality and helpful energies. There will be less emotional stress and secrets in people’s lives as well.

Here is a look at how this cleansing and energizing eclipse might affect your sign.


Under the influence of this eclipse, you might be encouraged to take better care of your health. It is possible that you might move to a new climate or location that is less stressful for you. You may also find relief for allergies or other immune system problems that might have been nagging you for quite a while.


The solar eclipse will have you less enthralled with a living situation that you have been stuck in for some years. You may be reevaluating a marriage or long term living arrangement and trying to decide if it is worth everything that it has cost you emotionally or financially. Many of you will be filing for a divorce or separation.


This solar eclipse will have you re-evaluating and considering the role that family and friends play in your life. You may be discarding relationships that do not support you and trading in time usually spent focused on romance for more creative or professional pursuits.


This solar eclipse will give you a strong desire to start all over again and you can do so with the universe’s blessings, if you decide to make a big move. Some Crabs will be facing the end of a long term relationship or be offered the chance to work somewhere more interesting in a completely different locale.


Under the influence of this eclipse, something could happen financially that compels you to leave your current relationship or job. Some Lions could be facing housing issues or bankruptcy. You are being encouraged gently to find higher paying work and a better place to live. Although change is always uncomfortable, you will appreciate the much improved lifestyle that you will enjoy as the result of these adjustments.


This eclipse will find you changing your mind about someone or something that you have cared about for years. You may simply feel like you need not be so loyal to someone who is not loyal to you anymore. This eclipse will teach you to put your own interests first and have faith that it is okay to let go of a toxic situation.


This eclipse is likely to cause some kind of showdown where you work. It may be time for you to say goodbye to the stress that your current career causes and make a living doing something else. The changes that you make now will greatly benefit you by the end of the year; you will be richer and happier.


This eclipse may have some impact on your reputation. If you have been keeping something a secret, it is likely to be found out at this time. It may be a challenge to stay in favor or remain popular this year. This won’t really bother you because you don’t mind going it alone and you don’t really care what some people think. Still, some Scorpions may feel the desire to relocate just to avoid the amount of gossip that is being spread about them.


This eclipse may have you discarding one life for a new one because of an event that is either very lucky or very unfortunate.  A lottery win is just as likely as a death in the family. You could also get life-changing news regarding a piece of real estate or an inheritance. If you make money through royalties or commissions, you could likely become quite rich. You may also find yourself presented with the option of living in a different country.


This eclipse will shake what you believe to its very foundations. You may find that an old argument may not matter anymore. You may also have less interest in money and more interest in finding out that you would be if cash wasn’t the most important thing in your life. Some of you may be pursuing a higher education to find out what else is gratifying to you.


This eclipse will have you reassessing where and how you have been living and if all the money you have been making is worth the stress. You will be encouraged to explore a different and possibly less expensive lifestyle.


The solar eclipse in Capricorn may have you deliberately deciding to change how you relate to others, especially the relatives in your life. You may decide to be more firm with them and more protective of your time.

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