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The Big Lie: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver's Astrology Charts
 Arnold Schwarzenegger Astrology One of the juicier scandals so far in 2011 was the announcement of the divorce between former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and former author and journalist Maria Shriver. After four children and 25 years of marriage, the couple announced they were splitting after it was revealed that Schwarzenegger had been having an affair with their housekeeper of twenty years. This was news that shocked those less jaded about famous actors and politicians; many liked to think of Schwarzenegger as being above having messy affairs or doing anything that would sabotage his relationship with Maria Shriver.

However, the question here is “was it really just an affair or did he have this maid as a secret second wife for over a decade?” The house keeper, Mildred Patricia Baena, also had a son and this little secret that kept getting bigger and bigger right under matriarch Shriver’s nose. Unfortunately, little is known about Mildred’s birth date or where she was born; she is estimated to be Hispanic and about fifty years old.

Ms. Baena worked for the former California governor and his wife Maria Shriver for over 20 years before retiring in January. Furthermore, the son lived in the family household and was raised there without Maria Shriver ever knowing. This means that both the housekeeper and Schwarzenegger had to conspire along with the child to keep the kid’s identity from Maria Shriver. This seems heinous, but actually the astrology behind this love triangle shows that there is a bit of compassion behind the secrecy. As awful as the actual affair may seem to moms who have maids everywhere in the world, the secrecy seems to have been an overall protective measure. The fact that Mildred Baena went along with it does show that she might have had a long-term affair with Schwarzanegger that needed humoring with fabrications and settling for not being number one in his life.

So just what kind astrology is behind this type of secrecy? First off, let’s look at the main culprit’s numerology.  Just to refresh your memory Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger (born July 30, 1947) is an Austrian-American former professional bodybuilder, actor, model, businessman, and politician who served as the 38th Governor of California (2003–2011).

Shwarzenegger has the typical chart of a great leader with a lot of planets in the first and second houses. He is a Leo with a moon in Capricorn and an ascendant in Cancer. This makes him a compelling individual who is a competent balance of aggressiveness, practicality, and intuition. He shines like the sun, achieves goals despite great obstacles, and yet has a very humane and almost mystical side. This is about as empathic as a great leader gets in this world.

However, his “tendency to be naughty” (as he puts it) is reflected by Neptune at eight degrees in his fourth house. The fourth house symbolizes “the nest.” The interpretation of Neptune at this degree means divorce, separation, infidelity, widowhood, and grief. It also is indicative of a very impulsive individual who is very intuitive and who values friendship more than sex. It is quite possible that somehow he found a friend in this maid that he could not find with his wife, who by contrast, is more of an isolating genius who means very well but because of childhood traumas (as a member of the Kennedy dynasty) does not connect very well emotionally with others.

Another indication of secrecy in Arnold’s astrology chart is in the fact that he has his moon in his Sixth House. The Sixth house is the Zodiac house that rules one’s family.  This indicates someone who wears a distinct public mask that is in direct contrast to what goes on in his family life. It would not be surprising if he was a bit more of a tyrant than we will ever know when it comes to dealing with women and children.

He also has Lilith, the asteroid also known as the Dark Moon, in his sixth house which is the house of family. This really does mean “family secrets and shame.” In fact, this is the cosmic explanation for how he was able to keep his lover and their son secret for so long.

In this house, the asteroid Lilith also symbolizes that uncrossable threshold where we do not listen to our conscience any more and just do whatever we like. It also symbolizes a very insatiable sexual side and refusal to submit to what is perceived as normal. It also symbolizes eroticism and orgasm and the most primitive part of our natures. The fact that this is here might show that Schwarzenegger might have been in love with this secret mistress and not Shriver after all. Lilith in the sixth means "loving the secret."

As far as his maleness goes, Schwarzenegger has Mars, the planet of masculine energy, in his twelfth house. The twelfth house in the natal Zodiac wheel is the “house of self-undoing.” He has it in Gemini, which symbolizes a wealthy but also clever and carefree man who can buy or explain his way out of anything. Mars in Gemini indicates a quick and adept liar who is not afraid to conduct experiments with loved ones. It can also indicate an individual who is excessively foolhardy in all ways and, in fact, gets an emotional payoff from taking risks that others would never take.

The cuckold in this love triangle is his wife Maria, who was born as Maria Owings, on November 6, 1955. Maria Shriver is an American journalist and author of six best-selling books. She has received a Peabody Award, and was co-anchor for NBC's Emmy-winning coverage of the 1988 Summer Olympics. As executive producer of The Alzheimer's Project, Shriver earned many awards including two Emmy Awards. She is also a bit of a diarist who has published several books of advice about women and who has appeared on Oprah several times. Unfortunately, a lot of those books were about how to have a happy home life and marriage and a successful career at the same time.

Shriver is a Scorpio with a Moon in Leo and an ascendant in Taurus. This makes her a strong personality that is easily affronted. The Taurus ascendant would have made her care deeply for her family and even obsess about being the perfect partner and mother. There is a lot of pride associated with Scorpio, Leo, and Taurus energy. All of these signs deeply care how they look to other people. For Shriver, who is essentially a composition of Scorpio, Leo, and Taurus traits, this entire debacle must have been incredibly painful and humiliating.

Owings married Schwarzenegger on April 26, 1986, in Hyannis, Massachusetts, at St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church. Since then they have had four kids that are now adults and teenagers. Shriver grew up as member of the infamous Kennedy clan and is no stranger to matrimonial dramas, secrets, and lies.

Not that much is known about the housekeeper or the boy, although it has been guessed that Mildred’s birthday is in 1960.

Maria Shriver has five planets in her fourth house of home, which is incredibly unusual and also explains her copious writings about being a wife and mother. Not too many people have more than one or two planets in each house. This is the mark of being singled out for some kind of unusual fate. All of these planets are in Leo who means that there is a great deal of pride in the family unit; this, of course, was destroyed.

One of the planets that Shriver has in this house is Pluto. Pluto in Leo means deep disruptions, upheavals, and being ruled by brutal force. It foretells perverse situations and also great fame.

She also has Uranus sitting at two degrees in Leo in this house, which symbolizes infidelity and depressing circumstances. This also symbolizes an unpredictable family life and a person who trusts friend’s more than family members. However, her humane and philanthropic character is symbolized by the moon and Jupiter in Leo.

Arnold probably decided that Maria was a bit too perfect for him at one point and it is likely there were other affairs before this one. She has Saturn in Scorpio in the sixth house, which can indicate stubbornness and conflict within a family, usually stemming from a desire to have integrity. It is unlikely she will reconcile with Arnold as this particular planetary position shows how much she values honesty in her relationships.

There are many signs of an unfaithful man in Arnold’s chart. Pluto is at twelve degrees Leo in Arnold’s second house of material goods. This indicates a person who is hard working and who comes from an impoverished background (as Arnold does). However, this type of person can also be deceitful; usually they justify their lies as being somehow part of their survival whether it is a survival matter or not. He may have married Shriver for the prestige and the all American dynasty that she came from.

Pluto is not a happy camper in Leo and it symbolizes domination of the sexual instincts over reason and household disruptions and upheavals. It can mean a loveless and even abusive marriage.

Another very strange aspect associated with Pluto in the second house is that people with this placement tend to keep the most precious thing to them in life a big secret. In this case, it makes you wonder if this most precious thing was either the maid or the child that they had together or both.

However, for all of his sins, there is an indication in Arnold’s chart that indicates a desire to love and protect Maria Shriver. He has Venus in Cancer at 26 degrees in the first house, which does indicate an intelligent, obliging, and docile character. It is not likely that any of this was intentionally meant to hurt her and, in fact, it indicates that he probably kept the secret to protect her from harm.

The other thing about a person with Venus in Cancer is that they are very romantic. Emotions precede reason every time, but the person is very humane and often does suffer from a stricken conscious.

The Venus in Cancer man really only feels passion within a mysterious or secret relationship. They do not feel that sexual unless the relationship is quite whimsical and a refuge from the storms of the world somehow. This definitely explains the presence of the lover living right within his home; like many affairs the secrecy of this probably kept it alive for a very long time.

Venus is at 1 degree in Maria’s seventh house of relationships. This indicates quarrels and challenging situations with a partner. It can also indicate a relationship with numerous lawsuits and no doubt she has a big one coming as she goes through with a divorce from Schwarzenegger in the future.

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By Sarah, Friday, May 20, 2011 10:46:24 AM
I don't care who has what planets where....I think the news media and all who are glutting about the child and his mother by name and address are very hurtful people, and deserve no attention or respect. To publicly announce the child's name, mother's name and address is a very cruel and unfair thing to do Seems to me those who do such means things for a little bit of power and glory are low in life.
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