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The Dalai Lama's Astrological Chart
The Dalai Lama's Astrology Horoscope The Dalai Lama tells us in his biography, "Freedom in Exile," that his birthday is July 6, 1935 and his time of birth is estimated to be between 5:30 and 6:30 in the morning.

He is a very important public and religious figure with six million Tibetans believing that he is the reincarnation of the Divine Presence and several other entities including the Buddha of Compassion.

This Dalai Lama is known for his light hearted and sometimes even spacey responses to the issues of the day. He laughs a lot and does not seem that grounded at times nor does he seem ambitious. This could be due to the complete lack of planets in fire signs in his chart. This would also be the mark of a true pacifist. No fire in a horoscope chart means passivity. No wonder he won a Nobel Peace Prize!

The Dalai Lama is a double water horoscope sign with both his Sun and Moon in the sign of Cancer. This would make him very intuitive and also very interested in the occult. Crabs also live a sheltered life inside their shell so it is also possible that he is shielded from many realities in his own way.

Like many celebrities, The Dalai Lama also has a stallion in his astrology chart, which means three or more planets in one house. This religious ruler has three planets in his third house in Virgo. They are Venus, Uranus, and the Moon. Once again, this makes for a very dispassionate person, as Virgo is a very cold sign to have the moon and Venus in. It is also an indication of someone who is repressed sexually or who has trouble relating to women. His planetary configurations really do agree with the reality of his life as a monk who spends almost all of his time exclusively in male company.

The Dalai Lama also has Mars in the Twelfth House, which is the house of death and war. It is possible that this Dalai Lama, who has already had quite a violent life, is at risk of further violence or assassination. Mars is a very aggressive planet and it is accompanied in the twelfth house by Chiron, which is an asteroid that has to do with karma. It is also the house of secrets and it seems that The Dalai Lama and his Tibetan Order do have many. Mars is also in Gemini, which is not the fairest of signs in any way. It also indicates a double or duplicity in some ways, thus feeding the rumor mill that this Dalai Lama is actually not the "real" one and that the real "Dalai Lama" is squirreled away so that he is safe from kidnappers.

The Dalai Lama may also be "only human" after all. His Cancer Sun has a hard aspect to his Twelfth House Mars which means at times he can be thoughtless, rude, selfish and prone to sudden rages. The Sun also squares Mars, which means that despite a pacifist appearance, revenge is often on this person's mind.

Donna West is a professional writer and researcher on psychics and astrology.

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By theresa, Wednesday, July 20, 2011 10:18:47 AM
hey I am a gemini and theres not much secrets or a double life on me thats just an insult to geminis only secret I keep from my family is my compassion to explore cause my guy is an annoying aquarious who does not like anything to do with fun alot and when he tries he fails miserabley if he don't try he succeeds then by no fault of his own so don't go around constantly insulting geminis why r you so prejudiced against us we r all different and not everyone is supposed to act the same it actaully belongs to our up bringing and yours seems to bash just the geminis for no reason why hate us for what did we do wrong pieces is a twin fish but you don't bash them or tauruses who r so bull head or leos who think the world evolves around them these r all true cause I got every sign of the zodiac in my family and cancers r vicious and so r scorpios my sister and my mom r both in those signs and wouldn't think twice of knifing you when your sleeping if you say no also my step father and my daughter the oldest r so bullheaded they don't care about anyone or anything and they will secretly steal if they like something and will commit to lying to themselves saying thier right and nobody else is my ex husband is a virgo he led many secret lives successfully till he got bagged with someone calling my home and then the divorce started so you gotta stop going after geminis like we r some kinda infectious germs every time I come on this pg to read something I get very insulted that the first thing you do is go after geminis like we r nastey bacteria people r all different us gemins r tempered yes only if someone hurts us first and badly if someone backstabs us then we secretly hold our feelings but thats it we donot like secrets at all but we do not like to hurt people geminis r very shy my mother in law is like that and so am I and so is my son who is also a gemin we r not crowded people and we donot like the center of attention crowds actaully scare us
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