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The Luckiest Days for Fall 2009
Luckiest Days for Fall 2009 Compared to the Spring and Summer, Fall 2009 is going to seem much more positive astrologically simply because many of them planets that were going backwards in the sky are now going to be out of their retrograde and start moving forward. This is going to bring us good fortune. Life will seem easier, more relaxed, and many of us will prosper and thrive in areas of our lives that we have not been able to all year.

This Fall, there are a host of lucky days that could have many positive influences on your life. How will these days affect you? Learn about the Luckiest Days for Fall 2009and how they will affect you.

September 4th

The Full Moon in Pisces on this day offers you ample opportunity to spend quality time with a special someone. This is a wonderful day for a marriage proposal, as the pledge of fidelity is likely to be honest and true. Your intuition may also be especially sharp today and it is a good day to get a reading from a psychic. Meditation, yoga, and visiting religious sites are also favored as Pisces is a sign that also loves religion and history.

September 18th

The New Moon in Virgo will offer you the opportunity to clear your slate of everything unnecessary in your life and regroup and reorganize. Cleaning, cooking, and decorating are especially favored today. You are also more likely to get a loan or extended credit from a bank if you are in need of financial assistance.

September 20th

Venus enters Virgo which offers you a great opportunity for advancement on the job or to find employment if it has been eluding you. Yet another benefit of this influence is extra time or money that can be shared with loved ones. This is also a good day to ask for a raise or for recognition for a job well done.

September 22nd  

This is a great day as the Sun will enter the people and beauty loving sign of Libra. Everyone will feel a new sense of well being and harmony. Many situations that seemed like they were sinking like the Titanic will right themselves. The focus will be on success, social climbing, and the appreciation of arts and culture. This influence is going to radiate positivity on us all until December 23rd, which is when Winter Solstice is ushered in by the stars.

September 29th

Mercury, the communication planet, finally goes direct after moving backwards in the signs of Libra and Virgo since September 6th.This means that a lot of projects or romantic plans that may have been put on hold can finally go forward again. This is also a good day to apologize to anyone who you might have had a fight with in the last month.  You may also notice that phone calls that were not returned for weeks may suddenly produce profitable or pleasing results.

October 4th

The full moon in Aries makes this an excellent day for ambitious types to present proposals, pitch new ideas, or ask for a raise. It is an especially lucky day for fire signs.  Love could also be very exciting and romantic tonight as the moon in this fire sign favors passion.

October 9th

Mercury enters the people loving sign of Libra today. Communication between lovers will become much easier. This is an ideal day to ask someone out on a first date.  Talks with teenagers will also go better than usual today. If you are an artist or writer, this is also an excellent day for you to pitch an idea to a higher up.  Look your best, as higher ups will be watching their employees today.

October 12th

After moving backwards since June 15th, Jupiter, the planet of money, finally moves forward and resolves a lot of negative financial dilemmas.  It will be easier to get a job or save money.  You will seem like you have more cash on hand than usual.  Everyone will be feeling a little richer.  This influence is especially beneficial for air signs, as this fortunate planetary event takes place in the sign of Aquarius. The only drawback to it is that it can cause some people to gain a few pounds around the midriff.

October 14th

There is going to be “a kind of hush all over the world tonight” as Venus enters the romantic sign of Libra. This is a fabulous night for lovemaking, meeting someone new, or strengthening existing bonds. This day is also very lucky for musicians and artists who are trying to get ahead – it is fortuitous for launching a showcase or exhibition of any kind. If you buy a pet, today it is sure to be well-behaved and super loving to you through its entire life.

October 18th

The new moon in Libra is fantastic for couples who want to cement their relationship by pledging vows to each other. This influence very much favors happiness and faithfulness between attached couples. Singles might also find a soul mate tonight so be sure to accept party invitations. This is not the night to sit at home alone and wonder how you are ever going to meet someone!

October 28th

The sun enters Scorpio today and everyone is just a little more sexy and romantic.  You will notice there is a lot of flirting going on at work. This is a fantastic day for a makeover, as this influence favors looking your best. It also favors money transactions, such as taking out a loan. You may also find yourself more interested in the occult than usually and this is also an idea planetary influence when it comes to developing your own intuition or getting a psychic reading.

October 30th

Chiron finally starts moving forward in the sky after being retrograde since May 30th. This means many relationships that felt like open festering wounds all summer will be healed. Some people may choose to leave a bad situation behind, but for the most part this influence favors forgiveness and second chances. This influence will be especially healing for air signs and especially for those born under the sign of Aquarius.

November 2nd

The Full Moon in Taurus favors investments and buying property. It also favors gardening, cooking, and decorating your home for the holiday season. This is also a good day to adopt a pet. If you meet someone that you are attracted to on this day, it is highly likely that he or she could become a marriage partner.

November 3rd

The asteroid Juno finally begins moving direct in the sky after being retrograde from August 10. Many will find their domestic situation greatly improves. If you are married, your spouse may grow fonder of you. This is a good day to focus on buying a house, decorating, or renovating. This influence is especially lucky for those born under the sign of Pisces and it will also bring great happiness to water signs in general.  This influence can also foretell receiving wisdom from an older woman or healing a rift with a mother or older female relative. This is also a day on which it is more likely that the truth will be told, so if you have any questions to ask of someone, then this is the day to do it.

November 4th

Neptune, which has been retrograde since May 28th, finally goes direct in the sign of Aquarius. Everything in your life will seem to be easier and more casual. People will suddenly be more open to new or even wild ideas. Art, music, and beauty will be favored. It will also be easier to express your feelings to a special someone.

November 15th

Today, Mercury enters Sagittarius, which favors solar, rational activities such as hunting for a job, making business deals or playing sports. This is a great day to initiate some kind of fitness plan. This chatty sign loves to talk so it is a good day to schedule a lunch or night out with good friends. Yet another benefit of this influence is the opportunities it offers to make new friends and travel. Online relationships are also favored today and it is a good time to schedule a first meeting if you have met somebody through a dating sight.

November 16th

The New Moon in Scorpio tonight is likely to bring romance. The vibe is very sexual and uninhibited. Single individuals will likely meet somebody very exciting.  Attached Scorpions are probably going to meet someone quite charming and magnetic as well.

November 21st

The sun is scheduled to enter the bright and cheery sign of Sagittarius which lightens up the atmosphere incredibly. Opportunities for fun and travel will abound as will chances to mix business with pleasure. There will be lots of chances to have fun with friends, children, pets and creative endeavors will be very rewarding for the next month!

December 2nd

The Full Moon in Gemini tonight is likely to bring you a whirlwind of party invitations and opportunities to social climb. If you are an artist, writer, or creative type of any kind this is a great day to present your ideas to higher ups.  This is also the ideal day to start a literary project such as launching a blog or beginning a novel.

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