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The Mystical, Magical Healing Properties of Dandelions
Dandelions One of the first signs of Spring is the arrival of the first merry yellow buds of dandelion on the front lawn, in parks and in the fields. Although some people see them as a weed and a nuisance the Dandelion is actually a very mystical and magical plant that has many healing properties.

If this little yellow flower starts popping up on your front lawn you can consider it to be an omen of good luck. That is because it belongs to the planet Jupiter which is the planet of wealth. If there are a lot of dandelions around it can mean that you have money coming to you.

Dandelions belong to the element of air which gives them the added qualities that we associate with astrological signs such as Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. The humble flower is a symbol of friendship, wit and intellectual and creative purists.

When the plant goes into its puff ball stage it is symbolizes the making of a wish and good luck.  The fact that the seeds float so effortlessly on the wind might account for why this plant has always been assigned to the “air” element.

For many ages the Dandelion was used as a way to tell fortunes or make wishes because of the patterns that could be made when the seeds were blown into the air.  Watching the patterns of the petals or tiny fluffy parachutes that are the seeds once blown across the water can be considered to be a divination tool.  If you see a dandelion puff ball blowing towards you it can also mean that you are receiving a message from a guiding spirit or an angel.

Yet another magical purpose of the dandelion is to send someone you love a message by blowing the seeds (thoughts and magical energies) to another. Yet another divination use is to blow all the seeds of off the head of a dandelion. If they all come off in one blow it means the love will be passionate and committed. If there are seeds remaining it can mean that the love is a fickle one.

You can also blow on a dandelion seed head to tell how many children you have. If you blow and all the seeds come off it means you will have not children. If you blow, the seeds remaining on the stem tell you how many children you will have. Similarly, the dandelion is consulted as to whether the lover lives east, west, north, or south, and whether he is coming or not.

The dandelion is also sacred to the Celtic fertility and hearth goddess known as Brigit or Brigid and her Roman equivalent of Hecate. The more dandelions that are rooted on your front lawn – the more likely your husband are to be faithful to you.

If you make a tea of the roots and place it near your bed you can call the spirits to you so they will answer your questions. If you are experiencing bad luck, you can bury the plant in the Northwest corner of your yard and it will change to good luck.

Yet another divinatory use is to blow on the seeds of the dandelion head. The number of seed heads left sticking to the stem would then tell you how many years you have left to live.

To top it all off, Dandelions are a whole food and are one of the most complete foods on the planet. All of the vitamins you need are conveniently harbored in this one single plant. A dandelion contains sixty-four nutrients and contain more potassium than bananas, more beta-carotene than carrots, more lecithin than soybeans and more iron than spinach. They are also loaded with phosphorus magnesium,  calcium, thiamine riboflavin, vitamin C, E and zinc.

Dandelions also support the liver, purify the blood, prevent you from getting anemia, improve your vision and also help lower high blood cholesterol and blood pressure. Today, Traditional
Chinese Medicine prescribes dandelion for tumors of the lung and breast, jaundice, abscesses, urinary tract infection, and hepatitis. Western herbalists have a long list of uses for dandelion, taking advantage of its diuretic effects to treat the liver, blood pressure, and digestive systems. Juiced dandelion leaves are used to treat diabetics.

Perhaps it is best known for being a blood builder and a cleaner of the liver, especially if you eat it raw. Dandelion is also a potent diuretic that can help relieve the bloating and pain associated with the menstrual cycle.

As a rule of thumb, the younger the plant is the better it is for your health.  They are the least bitter in the late Spring.  It is normal for dandelions to taste a bit bitter, like endive. They are good mixed in soup and also mixed in with other greens in salads.

In the fall the roots are harvested to make dandelion coffee. You can pick your own, clean them and then roast them in the oven at 200-250 degrees for three hours. You can simply grind these roasted roots up to make your own coffee or drink as a healing or magical tincture.

If you want to make a mild tea simply steep half an ounce of the dried leaf in hot water for about ten minutes. This tea will have wonderful anti-inflammatory effects on the joints.

If you do decide to start eating dandelions to improve your health be sure that you buy them from a store as cultivated dandelions tend to be a little safer to eat.  If you do pick them yourself then be careful to pick only from places that have not been poisoned with pesticides or toxins. Many well kept lawns boast flowers that have been poisoned this way and so do dandelions grown by the side of highways.

Finally one ancient and long-standing use of a dandelion is as a natural clock!   The flowers almost always open right at five am and then always close at 8 pm at night.

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By maria, Sunday, April 01, 2012 11:15:58 PM
thanks for the information, It makes sense how they can fly and fly like floating. And to find out that this small plant has natural healing qualities ( awesome ) God thought of everything.
By Lacretia, Wednesday, December 28, 2011 11:55:04 PM
This was a very, very informative article. Thank you for sharing. When I was a little girl, I used to call them I always new there was something special about them but, I never knew they possess these natural healing qualities as well as other things. I am touched and have some closure.
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