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The Planets of 9/11 - Ten Years Later
September 11 Astrology On September 11, 2001, there was a well noted Pluto and Saturn opposition that did a square to the Sun in Virgo. Oppositions that square like this are called T-Squares and this type of configuration usually brings a situation that changes the world.

Pluto opposing Saturn at any time means a rebellion against authority and the planet Pluto means death, darkness, and secrets. Saturn is a planet that symbolizes the government. Virgo is a martyr-like sign that does everything in the name of duty and in this case symbolizes the rebellion and attack of the terrorists. Unbelievably, all of these planets were in the ninth house of the United States; the ninth house rules mass spiritual beliefs.

On the day of the 9/11 attacks, Mars, the warrior planet, was in the First House of the United States, which means acts of aggression and violence. When the first plane hit at 8:46am, Saturn was at a degree in the chart of the U.S. known a Black Hole. The Black H ole degree is located 14 degrees of Libra rising and it symbolizes an event that alters consciousness and reality forever. Incredibly, the planet Mercury was also at 14 degrees of Mercury in the Twelfth House, which symbolizes hidden matters and death.

In another weird coincidence, an asteroid named America was at 19 degrees Aries at the time of the attacks on the Twin Towers. This is known as the Eris degree. It was named after the Greek goddess of discord, division, and strife. It symbolizes vengeance and war.

Yet another strange coincidence on September 11, 2011 was another asteroid named Achilles, indicating the weak spot that results in undoing, was at 18 digress Virgo. This  was conjoined by the Asteroid Apophis, which means “pure evil”, at 17 degrees Virgo. All of this took place in the sign of Gemini, which is the sign of air and airplanes with the ultimate result that we ended up with an evil event in the air.

Ten years later, the planets tell a different story and some is also a little, but not foretelling the same level of fatalism accompanied by violence. Some of these same asteroids that were around during the original attack will return for a visit for the ten year memorial.

Apophis is back at 27 degrees Virgo, which means that a bald-headed man has seized power. In theory, as Apophis is evil, it is bringing news of a bald leader who somehow plays into the memorial proceedings.

The asteroid America is bad at 25 degrees Virgo which is symbolized by a young boy at an alter remembering the past; it symbolizes a memorial service. Achilles is also in the picture, but at 14 degrees which can mean inviting trouble through displays of splendor.

On September 11, 2011, there is an asteroid known as Photographical, which is about publicity that will at 26 degrees Virgo. The meaning of this degree on the zodiac is "an opportunity for socializing and picture taking."

Another eerily named asteroid named Memoria will be at 12 degrees Gemini on September 11, 2011. The meaning of the asteroid at this degree is of fighting for independence and freedom from oppression. The asteroid Requiem will be around at 10 degrees Virgo, which means “looking beyond the shadows.” While the remembering of the events during 9/11 is happening, there is likely to be some glow of optimism and a release of bitterness.

Also quite apt is the moon at 15 degrees in Capricorn, which always means parades and floats moving along crowds of people. Venus at 16 degrees in Leo bodes well for these ceremonies and predicts that there will be a real feeling of closure as the result of memorial services. This feeling of rebirth and renewed hope is reinforced by planet Neptune sitting at 29 degrees Aquarius which is like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis. It stands for a spiritual rebirth.

Chiron at 3 degrees Pisces during this anniversary day means "oil on desert sands," which is quite symbolic of the Arab influence on our commerce and culture. There could be news economically that is disturbing on that day; one hopes this is an economic mention and not terroristic.

The only real starkly negative influence on this day is going to be Mars at 5 degrees Cancer, which does indicate some kind of train wreck, plane crash, or car accident. It could mean an act of terrorism. Jupiter at 9 degrees in Taurus symbolizes The Red Cross or a nurse so it looks like these ceremonies may not be completely incident free.

However, for the most part the ceremonies on this day marking the decade long should go well and even serve to release many people from the horror of its memory. There are so many asteroids that symbolize a memorial service that it is hard NOT to believe in astrology this day – most notably: America, Memoria, Photographia and Requiem.

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